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Teacher says: he’s more open and less anxious

Yeremy (8), silver Akaija

Yeremy is a very shy, very sensitive and Is een heel verlegen, zeer gevoelig and introverted kid. He’s pretty anxious for all that is strange and doesn’t like be the centre of the attention. He’s afraid of doing things alone. His reaction to the Akaija right from the start was that he slept better, which isn’t usual for him. He talk in his thoughts to the Akaija and says it helps him.
Last week he left the classroom before the end of the lesson because he had an appointment. Usually his mother needs to give the teacher a note, so she can tell Yeremy to pack his stuff during the break, so he can leave swiftly without drawing any attention. Now he did so without a note, without any help from his mother or his teacher.
Besides this he told during the group discussion that his cat had died and that he had been witnessing the passing of his cat. This isn’t the Yeremy we know, he usually doesn’t say anything during this conversation. His teacher says he’s more open and less anxious.