Freedom in Bonding

Vesica Piscis in Freedom in Bonding

Putdeksel Chalice WellThis painting started after the question of the naturopath to make for her and her husband something that expresses their special love relationship. As usual I couldn’t promise when it would be ready, but also no obligation to buy. That gives me the comfortable feeling to work on it, feeling free, without limitations. And freedom… that’s what ‘Freedom in Bonding‘ is all about.

I used  a well-known shape of the Sacred Geometry, the Vesica Piscis, in which the Golden Mean ratio can be found. This shape is  used everywhere in the world. One of the most beautiful examples is to be found in the Chalice Well Garden just below the Glastonbury Tor in England. I combined this shape with the Yinyang-symbol. The resulting painting has a diameter of 70 cm, with the frame, covered in pure gold leaf, showing the Vesica Piscis. Missing parts can always be traced back in Sacred Geometry.

Vrijheid in Verbondenheid

A few years later the woman I made it for sent us a special experience she recently had with this painting, and of course we wish to share this with you (with Tineke’s allowance of course :-)…

Just sharing a special experience with you. Like often during a therapeutical contact the right things happen when you give in to your inner voice. This morning I took one of my clients to my living room to show her your painting ‘Freedom in Bonding’. It moved her deeply, got goosebumps and emotional. The session that later followed was a  result of this ‘encounter’. Freedom in Bonding: two souls, each with its own color, who are bonded through the Light. A dynamic completeness in which each  develops and flourishes in his/her own pace without interfering in the proces of the other.  By intensifying the light in yourself, you touch the other (without words) reminding their own Light. It was such a beautiful metaphor for what she needed (in relation to her partner), and in combination with the energy that comes from this painting it gave her the understanding that all is open and from that awareness you will always be bonded by the Light, able to create anything you wish in total freedom!

You painting does its job… still does… and in a miraculous way.

From the Heart, Tineke

Later that day she added a few more lines:

Do you know that in the beginning I only saw the colors and the cosmic concept? When a friend of mine saw this, about a week after we hang it in our room, she was so impressed that I haven’t noticed the light that was in it. I was amazed not noticing it  sooner (me, always focussed on light!!). Ever since I see the painting with different eyes. And the experience this morning completed the picture.

The Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury is well worth a visit!

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