Professional Insights

This page shares insights from people who, from their profession, can tune into and contact the unseen realms surrounding us all. We contacted several of them all over the world, sent them an Akaija in echange for a short reading, with the request not to read any information before doing the reading. Their readings show remarkable similarities from different perspectives, helping us to get a better understanding of the working of Akaija.

Carin Anderson
Carin Anderson

Carin Anderson is a medium in New Zealand who, for over many years, both internationally and locally, has helped people in contacting the spiritual world.

Recognized for her friendly and honest approach and connecting with those that have passed over to the other side, Carin has brought a new spiritual awareness to many.

Carin’s reading on the Akaija

Welcome Wim, we come through to bring you love and guidance, we come through daily to help people on the earth plane, so it is nice to be able to share our words with you.

The energy of the Akaija starts off slowly but intensifies as it is held longer.
Several frequencies of messages are acknowledged by spirit.

Your Akaija will bring peace to those who require it.
It will heal there minds of trouble in there own way, by the touch of the Akaija.
It will bring a calming effect to the people that look for it.
It will guide people to have peace in there lives.

The energy is different for each person that comes into contact with the Akaija when they hold it. It alters their energy level to a higher level especially if their energy is weak.

A connection with the solar plexus, stomach area, where healing takes place, is also acknowledged as being of benefit. It brings a new light to many and peace to the hearts of those in worry.

It will help people that have been in contact with radiation of any kind.
Crystal energy will be important too. Harmony and peace in places of worship are also important . This symbol is recognised on the front of a building, a spiritual retreat or worship house.

People acknowledge the energy and symbol.
The acknowledgement and travel to the holy place of Abraham and St Catherine is important, verse that is read by many.
The skill of art will increase, and you know what you have to do.

Thank you Wim

Love and Protection are with you,
From the Spirit People in the Spirit World.

Cynthia Tierra

Cynthia Tierra is a Holistic Health Practitioner/Reiki Master Teacher  and channe. She organises Healing From the Heart spiritual experiences in the spiritual center of the USA: Sedona, Arizona.

Cynthia Tierra’s reading, August 18, 2007

When I first opened the box and removed the Akaija, I saw a pair of white feather wings. They were not connected to an animal or angel image, just the wings alone. Then, I heard musical notes moving slowly up and down the scale from very low to very high, then from high back down to low. This music repeated itself until I was ready to start the reading. I placed the Akaija in my left hand and wrote what came through. Then, I lay on the healing table and placed it on my third eye chakra. I was guided that placing The Akaija over the third eye facilitates the reception of clear messages. During the reading, I was directed to move it from my third eye chakra to over my heart chakra. This reading was done without examining any written information about the Akaija.

Information from the reading
This is a healing device. Not in the traditional sense of the physical body, but for mind, spirit, and body. This is the movement of energy, mind, body and spirit. The Akaija clears energetic blockages and opens the user up to higher frequencies. It promotes peacefulness, harmony, and connection to Spirit.

First the mind: It encourages purity of thought and clears the mind of ordinary concerns. It opens one up to The Cosmic Mind, which is Universal Source Creation. It encourages creating thoughts for the greater good, focuses the mind on creating positive loving thoughts.

Next, the body: This is a very useful device for those whose body energies are out of balance.It does not cure ailments. It helps the user transcend them. It helps one move beyond the physical manifestations into the true loving purpose of life itself. Ailments are lessons in Love. The Akaija helps us to recognize, understand and accept these lessons. This device works on the cellular level and beyond into the atomic and subatomic particle levels of a being. It clears and releases energetic blockages on multiple levels.

Now into Spirit: The Akaija opens up the energy channels that connect from the physical body to True Self, the Being of Light who is an interconnected inseparable part of Source energy. This is Creation itself. The Akaija works with a person’s energy to release all previous energetic programs that created blockages.

