Akaija – Timeline

The story of the Akaija slowly grows into a complex sequence of events and still new developments come our way. Even we have trouble to find our way, so we don’t expect you to understand this story in a few seconds. To help you we’ve made an Akaija Timeline, about how the Akaija came into existence, a story that, when Wim started connecting the dots, began almost 500 years ago. It may sound incredible, but what started in Uzbekistan, 500 years ago, resulted in a healing tool called ‘Akaija’ that has helped and often healed many thousands of people worldwide. And… it appears to be connected to an ancient ring of megalithic sites, now called the Tilted Equator of Antiquity.

1532 – Uzbekistan.
Igor is a strong young man, married to Nasja in a small rural village somewhere in ‘Uzbekya’ as he calls it. It’s the time of Iwan the Terrible and all young men are recruited to fight. Igor is one of them and weeks later he and his comrades are confronted with the enemy, who’s much better trained and equipped. He gets wounded, falls and when the fight is over someone cuts open his belly and leaves the battle field. While his comrades die one after the other he stays alive, shouting and crying for Nasja, for she’s pregnant and about to give birth to their child. 5 days and nights he struggles to keep alive, every monring waiting for someone to come. When at last he dies, he doesn’t accept his death and ever since he keeps looking for Nasja. Igor was Linda’s incarnation and Nasja (Wim) was his wife.
This is part of a true story, described in detail in the book ‘The Lady of the Rings – Opting for Freedom of Choice’ by Wim Roskam.

1872 – North America. Nicolas Black Elk, a 9 year old boy from the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) gets into a coma and experiences a vision, being visited by the Thunder Beings. When, after days, he wakes up and shares what he has seen, the people realize that he is a Holy Man. The vision he had been given by Spirit is about two roads: the good Red Road and the dangerous Black Road. Where the two roads meet, there is a sacred place, the place of the heart. Black Elk is now one of the guides/friends in Spirit of Eliza White Buffalo, author of the books: The Two Roads Trilogy. His mission, or part of his mission was then given by Spirit, is about the essence of religion, of crosses. The Lakota Medicine Wheel = the Two Roads. But the Two Roads is also the cross.
You can read about Eliza White Buffalo and the Two Roads Trilogy here.

1954 – Linda de Redelijkheid was born, 1960 – Wim Roskam

1983Linda (teacher in health and creative arts) and Wim (artist and calligrapher) start a relation, unaware that they are the reincarnations of Igor and Nasja.

Linda de Redelijkheid

1985 – A rare and extremely powerful lighting strike hits the road near Linda’s car and since then she suffers from a slowly intensifying complaint called Chronic Fatigue. This condition would much later be diagnosed as ‘electron-spin-inversion’.

1999 – Linda gets the diagnose ‘cervical cancer‘. She refuses hospital treatment because of mis-communication between hospistal, because of fear and because the prognosis for healing for is very bad no matter what she would decide. (this too is described in the book ‘The Lady of the Rings‘)

2001 – Suffering extreme pain and sleeplessness Linda starts singing and speaking in a strange language. A letter from a psychic activates an old memory and suddenly she relives important fragments of her past life in Uzbekistan. When she tells Wim about this, he then realizes/knows he has been Nasja. A reincarnation therapist helps her to deal with the old trauma so Linda can let go of Igor who was present through Linda’s voice most of the time. This sorrow appears to be fundemental cause of her cervical cancer..

2001 (August)Marianne Agterdenbos (therapist) discovers the cause of Linda’s chronic fatigue: electron-spin-inversion. This was caused by the lighting strike way back in 1985. But it’s too late for Linda to be cured from the cancer. (here’s about electron-spin-inversion and how to neutralize it)

2001 (November) – Linda asks Wim what she can do for him when she’s gone. In reply he asks her to inspire him, if possible.

2001 (15.55 o’clock, 5 December) – Linda dies

2001 (10 December) – During the funeral speech Wim speaks a wish: “It is my wish to go with you more often, to seek together and find to be one.”

Lindas Ring

2002 (Spring) – Posthumously Wim makes Linda a proposal, for which he has sketched a ring that symbolizes Freedom in Bonding. Furthermore this ring is the basic design of the Akaija-Iloa (but he didn’t know this then). Also Wim and Linda get in contat with the help of a wonderful medium: Loes van Loon..

2002 (June) – During an unexpected nightly out-of-body experience Wim meets Linda, who lets him experience what it is like to be-one. She also gives him her answer, an emphatic Yes!!!

