Sacred Heart

The reason for the creation of… Sacred Heart

Note: This text has been translated/edited using, but not yet corrected by a native English speaker .

The creation and development of this special piece of jewellery took over 2 years. I started in early 2019, so well before the Covid crisis. Since that crisis has had such a huge impact on the whole world, we now speak of ‘before the crisis’ (when the world was still ‘normal’) and ‘now’. Hopefully there will soon be an ‘after the crisis’, where Love, Freedom and the Heart will be central.

Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart

We sensed the crisis coming, although we did not know in what form it would present itself. That was the reason why we quickly visited two more anchor points on the Tilted Equator of Antiquity in 2019. We have no regrets about that now.

I wanted to make something that would be centred around Love, that would support people, give them a heartbeat, that would be uplifting. If you start something with a certain intention, then you attract the guides who want to help and inspire you. But it can also be the other way around of course, namely that this intention was already put into me by my guide(s) :-). Some jewels I make completely by hand, this is how the Akaija and the Suzy-ama came into being. In this case I used 3D-software (I use the 3D-program Blender). With it, things are possible that would be impossible by hand.

I wanted to make something that would be centred around Love, that would support people, give them a heartbeat, that would be uplifting. If you start something with a certain intention, then you attract the guides who want to help and inspire you. But it can also be the other way around of course, namely that this intention was already put into me by my guide(s) :-). Some jewels I make completely by hand, this is how the Akaija and the Suzy-ama came into being. In this case I used 3D-software (I use the 3D-program Blender). This makes things possible that would be impossible by hand.

I wanted the hanging point to be in the middle of the top of the pendant, but while wearing it, the point started pointing forward. I tried all sorts of things to prevent this, but the result was always the same and finally I gave up for a while. During the crisis in the early 2020s, Marianne and I watched the video above again and we talked about how important this piece of jewellery was to give people a boost in these difficult Corona times. The world needs Love… Always has, but now it certainly does!
“So Boys,” Marianne said jokingly to ‘upstairs’, “then help us!”
As if they didn’t already do that :-).

Just then, the video above showed the change of position and showed the heart from a different angle.
“Reversed!” said Marianne in surprise. “I can see that it is reversed. How about we attach the eyelet to the ‘bottom’…”
With that I went to work and moreover it felt like a little stone ‘had to’ be put in there.

Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart

I had already toyed with the idea, but rejected it because it would be an inverted heart. On second thought, however, it didn’t seem so crazy at all. Not much later, we happened to speak to medium Loes van Loon (we often quote her) and fortunately we were able to ask her a few questions in passing. She told us that it is indeed the intention to make the original stand, because ‘that is how it is meant to be’, but that the reverse version is also good to bring out. What it does, she said, is that the little stone functions as a ‘lamp’ that lights up a kind of laser beam that goes up and down through the symbol like crazy, causing it to emit light. This form (with the point upwards), she said, ‘fills’ the chakras. The form with the point downwards ‘fills’ the organs. So energy or Force is brought into your body.

Linda’s mother had heard the name ‘Akaija’ shouted loudly at the time and gave us the ‘answer from above’ for the name. She still does a lot of automatic writing and asked her daughter, Linda, to tell us about it. Now I don’t consider her a medium, so it could be that she got the text below from her subconscious. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful text and we do not want to withhold it from you: “The intention has been realised. The effect is also good, is to promote openness of the heart. It will help people to open the heart to themselves and to others and thus to enter the new age with an open heart for all. The design has become delicate. This makes it graceful, a real piece of jewellery for its owner and it fulfils its function. My compliments.

Scheve, zilveren Sacred Heart

Working of Sacred Heart – Channeling

We could not get the problem of getting silver Sacred Hearts cast at the Riyogems foundry in India (they have been casting and polishing all silver Akaija’s for like 15 years) solved. In an unexpected way, we had the opportunity to consult Loes about this in November 2021. But she is always called an overflowing diary months in advance, so if we could make an appointment spring 2022 we would be long overdue, and so her reply rather caught me off guard: “But of course this has to go ahead, hey! Can you do Tuesday 2pm?”.
Oopps… and. Wow!

So here is a pass-through from Loes van Loon, with comments to better understand the context. During the same conversation, she picked up another piece of jewellery/tool from the box that she herself had initiated years ago: Helix-Healer. I had worked that out and also brought it with me, but that is another story in the making.