This is truly a powerful spiritual tool that has been delivered to humanity at this time with a purpose of assisting in spiritual growth for all. All beings are entering a period of rapid energetic frequency increase. At this point, I saw an image of a dim light in darkness. This light grew in intensity, growing brighter and brighter until it became as bright as a shining star. Use the Akaija to reestablish the connection with Soul energy. This energy shines within and beyond physical bodies, across all dimensions, to move into oneness with Source energy and be one with all creation. A vision of points of light spiraling independently like the Milky Way appeared. These small independent points of light spiraled in and out of a very large bright light that was similar to our sun.

When a person first receives an Akaija, it is suggested they place their hands over their heart and welcome in the energy with pure intentions.

Jonette Crowley

Jonette Crowley is an internationally respected spiritual teacher and founder of the Center for Creative Consciousness, an organization dedicated to empowering humankind’s spiritual awakening. She has written a book called ‘The Eagle and the Condor’, translated in several languages worldwide. This book is really interesting and easy to read because of Jonette’s relaxed way of writing, but the information is really important to learn about, as it connects the Eagle, the modern scientific world, with the Conder, the old sacred ways of the indegenous tribes worldwide.

Jonette’s reading on the Akaija

Among others, Jonette channels White Eagle, and during a reading while she was in the Netherlands, we asked White Eagle a few questions about the Akaija.

June 3rd, 2009

One of the things it does… it creates flow where there was none. It structures flow. So where there’s stuckness, in the person who wears it, or in Gaia (mother Earth), because of the shape of it, it creates a flow from stuckness. So it begins a vortex where there wasn’t one. And then it opens it up and it can move to another place and start another vortex out of stuckness. So… it’s most important… one of its most important functions is: creating flow. Because when there’s flow, there’s openness, and there’s connection with the universe. When something is stuck, there’s no connection at all.
It is… it’s principles are not magnetic. They operate in a different plane than magnetic. It’s hard to describe.

There’s a whole world of such shapes. You might call them Sirian shapes. From Sirius. And the Akaija is just one of them. It’s almost like they have an alphabet, and the Akaija is the ‘A’. And then there’s the Beta and the Gamma and the Delta…
You might in your dreamtime ask what’s the next one is. And not that you have to make it out of metal. But begin to know what it is, because there’s all these… they’re tools for opening. So that’s our general comment and you can ask anything specifically about it.

The second Akaija (the newlyy made double Akaija or Akaija-Iloa) is going deeper into the first one. They are different and they all feel different and the world lays open where you can’t even have words for. It’s like they are multidimensional. This one is going deeper into the first one, which is fine, but be open… and the next one will come when the universe is ready for it. Well, when the human universe is ready for it. So be open and you’ll dream it. It will come in a dream.

Question from Wim: Has Linda found the Akaija? (note: Linda is Wim’s passed love)

She…. yeah! We can say she found it. And… brought it to you. It’s not just hers, she just knew how to find it and it was part of her destiny, to… for you to be open to receive it. And you were opened because of your openness to her.
It a tool for… it’s one of the tools for the next step. And… as its energy gets integrated in you and the people who receive them and wear them and use them, then another tool will be ready and this one will become less important. It’s a tool for transition. And once transition is made energetically, then another tool will be there for the next level, and the next level.

And they won’t all be shapes… they’re all different. But the Beta, the next one, is a shape. But don’t look for it to be circular.

So it’s if you are a… you’re a transformer. That’s what your job is on Earth. It’s to see the Other Side and help build the bridges to it. You don’t know what the Other Side looks like, but you can see it. I mean you don’t know what it means when you get there, but you have a bigger horizon than most people. And so the tools will come get you the next step. So you’re a transformer, you come to Earth when Earth especially needs to change. That’s your job, that’s your passion… sometimes you think ‘why do I come at such hard times, but then you smile and think this is what I love. So it’s never easy, so you don’t pick the easy. And… what’s hard is most people don’t get what you get… and so you sometimes doubt yourself or feel cut ‘Am I crazy… am I silly spend my time doing this, but you know… you go out in front and the masses aren’t with you, but that’s not how its meant to be. You’re all transformers… the three of you. It’s a hard job, but… you love it. And that’s why you’ve come at this time.

