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Summary of the reading during the Akaija-dag in 2023

This page’s contents:
Akaija for Gaia 1 (with the trip to Aneityum)
Akaija for Gaia 2 (with the trip to Angkor Wat)

Summary of our Akaija-research as presented on the Akaija Day, June 2023

In the coming months (Summer and Autumn 2023) we will tell the story of the Akaija as presented on the Akaija Day on this page. It is a series of newsletters, the first of which can be read here (July 16, 2023).

On June 10, 2023, we organized the Akaija Day for a group of ± 50 people. The purpose of was to tell everyone who has ever come into contact with the Akaija about everything we have discovered so far, to report on our Akaija travels, and thereby try to answer this question…

What message did we receive with the Akaija?

We also wanted to introduce everyone to the world of mediumship, because mediums have played a major role in the Akaija project from the very beginning. Medium Loes van Loon and medium Grada Kessens introduced those present to their work and we are very grateful to them for that.

In preparation, all the material had to become one coherent story that could be shown and told in no more than 2.5 hours. Now that we have everything sorted out, we see the link with the critical situation in which the world now finds itself. That situation seems to be an echo of a very old, Atlantean time in which the Sun played a major role. That is now the case again, and then we are not talking about the climate crisis. What happened then, as far as we can understand it, is very similar to what is happening now. It’s like history repeating itself. Can we take advantage of this knowledge?

The Akaija started as a beautiful symbol, a special message from Linda to Wim across the border of Life and Death, but over the years it turned out that much more was being told. Time and time again, as if by chance, we discovered new information that perfectly matched what we already knew, and that process is still ongoing, but now is the time to report. The funny thing is… we did the same thing a long time ago, in Atlantis too. Only then something went wrong.

Do we get a rematch now?

To properly understand this complicated story, it is important to know its background first, to start at the beginning. We do that with this newsletter. We will elaborate on this in the following newsletters and a series of approx 12 short videos.

Welcoming by Debbie

We started this (very successful) day with a short welcome from Debbie who lives on Long Island near New York. Debbie is our friend who represents Akaija & Art in the USA after experiencing first hand how her life has changed since she started wearing an Akaija. She would have loved to be present at the Akaija-day, but unfortunately that was not possible.

From Akaija to Akaija-Iloa & The Tilted Equator of Antiquity

This is an animation showing how the single Akaija (that is, any normal or bold Akaijas) becomes a double Akaija or Akaija-Iloa. The Akaija-Iloa in particular shows how this symbol is connected to a ring of ancient sites around the Earth, which is also called the Tilted Equator of Antiquity. These structures or sites are distinguished by the fact that they are made using very large stones that fit together almost seamlessly. They are megalithic structures… structures made of mega-large stones (lithos), stones that are often so large that our modern civilization cannot (yet) copy them.

The question is: Why build structures from such huge, unwieldy stones?

This page’s contents:
Akaija for Gaia 1 (with the trip to Aneityum)
Akaija for Gaia 2 (with the trip to Angkor Wat)

Akaija for Gaia – 1

How is the normal Akaija linked to the Tilted Equator of Antiquity?

Impressions of the island Aneityum

In the third and final video of this first newsletter, you will be introduced to the island of Aneityum (Republic of Vanuatu), which lies exactly on the Tilted Equator of Antiquity but which itself is an exception to the rule, as there are no megalithic structures to be found, not more in any case.

This island is the start of the Akaija story, because the name ‘Akaija’ (which was passed on to Wim by Linda from Spirit) is used there as a word for ‘All of us’. But when we discovered in 2011 that Aneityum is not only the origin of the name Akaija, but that it is also located exactly on the Tilted Equator, exactly halfway between the Great Pyramid and the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia… that was more than enough reason for us to visit the island itself.

The video almost looks like a holiday impression, but make no mistake… We spent eleven days in continuous conversation with Ruben, the storyteller and also holy man of the island, which gave us an insight into its history and traditions. Ruben said that Aneityum is originally a solar cult, with the Sun occupying a central place in the traditions.

When we landed in Port Vila (on the main island of Vanuatu with the international airport) we were met by Alfred Bani, a government employee. Vanuatu consists of 80 islands, but ‘coincidentally’ 3 of his brothers were married to women from Aneityum. He arranged a meeting with the community of Aneityum staying in Port Vila (for study, shopping, hospital visit, etc). During that meeting (on a street corner in front of a karaoke bar ? ) the headmaster of the primary school on Aneityum called the island to arrange that we were accommodated in a guesthouse next to the school. This was partly to help us, but also because our story was too important and was not allowed to lead its own life on the island. And… we would be received by Ruben. He had to ‘hear us out’ so that our story could be valued.

So it happened… Ruben waited for us and escorted us to the guesthouse, closed the door behind us and asked: “Why are you here?”