Loes: And what should we do… how do we get this straight, that it stays straight, is said by my boys.

Comment: Loes always talks about her guides as ‘her boys’. In this case, apparently her personal guide Hebenes, and also Aaron are present, who quite often makes a light-hearted remark in between.
Loes first picks up a gold Sacred Heart that is well finished.

Loes: It is said, “That one is in the lead.” Whatever that means.
I think, they say, it’s in plumb, haha… Plumb! Straight.

Wim: Vertical.

Loes: Yes, these are Duracell batteries! When I hold this I immediately want to do all kinds of things, like: I have to do this and I can do that too, eunuch… This gives Duracell batteries

Comment: Most people remember the TV commercial of a battery test, in which the toy bunny with a Duracell battery kept beating the drum the longest.

Loes: That (she points to the Helix-Healer, to be presented soon) gives balance, peace.
This also gives balance, in a different way. This works very differently. And I see figure eights everywhere. Octagonal octagons, octagons.
So… (she draws with rapid motion lots of vertical lemniscates/eights superimposed)… the infinite number.

Wim: Is it some kind of laser beam or something?

Loes: No I continuously see this everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere. So… I call those eights, but they are… what is… What is a Pi number? I don’t know, you know.

Wim: Pi, that’s specific number, very important in Sacred Geometry.

Comment: The number π, sometimes written as pi, is a mathematical constant, with the numerical value 3.141 592 653… in decimal notation. This number is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.

Loes: Well, they are talking about a Pi number. This is a Pi… A Pi number.

Wim: Not Phi?

Loes: No… I hear it said hey, Pi number.

Marianne: Three comma something more.

Loes grabs a pen and notepad and writes three letters: P H I

Loes: I see this now: P H I – number

Wim: That’s Phi. They often pronounce it as Pi.

Comment: On the Internet, you can read that Phi stands for the Golden Ratio. It is a ratio that also plays a major role in the Akaija. This ratio is called the Golden Number and it’s denoted by the Greek letter φ. It is an extremely important ratio, which has everything to do with what is also called ‘Sacred Geometry’.

Loes: Okay… okay… this is good!
This flows. But it really gives… pooh…. It’s like I’m kind of… how do I explain this, guys?
… Whether I get some kind of egg around me. I can’t describe it any other way. A kind of aura field… different. A little safeguard field.
Close by! In your own aura!

Wim: Protection?

Loes: It’s protective! But I also get Duracell batteries with it, you know.

Wim: You will be charged right so.

Loes: In a good way! It takes my fatigue away. Do you get that?
And it makes me feel like wanting to do things again. It also makes me corny, so it comes when I get happy.

Wim: Awesome. So then you also get when you…

Loes: You get duracel batteries!

Wim: …if you are a little depressed?

Loes: No doubt! Yes. I feel like doing things again and just being happy again. Yes, this is nice! I want everything again, everything at once, preferably. I literally get: I want to put it on again, I want to do this one more time. Do that one more time. Well… I don’t normally have that, Wim!
Great! This feels really super… good.
The funny thing is that this shows me the base of a pyramid. Then I am in the base of the pyramid, which is where I am now. And then I’m at this point. (She draws a triangle to indicate a a pyramid and points to the centre of the base line).
As I said, it gives me a kind of egg, a dome.
Pleasing. It’s beautiful though, it’s really beautiful.

Wim: Yes, I like it myself.

Loes: Really beautiful. I think it’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever made.

Marianne: There was also some mention last time… err… this is how it fills the organs (Marianne holds one Sacred Heart with the point up), and this is how (she turns it with the point down), the chakras.

Loes now turns Sacred Heart face down.

Loes: Well something else is happening!
Now something entirely else is happening.
That’s how I get… I have to go (She holds the tip up).

Wim: with the point up, yes.

Loes: And so I get… let it be (with a sigh) Let it go. Rest. It’s good.
The other way round has a completely opposite effect. But then completely opposite.
Unbelievable. What such a small thing can do.
This brings out my feelings. And… let-your-sadness-go.
And giving in to tired, and accepting it in the end. So that’s not pushing it away.
So this does a lot with emotions like that. A lot!

Wim: So good for supporting healing.