Aura Healer

2002 (Summer) – Wim makes a painting called Aura Healer, with on it a strange inversion symbol that he discovered while playing with iron wires.

Marianne Agterdenbos

2003 (January) – Wim and Marianne Agterdenbos start a relation. Linda had announced this even before she died and once more during the nightly encounter.

Faith - Geloof
Faith (by Wim Roskam)

2005 – Wim makes the painting Faith, a cross within an oval and in the centre a red stone.

2005 (October) – Wim and Marianne discover that the iron wire inversion symbol appears to be very effective to neutralize and prevent spin-inversions. Until then a droplet of blood from the patient was needed for neutralization.

Akaija silver
Inversion symbol, now called ‘Akaija’

2005 (November) – Linda’s mother asks Spirit for a name of the inversion symbol and is surprised by a loud voice in her head saying: ‘akaija’.
Marianne enters the word in a search engine and finds out that this word is hardly used. Except on one tiny island, called Aneityum, the southernmost island of the republic Vanuatu. There the words is used for ‘we all‘.

Akay Kine website banner
Akay Kine

2005 – In the county Altay (Siberia, Rusland), during a shaman ceremony in the Altay mountains, the son of a famous Altay shaman, Sergei Kine (this is his russian website) receives a name from Spirit: Akay. Akay appears to be an important man in the Altay. When, in Russian languague, you say “I am Akay” or ‘Akay am I‘, then you write ‘Акайя‘, pronounced as: Akaija.

2005 (December) – Wim and Marianne place a first ad in the January 2006 issue of a Dutch magazine called Paravisie and start selling Akaijas. People start buying Akaijas and many share testimonials.

2006 – Wim and Marianne get a phone call from a numerologist telling them that she analysed ‘Akaija’, resulting in 111111. The cryptic message then reads: We all are one. This can be considered Linda’s answer to the wish Wim spoke during Linda’s funeral speech.

2009 – Wim discovers that the Akaija, when combined with its mirror image, reveals a new symbol, a double Akaija or Akaija-Iloa.


2009 – Wim’s book ‘Opting for Freedom of Choice / The Lady of the Rings‘ is published (in Dutch language).

2009 – With the help from medium Loes van Loon Linda asks Wim to make her a special painting: Rose. Wim starts working on it, but can’t complete it for the time being.

great circle alignment
Website of Jim Alison

2011 (February) – Wim discovers a youtube-video linking to webiste of Jim Alison. Jim had discovered using mathematical calculations that there there’s a straight ‘line’ or Great Circle around the Earth connectings many of Earth most important megalithic sites, a.o. the Great Pyramid, The Angkor templex complex, Easter Island and…. the island Aneityum. Aneityum appears to be located precisely in-between Angkor and Easter Island and precisely twice that far from the Great Pyramid. By drawing circles around 5 major locations an exact copy of the Akaija-Iloa shows up, with Aneityum ebing one of these anchor loactions. So this island is connected to the great circle both by word and by location.


2011 (April) – Wim and Marianne connect to Eliza White Buffalo, who sends them her newly published book ‘Two Roads’. Two Roads appears to be related to the vision of the Lakota Holy Man Nicolas Black Elk, with whom she can connect. In her book she names herself: Rose.
Now Wim knows how to go on with the painting Rose.

2011 (August) – Wim and Marianne go to Nothern Ireland to meet Eliza to give her the painting. During their talks they find out that Black Elk’s vision, during which he received teachings about the Two Roads is about the same symbol as Wim’s painting/object Faith, made 8 years before they met Eliza.

Two Roads

2012 – Wim and Marianne visit Aneityum and meet the Holy Man and storyteller of the island: Neriam Tamathui (Ruben). Neriam shares information with them supporting the theory of Jim Alison. The full report about trip can be read here.

Neriam and Wim

2012 – Later that same year they also discover a professional documentary called ‘Revelations of the Pyramids’ made by Patrice Pooyard about the research of a Frenchman Jacques Grimault, who had discovered the same alignment. His (french) website is here. This is about the same great circle that Jim Alison talks about. Two researchers, Jim Alison and Jacques Grimault obviously have discovered and calculated the same peculiar alignment. The Akaija-Iloa appears to be directly connected to this Ancient Equator of Antiquity. The full documentary  can be watched here.

Nieznany Swiat Article
История Чуда

2013 – The Polish magazine Nieznany Świat publishes an article about the Akaija, which results in sales of thousands of Akaijas in a short period of time. This brings them in contact with Tomasz, who connects them to the Russian magazine Oracul. Oracul publishes 5 articles about the Akaija and Wim’s paintings.

