Terms & Conditions

Delivery Terms
Our goal is to sell our product honestly and transparently, without hidden so-called small print. Communication plays an important role. If you are unexpectedly unclear after reading this text, please let us know. We can then increase the transparency further. These Terms of Sale apply to all orders and agreements for the sale of Akaija & Art products

Although legal requirements are important and perhaps even necessary, we try to live from the Heart.
In short, this means that we try to guide Akaija & Art from our hearts, where we are responsible to our Self. So not to another, not to the government, but to the Divine in us. This means that we take responsibility for everything we do. This also means (in situations such as disagreement with an order or a sale) that we are trying to solve the problem from this point of view. For example, if we say that we are giving a 14-day money back guarantee, that does not mean that you will not be able to contacat us after this time if a problem occurs. Theoretically, it can be quite justified that we replace an article after a long time. Conversely, it may also be that a complaint is not genuine and you are responsible for it. National laws do not always provide for such situations, but are a good starting point. It’s too big to make that clear here and now, but between the lines you can understand what we’re trying to do.
Communication, as with everything in life, is also very important here.

Order method
Orders can be made available to us by mail, telephone, email or directly through our website.
Orders will be processed as soon as possible within a few working days of the order. This will depend, in part, on the availability of the item, the time of production, any public holidays, and the payment method you choose. With longer delivery times than a few days, we will of course keep you up to date.

Shipping to other countries (not the Netherlands)
Deliveries outside the Netherlands incur higher postage costs. Upon request you will receive an offer from us with the shipping and shipping costs.
Special offers on our website are valid as long as they are listed on our website and the possible end date has not expired here.

Retention of title
Ownership of the goods delivered by Akaija & Art will only be transferred after full payment has been made.

Most items are available in stock. Basically, we answer personally after an order and report the delivery time if necessary.
All orders will only be shipped against prepayment by bank transfer or other selected payment method. In some cases this will be waived. You can order by phone or by e-mail or letter.

Not good, money back
Upon receipt of the product a warranty of 14 days counts to withdraw from the contract and return the product, without giving any reason. You will be responsible for the cost of the return, and the cost of sending the item to you will not be reimbursed.
It is assumed that the article is still undamaged. Akaija & Art will refund the amount within 14 business days after receiving the item(s). Returns must always be reported to us first.
IMPORTANT Returns must always be returned with sufficient postage. If it is more expensive jewelry, we recommend that you do so by registered mail, so you have a proof of shipment.

If a shipment is missing, broken or damaged, or it takes way too long, please notify us by phone (31 (0) 55 5335747) or by e-mail (atelier@akaija.com)
We will then try to find a quick and appropriate solution. You may also request us to repair, replace or deliver the missing item. We will do whatever is necessary and just.

Your privacy
Please read the page ‘GDPR’ Privacy Policy.