Testimonials from people

Lifelong she had cold hands and feet. No more!

Hubertine, silver Akaija

I would like to share my findings about the Akaija-pendant.
I have been wearing it continually for about one month now. Even at night and while taking a shower. At first my hands started tingling, but now they always have a normal temperature. This never happened to me before. All my life I have suffered cold hands and feet. Not anymore. My headaches, often migraine attacks, are as good as over. According to the doctors this migraine was related to my hormone levels, so usually shortly before my period. Now, around this period, I only have a light headache, which is a major improvement.
Meanwhile my neighbour also has an Akaija and I hope for her that the pendant will do the same as it does for me. My life is now a whole lot more pleasant, for which my warm and sincere thanks. I’m very happy with my Akaija pendant and can recommend one to everyone. It’s a healing and beautiful jewel. With kind regards, Hubertine