2014 – Wim, Marianne, Stepanida (therapist), Eliza White Buffalo (Two Roads) and Tomasz are invited by Oracul to come to Arkaim with a 2 meter sized Akaija, ‘somewhere’ beyond the Ural Mountain range. There they meet Akay Kine who, after experiencing the energy of the big Akaija, invites them to come to Altay. Interesting is that during the 45 minute solstice frame in which the Akaija was assembled and initiated, all the photocamera’s were showing countless orbs, obviously celebrating this event too.

Arkaim Akaija omringd door Russen
Akaija Arkaim met orbs 2

2015 – Wim and Stepanida accept the invitation and visit Altay. When speaking with Akay, they learn that he got his shaman name Akay in the same year as Linda’s mother heard the voice in her head calling ‘Akaija’. Akay then is invited by Wim and Stepanida to come to Europe.

Hart van Altay

2016 (May) – During the Shaman World Congres in Munich Akay (who got his name in the same year as we got the name ‘Akaija’. shares his mission and vision, which appears to be an exact copy of Eliza’s Two Roads mission and Wim and Marianne’s Akaija-mission. The word he uses is: Ak-Tjang, which is about White Belief. This not a religion, but merely a word for bringing together all human races and all religions and indigenous traditions, reconnecting to Spirit and showing respect to Mother Earth. Central concept of this is: We are One.

This seems to be very much alike Nicoas Black Elk’s mission of the Two Roads, which also is about bringing together the religions of the Earth, once again referring to what it all is about, the essence of religion. And when visiting Altay, we discovered that the natives of North America (in westerns referred to as ‘Indians’) seems to originate from Siberia, as there are many similar traditions.

Akay Akaija Wim

2017 – December

Wim’s book The Lady of the Rings has been published and is available on Amazon and also on our webshop.

cover Lady of the Rings

2018 February:  We have visited the centre of the 2nd ring of 5 rings that together create a huge Akaija-Iloa around the world: The Temples of Angkor in Cambodja.

And… we have supporting evidence that there’s indeed a link between Angkor/Cambodia and the Tiltel equator of Antiquity.
As we didnt know where to look for this evidence we started with this question: Where in Angkor do we have to look?
We consulted several people, professionals in the field. But no one could help us. So in the end we simply went there, trying to do do what we advice others to do: trust your spirit guides. When it’s meant to be, we will find it.

When, after a few days sightseeing, we were suggested to talk someone special who had been an Angkor tour, we discovered that we had asked ourselves the wrong question. Instead of ‘where’ we should have asked when do we have to look for evidence?
The answer: During the Khmer New Year from 13-15 April, when millions of copies of the Akaija-Iloa are lit all over Cambodia!
They symbolize the connection between people on Earth and the Stars.
Interesting detail: Europeans are scared of the one point facing down, thinking it to be an evil symbol. Well… now’s the time to get over it, as the symbol itself isn’t evil. It’s one of the most sacred symbols, no matter how.
Read the full report of our trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia here. It’s just like the Akaija-Iloa a 3-dminensional 5-pointed star pentagram, including the Tilted Equator ring!

Khmer Stars

Future plans

2018: Wim and Marianne started a partnership registration.

It took 16 years to complete the special ring (which is in fact an Akaija in ring-shape): the Lady of the Rings-ring. Linda is wearing it in Spirit since 2002. But creating if physically was (for Wim) impossible. The reason: it needed 3D-design software and the skills to use it, to create the stone settings. And… Marianne and Wim needed to be ready for this step: a legal partnership registration. And this involves a ring, of course! Here’s a software-created image of what the ring is going to look like. Wim’s working on the physical rings now, which still is a lot of complicated work.

The Lady of the Rings Ring

2018: The German translation of the book ‘Lady of the Rings’ is published

2019, March: Trip to the next anchorpoint of the Tilted Equator of Antiquity: Cape Verde. During the preparation and during the trip itself Wim and Marianne discovered that there is a link to Atlantis, were they were present during the final days of Atlantis.

2020, November: Trip to the next anchorpoint of the Tilted Equator of Antiquity: Easter Island.

2022, September: Trip to the next anchorpoint of the Tilted Equator of Antiquity: The Great Pyramid at Giza

Note: Sometimes we may have mis-interpreted certain events or signals. If so, then we will correct texts and descriptions accordingly as soon as we realise this. We always consider it of utmost importance to be honest in all that we share, seeking for the highest truth. What then remains, however unlikely, is the real Akaija-story the way it has presented itself to us.