Loes van Loon

Loes van Loon is a well-known and very to-the-point seer and author in the Netherlands. She’s also the one connecting Wim and his passed love Linda after her transition in 2001. She calls herself ‘just a fax machine’. Her contact with the Spirit World is so direct and immediate that you get this weird feeling of being blindfolded while speaking to someone just in front of you.
Together with her guardian angel Hebenes she wrote several books like ‘Bonded by the Light’, lifting the curtains between the Earthbound people and the Spirit World.

She has no website (her agenda is always fully booked), but we strongly suggest to read her books as soon as they are in English language. This is the link to her publisher.

Loes van Loon : reading 1 on the Akaija, October 2005

Don’t use it as a pendulum. This is an energy flow, I’m told. This. It’s a flow of energy. See it like a light flash, a laser beam, that… you know how lasers work… they go through, I see it just like a tiny whirlpool, like chakra’s work, tiny vortexes… Then I see here whzzzz a tiny point falling through, a vortex here, and then this point can… attach itself onto a spot. They show me a sucker, so this can mean a lot indeed.

What I see is this: when people wear this, their energy flow starts working the way it should, their meridians. Blockages are worked out. This works great for people with meridian blockages. This takes care that the energy flow of your body starts working the right way again. That’s what it does.”

Loes also explains that this jewel is not always going to work with every disease. Sometimes it’s predestined that people get sick, because that’s what is laid down in their destination plan (note Wim: blueprint, see Toni’s reading below). In such cases this jewel could confuse this plan. Our guide, guardian angel, gueards this plan. When people… – sicknesses are also predestined – then I see that they simply do this with the laser beam, like we put out a candle. When people ‘must’ get ill, than it will not work anymore… if that is destined.

But this takes care that when people feel uncomfortable in their body, and get tired and that kind of stuff, and it’s some kind of illness… not destined… er… what they make me feel now is that I start breathing differently. I feel more open, more airy. (Note Wim: Loes has had some lung problems)

“So you can have reactions to this?” I ask.
“Yes, immediately!” She answers. “But only for a while. That doesn’t take months. But immediately you get a reaction to this. This is powerful! Don’t underestimate it. This is so powerful! It makes the energy flow like crazy!”

In January 2014 we asked her for some more information, because we on our turn were asked by Oracul, by far the biggest Russian esotheric magazine (500,000 readers), to prepare an article about the Akaija. Loes then gave us some very interesting extra information. So once again… Loes, and your ‘boys’… many thanks!!! 🙂

Loes van Loon : reading 2 on the Akaija, January 2014

It gives an energy shape, I see that meridians are touched, repaired. It stimulates weak parts of the body. What is asleep, is awakened, put to work.
I see that if an organ doesn’t function in the body, it is ‘encapseled’ by this energy, so separated from the rest, so that it can’t infect the rest. Like another color manifested around it. Because of meridians that were disfunctioning, now starting to flow, more balance comes in the body and so energy and workability of the body is restored. Which result in more balance.
Mention many testimonials, Heeb says.
The Akaija brings healing. I see it going in like a vortex, to the locations that are malfunctioning. (Looks like a chord of christmaslighting. Where the light are out, broken, I see it being turned on, the light).
So it really heals the meridians.
I also feel like starting to breath differently, opener, deeper, better.
It works stress reducing. In short: a physician, around your neck.

Beautiful to see… like an 8 rotating very fast, making a whirl, and rotates like a tornado around the weak parts of the meridians. Wonderful!
The Spirit World has helped to make it. It gives a laserbeam effect. But it works like I just described like the 8, and because it builds up so quick, and rotates so quick, it becomes like a chord, that then shows like a laser beam. But it is a vortex, that brings healing.
Heeb now shows me a human, with a weakly colored aura, dull colored. Then the Akaija comes into play and I see the colors strengthening, waking up, getting brighter.

THIS turns to THIS
THIS turns to THIS
THIS turns to THIS
THIS turns to THIS


So… the Akaija really does have healing Power!

