Testimonials from people

I can stand on one leg again!

Tessa, UK, silver Akaija

We have a question… both my husband and I are wondering how you say the word Akaija… ???  If there is a way you can let us know!
I have had mine on now for about ten days, and one very noticeable happening is my balance… to give an example, standing on one leg !! which I used to have no problem with, after I broke my wrist about three years ago, good balnce was gone… it is now restored… yeah !   and, of course, that has a much wider big positive than standing on one leg !! And last night I had just got into bed, and was settling down…. and what was like a bolt of white light descended  into my third eye… I ‘saw’ it and felt it…. I heard myself say  WHAT WAS THAT …   have you had any other feed back similar to this ?? Would be intersting if you have. I have not experienced anything quite like that before.
Look forward to hear from you
Happy day from a gloriously snowy sunny scotland,  Tess

Note 1 from Wim: When we were in Vanuatu, and we visited the island Aneityum, Ruben, the holy man and storyteller taught us the original way ‚Akaija’ should be spoken. And that is a littlebit different from what we use: They say it like ‘Akahdjah’. So with the ‚ah’ sounds, but the ‚ija’ sounds like ‚djah’. The accent lies on the the second ‚ah’
Note 2 from Wim: The third eye flash… we have heard about related incidents a few times before.
I remember one man saying that he could suddenly know for sure whom of his collegues were honest to him and who were not. I assume this is related to a better functioning third eye. And one woman got her Akaija from a friend, she put it on for the first time while sitting in the car and immediately she fainted and heard a voice in her head loudly saying something like: „Finally we can reach you”. It was the start of her being clear voyant, so she said week later.
I’m convinced that the Akaija doesn’t open the third eye when this isn’t destined to be. Maybe the arrival of the Akaija marks the moment that someone is ready to accept a new energy or ability… whatever this may be. That’s one of the things it does: opening meridians, deblocking obstructions, strengthening the colors of your aura. Something like this may be the result.