Loes: If you wear it on the street… like this (pointing down). Well, I wouldn’t advise people to do that. I would hold it like this, at home! But it’s not supposed that an old corpse enters the bakery (laughter).

Marianne: Then now we know why that bow didn’t work.

Comment: We had a workshop six months earlier where Loes, and with her some other mediums and also the creator of the covers of her books, Bob Tomanovich, was present. I had the laptop with me with a 3D digital file of Sacred Heart in progress and I asked Loes about it. I had indicated that Sacred Heart would not hang nicely on a chain around the neck. The tip (facing downwards) kept pointing forward and that doesn’t look pretty.
Then Loes tried to explain to me what she saw as a solution: a loop/bend on top. But it turned out that the shape of that loop was extremely difficult to make, because of the calculation of the centre of gravity. Otherwise, the same thing still happened. It had already cost us 3 failed casting models. That problem had not been solved once and for all.
Riyogems, the foundry in India had also been working on it for six months. Every time they removed the wax model from the mould, it came out deformed. If you put such a Sacred Heart upright, it is crooked, the tip does not point straight up. We had also encountered the same problem in Germany, hence the many adjustments and new casts. Finally, we solved it by no longer working with a casting mould, but by ‘printing’ each wax model using the much slower 3D printing method. Then the problem no longer arises.
But this was not an option for the Indian foundry, given the huge investment in professional 3D printing equipment

Loes: Okay! (and laughs)

Wim: During those workshops we were playing with the computer… and it was still difficult to get that little bow right, so that it would hang properly. But… so maybe it’s not meant to be hung like that, because then you will walk around with it all day.

Marianne: But you can hold it like that.

Loes: It has an opposite effect, like this.

Wim: A nice meditation object then, like this.

Loes: Yes! What were you thinking! But also… emotions. Emotions, emotions. Get it?
Beautiful. Really cool.
But yes! Now this! That’s a problem. (She takes in her hand one of the silver, crooked Sacred Hearts from India)

Wim: In India, they have been working on it for six months. The problem is: it comes out of a mould (the wax model) and then it is somewhat crooked.

Loes: Yes, right. This one doesn’t feel balanced either.

Wim: So it has to be perfectly upright? Or not at all.

Loes: It also feels… not… balanced. It feels like I’m going to skew. So why not the same mould? I don’t understand that then.

Wim: This one (Wim is holding a golden Sacred Heart) comes from a Germany foundry from and I polish them myself. That takes me a few hours of work. The other one, the silver ones, can be made in India, finish. We do want them to be good. These are our requirements, and it has to be able to stand upright and look good.

Loes: I’ll be back in a minute. This thing works on my gut.

Loes (a few minutes later): Your guide says: “If you change the format… Make the size a little bigger, then you better solve this problem.”

Comment: Wim’s guide is called Amhirez, a name he coined as an adolescent for himself as the main character in self-written stories.

Wim: Oooo… yes of course!

Loes: And it’s in this little thingy. (She points to the lower bows, which are not at equal height/distance from each other). It’s in here below hear. Not here. It looks that way, but it’s not. It’s different here, they show me. Take a look. This is bigger, wider. So he wants it enlarged… Not big, but bigger.

Wim: For gold, this keeps it somewhat affordable in size/weight. But for silver it can be somewhat bigger, which doesn’t really make it that much more expensive.

Marianne: This one will be 3D printed. The other one (the crooked silver one) will be cast. The wax model (of the gold one) is printed, 3D printed. They do that to the silver ‘little tree’

Comment: This is the lost-wax method. The wax models come out of the mould, and are ‘glued to a kind of Christmas tree of wax models. That tree is then hung upside down in a casting bucket. Plaster is poured around it. Then the bucket is heated so that the wax melts out, i.e. is lost. The now hollow form is vacuumised and liquid metal is then poured into it from above, which is very quickly drawn to every corner by the vacuum action. After cooling, the plaster is sprayed away, leaving a metal ‘Christmas tree’. The now metal little models are cut off and then the goldsmith can sand and polish them, put any stones in them, etc.

Marianne: And that’s an expensive process. And with a gold one, it’s not so bad, because they’re expensive anyway.