That he closed the door is part of the ‘kastom’ or tradition, so as not to cause disturbances on the island with this story. It certainly had to be talked about by the people of Aneityum, but… in the right way: through the Government System!

This Government System is an example of true democracy

Ruben explained that if there is something important that all the people of Aneityum need to decide, then whoever brings it up (in this case Ruben because he was assigned there) goes to one of the two “paramount chiefs” (that is, the chief chiefs, those of region 1 (of the setting sun) and region 6 (of the rising sun).

Then they consult with each other before presenting it to the sub-chiefs (of regions 2, 3, 4 and 5). The sub-chiefs then submit it to the district chiefs, who in turn submit it to the sub-district chiefs, etc… up to the family heads. The number of steps can be larger or smaller depending on the number of inhabitants at that time.

At that moment there can be consultation within the families: What do we want with this?

When the families have been together, the answer is fed back to the family heads, (sub) district heads and (sub) chiefs and the decision of the people is then announced.

Ruben explained en passant that if a chief does not follow the rules (e.g. by acting out of self-interest), the people can correct him. He can then e.g. not feeling well and people will ask him why. But before anyone can become a chief at all, he must first prove to the people that he is worthy. It used to be that if a future chief had all (including secret) knowledge and still failed the tests (ie: fell through), he was immediately killed. Else such a man could misuse the acquired knowledge.

This democratic process (actually a popular referendum) normally takes weeks, but because we were only staying for 11 days, it was sped up, and the answer was given on the last day. During that time we were not allowed to talk to anyone about it.

Now take a look at the map of Aneityum’s government system. The connections (the black lines) between the different regions (each region has a separate task for the island) together form a symbol, which we know as the zodiac sign for Pisces. What makes it so special is that this sign is also formed by the lines of the Akaija-Iloa around the Earth over the island of Aneityum ! In the language of Aneityum, Numu means Fish. But in the deeper sense of the language it means: Life.

The Dogon in Africa, whose territory is also on the Tilted Equator, know the word Nommo. Those Nommos are the fish-like creatures that came from the stars and brought life to Earth.

All in all, there are way oo many ‘coincidences’ to ignore.

Here’s the video about Aneityum…

Aneityum is the island where the name ‘Akaija’ comes from. This island is located exactly between the Great Pyramid and the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia, on the Tilted Equator of Antiquity.

This page’s contents:
Akaija for Gaia 1 (with the trip to Aneityum)
Akaija for Gaia 2 (with the trip to Angkor Wat)

Akaija for Gaia – 2

Cambodia – Angkor – Samudra Manthan

Part 2 of the report of our Akaija-research in our search to find answers to this question:

What message did we receive with the Akaija?

The first video is about the research of Jim Alison, created by Mal Cockburn, a math teacher in the USA. The video is somewhat dated, judging by the badly speaking and sneezing Powerpoint turtle, but it was this short video – which I discovered ‘by accident’ in 2011 – that first mentioned the island of Anatom in conjunction with the Pyramids, Easter Island and Angkor Wat, which lead me to the idea that we can prove that the Akaija is connected to these locations! Cool!

But for starters, I couldn’t believe my ears when I watched it for the first time! Is Anatom, of all places, exactly on this line… exactly halfway between Angkor Wat and Easter Island?! There are hundreds of thousands of islands on our planet!

Anatom? Really?

Winning a lottery is easier.

I still couldn’t believe it… Is Anatom the same island as Aneityum?

But there was no doubt.

The island where Akaija means “We All” is one of the 5 main locations on this ring of prehistoric sites.

Video: Geography of Ancient Sites by Jim Alison

Revelations of the Pyramids

Based on the research of a Frenchman who studied the same ring of ancient sites, there is a very professional documentary entitled “La Révélation des Pyramides” by film director Patrice Pouillard. This documentary was released in 2012 and featuresJacques Grimault’s much older research regarding the same Equator and the same sites. Only they didn’t mention Aneityum… yet. I contacted Patrice Pouillard and asked him why Aneityum wasn’t mentioned in the documentary, because Jim Alison did mention it. His answer (in my own words) wasthat there wasn’t much to find about Aneityum. There seemed to be no megalithic structures. It didn’t appear promising enough to spend a lot of money to visit this remote island.

This fascinating and highly professional documentary discusses the “Tilted Equator of Antiquity.’
Duration: 1:41 am.
Keywords: Revelation of the Pyramids, Pooyard
Website: https://lrdp.info.

I have summarized the excerpts most important to the Akaija story in a very short video below. At the point where Aneityum would be located, I added an overlay in red: Attention… this is the location of the missing island Anatom/Aneityum.

A few shots from ‘Revelations of the Pyramids’.

The Akaija-Iloa as a Cambodian New Year star?