Well, dear ones… gladly done. And of course you may talk about ‘the Boys’ (that’s how she calls her guardian angels). After all… they oriented you towards big sales. Without them you would have been thinking much smaller. So that story belongs to the coming into existence of the Akaija, how you came out with it… that’s okay.


The painting works the same. Standing in front of it, the energy goes right into the body. But wearing around your neck is better, one can’t stand in front of a painting forever.
Yet I also wish to describe that too. Both should be in the magazine.

The colors of the painting show what the Akaija does, a whirling vortex, like the core, the Akaija works. The colors symbolize the aura, that, because of restoration of the meridians, is touched. So it heals. Standing in front of it is like with the jewel. Though I find ‘jewel’ a strange word for the Akaija. It’s not a jewel: it’s a healer.



Marion is a psychic woman who channels mr. Morya, leads small groups by means of trainings and inspired lectures.  One of the brothers from the Spirit World who speaks through her is mr. Morya. The following text was given after one of the participants (Wim’s mother!) asked a question about the Akaija.

Reading on the Akaija by Marion and mr. Morya

A human is born with a certain energy system. This energy system can stay in its original state and grow with the body, but also this energy system can become distorted.

In other words, due to blockages of whatever causes, certain bypasses are needed, or that some circulation flows are sealed of. All this can happen during life on Earth. This object, the Akaija, is a sort of a restoration code, it’s located on the body and it conducts energy.

In case of blockages, where the energy flow can’t pass, this instrument can guide the flow to the original destination. It’s like placing a solved knot at the spot where there is no connection anymore, no straight line… The energy finds its way by itself and can do so by means of this instrument. Its energy is subtle, but it works. That’s what counts. It’s a means to an end for those with an interrupted energy flow in their body.

Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako

With the help of Miho Suzuki, a biophoton therapist in Japan, we came in contact with Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako, who is one of the descendants of the Waitaha people still living in New Zealand. As can be expected he is very educated on his people’s history and background. The Waitaha play an important role in this time, as the elders of the Waitaha still remember their society, that can be described as a balanced society, which our so-called ‘modern’ western world is not. So their knowledge can now be used to remind us that humans can live harmony with our planet. Barry Brailsford wrote a few very interesting books about the Waitaha (with support from a.o. Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako), telling a beautiful story about Love and Oneness of his nation that it makes you wonder why we don’t hear more about them. But times are changing…

Who are the Waitaha?

The Waitaha are the descendants from Lemuria and represent female energy. Interesting to know is that the Kogi Indians (South America) are believed to be the descendents from Atlantis, representing male energy. Is there some connection here?

Anyway… the Waitaha have populated New Zealand for a period of about 1000 years and lived in absolute peace. Then the Maori invaded the islands and took hold by expelling and killing most of the Waitaha. All nations have some dark pages in their history, so please don’t accuse the Maori of being bad, which certainly isn’t the purpose here.
The Waitaha have insights, knowledge or wisdom that may be very important for our Earth today. It’s a time of transformation and we wish for all people on this planet to survive and to be victorious as a human race that has grown up and is on its way to be regarded as a conscious member of the universe, taking responsibilty for her own actions.

We have asked Miho to give an Akaija to one of the representatives of the Waitaha, and a few months later we got this video message (in the side bar to the right) as an answer. The man who speaks here is named: Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako. We thank him very much for the beautiful words he has spoken.For more information on the Waitaha, you’re adviced to visit the above mentioned website of Barry Brailsford and read his special books Whispers of the Waitaha – Traditions of a Nation, and Song of the Waitaha.

Akaija message from Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako
Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich

Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, metaphysician and quantum physics researcher who instructs spiritual seekers how to see, hear, understand and express from their core through their heart, the voice of the soul . . . and into infinity.

Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible world assisting others to access these dimensions, also. Through the heart, the voice of the soul, she teaches people the value of absolute forgiveness through the ritual of absolution, because as she phrases it: Only through Absolution will you reach the Absolute.