Loes: They show it to me clearly. They show me a computer, and then it’s right. But after that it’s not right. Get it?
Let the silver guys… (she laughs) … Let the ‘silver people’… (more laughter)… Aaron again (Aaron is one of the guardian angels, like Hebenes, but often with hilarious remarks ) see this, then they get it. But they say: in the computer, it’s just prerfect. But it’s not! And if you show the difference, they get it too.
“Then magnify,” he (Wim’s guardian angel Amhirez) says. “Then you can solve that problem.”
That one is skew! So it is out of plumb. This one works 75% strong (the silver, skewed version) and that one works 100% strrong (the gold version).
So this one is a bit less effective… strong… than that. It works! No doubt! But I see 75%. And with the other one, I see 100%.
And that’s because of the metal… silver or gold, they say. In this case. That’s only in this case.

Comment: With the gold Akaijas, we always say: it doesn’t matter which metal you take. Gold adds no extra effect, at most a nuance difference. A silver one works just as well. We think this is important to mention so that people don’t think ‘gold is more expensive and therefore better’. It’s not like that, not with the Akaija. But with this Sacred Heart, the metal does appear to make a difference. But not in the meaning ‘gold is better’, but that gold may be smaller in size for the same effect. What we concluded afterwards, although we haven’t communicated this to Loes, is that if the silver versions become slightly larger, they will be comparable to the gold in terms of effect, so also 100% so to speak. Aftel all, gold is also heavier.

Wim: And the stone… does it make a difference… red, black, clear or white??

Loes: No, no it’s just like… it switches on the light.

Wim: The light bulb. Last Spring you talked about a light that turns it on.

Loes: Yes, I should say ‘that turns on the light’. And then I see what happens.
Yes, all eights I see.

Marianne: His guardians always make him play, don’t they?

Loes: Yes, but I can so see your guide’s hands in this. Don’t underestimate that, it’s enormous. That’s really enormous..

Loes to Wim’s guardian angel Amhirez: You used to be a physicist?
Okay. So what does that have to do with this?
“And your favourite topic is absolutely balancing,” he says.

Commentaar: We assume that with ‘your favourite topic’ Amhirez refers to the Akaija. He doesn’t answer Loes’ question, but Wim knows that to create something as complicated as Sacred Heart his experiences comes in very handy.

Loes: Cool.

Loes to Amhirez: I don’t remember ever seeing you. Sorry mind you, if I’ve seen you more often I don’t remember. I see so many people.

Loes to us: I also see a woman, a bit further aside. She too is a guardian angel.

Loes to Amhirez: But this here you got your hands dirty, hehe. Yes.

Wim: Is that Amhirez?

Loes: He nods yes. Okay!
I can’t remember. I see him.

Wim: A female guide too?

Loes: Yes, I see her further away.
It is irrelevant what colour the stone has. It can be selected as wished for, it is said.
This can actually be resolved very quickly. It’s just in the bottom that it’s out of plumb.
Just make it bigger to prevent that problem.
I also see a very big one. Do you have a really big one?

Wim: No, not yet. But we were already working on it to see what the maximum size is that can still be cast in a rubber mould. That will about ten centimetres. That’s the maximum.

Wim: So that will be an art object on the street then?

Loes: Yes! Big. But not on the street.

Wim: So big that you can stand in it?

Loes: In which you can sit. That size. Like a greenhouse, which you can sit in. I get to see that, so I ask, “Have you been doing that?”
Yet they show me. But that’s a not a gold one, then. (laughter)
Sitting in it is quick healing.
Those things also come in pyramid form, you can sit in them.
It works that way, for this.

Wim: Point down seems very good for letting go of sadness, for example.

Loes: But then I saw it like this! (point facing upwards)

Marianne: Then you can the light.

Loes: (She picks up the newly cast, unpolished silver and gold unpolished Sacred Hearts we have with us.)
That’s nice too, what’s this?

Wim: This is how they come from the foundry. Then I still have to polish them and take off those casting channels.

Loes: Unpolished I like it too! There will also be people who like this.

Wim: Usually not, but it just might.

Loes: Well, I would put one down anyway. Isn’t it also really cool?
I also like this in terms of colour.
Is that gold? I like this too, honestly.

Marianne: Then you could matt it.

Wim: Is faster too.

Loes: I swear, there are people who like that too.
So that’s how it comes out, with those legs?

Wim: They then cut them right off the casting channel….