When we visited the Angkor temples in Cambodia in 2018, we discovered something special…. Our B&B owners obviously knew about our Akaija research and they said to us one day,“You guys should go play miniature golf!”

“Miniature golf!?”, we answered in surprise.

“Yes! The owner is Mr. Tee Tam. He knows everything about Angkor and he knows all the tour guides.”

Mr. Tee heard our story, but at first he saw no connection between the Akaija and Angkor Wat. As I diligently searched my laptop for something to show him, he suddenly said, “Wait wait, I do know that symbol!” He pointed to an image of the five-pointed star in a circle, a pentagram.

Now, as it turns out, all throughout the year you won’t see this symbol anywhere in Cambodia except around the Cambodian New Year which takes place sometime in mid-April. Only then can you see millions of handmade, illuminated 5-pointed stars everywhere in the streets and in all houses.

So besides knowing where to look, you also need to know when to look. We were a month early, but we already saw the first stars appearing as decorations above the streets.

Mr. Tee explained that these 5-pointed stars contained withinan ornate ring symbolize the connection between the houses/people here on Earth and the stars.

Cambodia – Angkor Wat – 2nd anchor point

The Churning of the Milky Ocean

Our visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia provided some interesting insights, with a 80-meter-long relief with the unusual name ‘Samudra Manthan’ from Sanskrit playing a central role. This relief depicts an epic from the Vedic scripture “The Mahabharata.”


Samudra Manthan, so to speak, depicts a ‘tug-of-war’ contest between two warring parties, the gods and the demons.However, it is not a rope they are pulling, but a naga, a snake. The center of that snake is wrapped around a rock that floats on the back of Vishnu’s avatar, a turtle, in an ocean of milk. Vishnu keeps the gods and demons in balance. As the gods and demons pull the snake back and forth during the battle, the rock rotates back and forth, thus creating butter in the ocean of milk.

But everything is symbolic. In fact, it is all about Amrita, the elixir of life.

For those of you who have seen the movie Avatar 2Amrita is also mentioned in it… the life’s elixir taken from a huge sea creature which is drained from its brain after it was horribly killed, a confrontational scene that shocked me deeply, bringing tears to my eyes. But the value of Amrita should be obvious … this is something very special.

Still while we were in Cambodia and Thailand, I began to study that epic from my perspective as an artist. I believe in ancient civilizations and in reincarnation, like most people in the ‘far East’ do. Inspiration from the Light World play a major role in the Akaija story. But… we were totally unfamiliar with Hinduism and maybe that gives us a special perspective, because to our surprise, the article I wrote about it is now read almost daily by academics from all over the Far East.

If you would like to read the article “Samudra Manthan”, you can read it here.

While writing, I realized that this story totally fits into the Akaija story, and it is also completely connected to another jewel/tool I was inspired to create: Two Roads. But… we didn’t have that name yet. It was a circular cross-shaped painting with a red stone in the centre. We called it ‘Faith’.

Faith (made by Wim Roskam)

Little did I know of this when I created Two Roads in 2004. To me, it symbolizes the essence of all religious crosses in the world, including the Holy Grail.

In 2009, we met a medium in Nothern Ireland by the name of Eliza White Buffalo, and also ‘by accident’, she knew this symbol very well and called it ‘Two Roads’ which was a name given to her by Nicolas Black Elk who had been a holy man of the Lakota/Sioux.

Two Roads, goud 585, zirkonia robijn

“During our life on Earth, we walk the Two Roads”, Black Elk taught her. The vertical road is the “good red road,” the road that leads to the Light. But… To move forward on that road you will have to walk the horizontal road, which is the “dark and dangerous road”. That is the road of duality, making decisions and taking responsibility for them.

During your life you will be pulled back and forth between pros and cons. What is your intention? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be rich and famous or do you want to be happy and healthy? Do you want revenge or do you want to forgive? Do you listen to dark or to light voices? In fact, this is the ‘battle’ within ourselves between gods and demons.

In the center, where both roads meet, there is a red stone. That is the Red Stone of Power…. which is your Heart. The advice is to always stay connected to your Heart, especially when you must make choices. But even if you don’t and you have fallen and have to get up again, you will grow in consciousness.

Here on Earth, we are all on that dark road. No one escapes making choices. The gods and demons symbolize the influences on your choices. In recent years, many of us will have noticed that demons can pretend to be gods when we have been blinded by false messages. So what is the ‘true’ misinformation?

Being able to make that distinction is very difficult. Learning to choose from Freedom is a long and difficult process that we spend our entire lives, if not all of our incarnations, mastering. That is walking the Two Roads, our way to the Light.

The following is a video we made during our visit to Cambodia: the Angkor Temples:

Video of our research trip to Angkor Wat and other Angkor temples.

Akaija for Gaia – 3

To be expected soon (Sept. 2023)