In the sidebar to the right you can watch a youtube from Toni about the Akaija: The Oneness of We.

Vibrational Reading of the Akaija

December 29, 2007


Before I begin the actual reading, I want to comment that when I originally opened the Akaija package, my computer desktop immediately turned 90 degrees to the left (see image).  It has not ever done this before and I didn’t know how to recover its original position.  After many attempts (I am very computer literate) I used Philip’s computer to search the Internet for a solution.  Fortunately, someone had listed a solution.  It takes the simultaneous depression of three keys to change the position of the desktop.  This is something that I could not have done inadvertently.

Before opening the package, I completed a chakra scan with my Resonant Frequency Imager.  The original report was slanted toward mental communication stressing the importance of leadership.  After opening the Akaija package, I did another scan to see if I had been influenced by holding it.  Though the interpretations of the chakras remained in the intellectual leadership communication ranges, I found it interesting that the crown chakra changed from one of emotions to the leadership communication range.

What I am experiencing with the Akaija:
It appears to create a torsion field that is aligned with a multi-dimensional creation of scalar waves far outside of the normal frequency range for light as experienced in earth.  In this field, the state vector collapse occurs in the Zero Point Energy Field rather than in the manifested creation in which man lives.

Since the polarization process that would normally occur within the framework of this world creates a spin state impacting our physical selves, the spin state within the vortex actually drags the manifested molecules back and forth within the unterminated frequency wavelength.  In other words, when in the field of the Akaija, one has access to the ZPE Field without reaching for it since it takes the participant into that Field through resonance.  This alters the electromagnetism of the participant (holder/wearer) allowing for a sensing of omni-dimensions through the clairsentient powers that are activated within the non-coding (or “junk”) DNA.

Since this participating DNA structure is the wormhole through which we naturally receive information from other dimensions, the Akaija opens the door to these realms.  Through this process, it can only accelerate one’s awareness of Oneness since there is no separation in any dimension or manifestation of Consciousness.  Within this acceleration lies the wholeness of what mankind calls healing since re-membering the wholeness of order brings all bodies into congruent resonance with its original blueprint or matrix.

Long story short:  The Akaija brings the resonance of the original blueprint into the conscious awareness of the individual using it.

Notes from Wim
Toni’s reading is quite scientific and for many people (me included) hard to understand at first. But now, after several years working with the Akaija I finally understand what is meant with this last sentence about the original blueprint…
See it this way: We start this life on Earth with a certain program, a master plan. Sometimes we make choices in our lifetime that may bring us somewhere we ‘shouldn’t’ be. The Akaija makes you aware of your original plan.
But Toni elaborates at a later date, saying:
Wim, had a few thoughts today as we were in Yosemite Park at El Capitan – the idea that life can take a person somewhere they “shouldn’t” go is really impossible.  There are no should’s or should not’s in the soul’s view of life.  There is only experience.  What there IS is a confusion that sometimes occurs within a person’s life much as you mentioned in your examples and the Akaija can re-align the journey with the original blueprint.

So let’s say it like this:  Sometimes we make choices in our lifetime that may seem to take detours in our journey.

Example 1: Joe has been very ill for months. He has physically recovered now, but his mind doesn’t comprehend that year and so he still behaves like an ill person. The Akaija makes his energy field so strong that he feels the need to start doing things. He feels energetic and wishes to do things again.

Example 2: Elly is a workaholic. She doesn’t know what it means to ‘relax’ and even refuses to stay one single day at home, even though she feels miserable at times. She’s ‘that close’ from a burn-out, but she doesn’t ‘get’ it. When she starts wearing the Akaija she get so tired that she has trouble to keep her eyes open even at work.
(so her first reaction was: the Akaija feels so bad. It can’t be good for me.) 

Example 3: Tom has a job he really dislikes and if he keeps on doing this for many more years he might get seriously ill. But he has trouble changing this, saying that he has a responsibility to his family, to his boss, etc. The Akaija makes him much more aware of what he is doing, and changes something in his energy that he now feels safe to start acting, searching for alternative jobs.