Loes: And then you get to polish it all over? One thing at a time?!
But that’s no good, is it Wim? If you have to take the legs off 6000 of those things. I mean you have to teach them to do that.
But if the wax is even a little too soft and they pull it wrong… it’s already out of kilter. They really have to let it cool down, that it’s properly cold before they can pull it out of the mould. It has to be really well cooled. Otherwise it will bend.
The Akaija is really commissioned by Linda.
She chuckles. She says: “He can so think in a circle like that. Thinking in a circle.
And: How am I supposed to do that?
And: Yes, but…”
She calls that ‘thinking in a circle’.
She says: “Perfectionists never have it easy.”

Comment: If someone was a perfectionist, then definately Linda :-).

Loes: That’s one thing for sure.
But Linda actually says: “He did know where the problem was though.”
She also says that you actually already knew where the problem was. And that you then think: Yeah, but…. maybe it’s something else after all. That’s thinking in circles. Can you follow it?

Comment from Wim: Hmm… 🙂

Marianne: But then you have to know why. He once made a piece of jewellery for his mother (Dynamic it’s called) and he fooled around with it enormously to get the little stone in the middle positioned straight up. It got skewed all the time. We came to you with it and you immediately said: It’s crooked, isn’t it?

Loes: I don’t remember. (It was about 15 years ago)


Wim: You said that then, and.. This is also not round you said. Well, so I had been messing around with that too. I spent days trying to get that straight. It didn’t work whatever I tried. I tried anything, taking my time, calculate everything precise and when I used the welding torch very carefully… again crooked!
And you then told me… but it has to be! If they don’t want it to sit straight, it won’t sit straight.

Loes: (laughing) Okay!

Marianne: So we thought, maybe it has to be with this too.

Loes: Yes, hahaha. But not with this one!
But Linda then says you think in a circle. There is absolutely no need to be modest, she says.
She shows me laser… literally a laser. Like they use laser equipment in hospitals. To irradiate cancer or whatever. And then, of course, they don’t know anything about lasers…. ‘we’re just trying something’… Relative to… because ‘Up there’ they also work with lasers in what comes to Earth all the time, but…. it’s still very primitive operating here huh?
It has to be radiated or it has to be cut out.
And then she says: “There are… just like a laser device” she talks about, “for health, that is also quite dangerous, because you also burn something to pieces.”
She says: “And this, the shape makes the laser. And that’s safe.”
That’s how she puts it. Because this still is laser work, no doubt.

Wim: So you use kind of laser on the organs…?

Comment: Linda died of cervical cancer and (supported by Wim) had rejected all hospital proposals (surgery, chemo, radiation). The proposed surgery was an unusually tough one, with subsequent radiotherapy and chemo and permanent disability/incontinence as a possible side effect due to damaged nerves. Moreover, she and Wim had seen with her brother that mistakes were made (and covered up) in the treatment of cancer too. It is not so surprising, knowing Linda, that she is partly at the forefront of new developments/discoveries such as there are presumably many worldwide that could play an important role in the future if more attention is paid to a different, much more holistic way of thinking about health and healing. The current crisis (Covid, Ukraine) is an important time frame in history in that regard. What will come next we cannot predict even now (end of 2021), but we hope for a future where body, mind and spirit all three receive attention when it comes to restoring health.

Loes: This is a laser without the ferocity. Because what I see, those rays, are lasers. And They (our guardian angels) know that. That’s why they make them. But Linda says: “A laser in a hospital, that’s harmful. And this is… the shape makes the laser, so that’s not harmful. That’s an astral laser. These are not harmful. But those work just as hard.”
What the heck, those work better, those guys.

Comment: Another thing we’ve heard with the Akaija before from Loes is that our guides apparently work with the Akaija, introducting it in someones life if he/she needs one, etc. It sounds like that is also the case here, so that the Light world works with it when you wear it.

Loes: It’s already special though. I really think it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made, I sincerely mean that.

Thanks to Loes, Hebenes, Aaron, Amhirez, Linda and everyone else who was invisible to us here.

Sacred Heart can be ordered on our webshop. We have 2 sizes in silver (Medium and Large) and 1 size in gold (Small). Golden ones can be ordered in many stones. The silver ones are in amethyst or garnet. The size of the stone is 4.5 mm, brilliant cut. The stone probably adds its own energy to Sacred Heart, but does not determine its effect.

This is the link to the webshop elsewhere on this site.