Wim Roskam is a goldsmith, author and maker of the Akaija  and related Art (jewellery and paintings). Together with his love Marianne Agterdenbos he is the owner behind Akaija & Art.

Wim Roskam was born on June 3, 1960 in Soestdijk, Netherlands.
But… let me talk from my own person from here on…

Wim Roskam
Wim Roskam

My Task
I think it’s true what Toni Elisabeth Sar’h, a clair voyant woman and master teacher living near Vancouver told me…

“Once, in the long forgotten days of Lemuria you were an artist…”

The people in Lemuria (that’s presumably related to most or at least a very big number of the people living now) in this time were very etherical, their bodies were much lighter, maybe transparent even. Their vibration was very high. It was the time when many soul groups came to this planet Earth from the star systems Sirius B and the Pleiades, to participate in an experiment on Earth. The aim of this experiment was to ‘bring Heaven on Earth’, and to experience what it would be like to live on this planet, with its strong magnetic energy field. Without realising fully what we would get ourselves into we agreed, and so we came in big numbers. Like children we were, playful and happy to live here. Life was light. We were in direct contact with nature, with the animals, the plants and with each other. We communicated mainly telepathically, projecting our thoughts, though we also could use our voice on Earth, which was new to us. But we usually didn’t, because thoughts were much more reliable.

By whatever causes it could happen that the vibration of some people decreased. To prevent this artists were assigned. They e.g.. made music, made ceramics, paintings, whatever… that raised the vibration again, or kept it high.

That sounds pretty strange, but please do realise what’s happening right now in our society… Realise what happens to your children (or to you for that matter) when they are confronted, all day long, by what they see on TV, or what they experience while playing computer games… mainly seeing violence, arguing couples, sex, lies and videotapes so to say. Our modern society is soaked in those vibrations.

Note added in 2022… the catastrophic influence of the main stream media is obvious now .. at least to all who see what’s going on behind the scenes of the world stage. You know of what I speak, but what I don’t name on this  for safety reasons.

There are also movies and documentaries that make you happy, but alas the more violent ones are aired most of the time. This aspect of influence now is used to keep our vibrations low, but the same can also be used to raise our vibrations. Art is a wonderful way to do so, and it doesn’t matter if this art is presented as paintings or music or stories or… in fact we all can create art, by expressing ourselves in what we do: cooking, designing, healing, writing, painting, building, constructing and communicating with each other. We all are artists! It’s the intention we put in what we do that makes the difference.

Anyway… according to this woman it then was my task to create artifacts that would raise the frequency of others… to remind them (us) of their connectedness with the cosmos, their star-origin, so that they would not fall from Grace…

And I think this still is my task. Maybe not to prevent to fall from grace, but to help us find our way back into grace.
Thus the Akaija came into existence. In fact in these few words I have described exactly what the Akaija does for you… it helps you find your way back to the Light so to say, into a higher vibration. That’s what it does, and it’s our task to guard our actions, to guard the Akaija finding its way over the Earth.
My childhood was great: loving parents, and a sister who for changes didn’t bug me all (well, most of the time 🙂 ). My mother was a teacher and my father was an undertaking person, boldly going where not many had gone before in his time (after the 2nd WW): to the Alps on his bicycle with minimal support (kind of elobike without e) and for sleeping only a hammock. Nowadays even trained mountainbikers don’t do that kind of stuff.
Stargazing and philosophing about the stars is kind of traditional in our family, because my grandfather had spent many nights in the crow’s nest of the last sailing ships of the Dutch Navy on his way to distant destinations, watching the stars and thinking about them. From him, and from my father I probably inherited the love for the cosmos, so on the wall of my children’s sleeping room I soon had a mural with stars. And thinking about this… their undertaking nature now serves me well to make the Akaija known in the world.

Of course I needed to visit a stellar observatory in Holland and as a small child I asked questions to the man in charge with a face as if I was a highly educated specialist in the field. After all I possessed a couple of books on the subject, so…

As soon as I was able to write more or less coherent my first public text was a short paragraph about the dying fish in our dirty river Rhine. That concerned me and it was to be expected that I would do something about it. So I wrote a ‘book’ about etherical beings protecting nature: mermaids and nymphs inhabiting the streams, the mountains, the seas, the clouds and even a volcano. I guess I had this in mind when I recently wrote my ‘Letter to the Governments‘, a letter that now finds its way through the internet (why too slowly of coures 🙂 ).

It was my wish to become a volcanologist, but my math talents weren’t adaquate. I became a primary school teacher instead, but I didn’t love to stand in front of classes full of bored children, being forced to teach them things I hated myself. But I was good at telling stories, even earning respect of my mentor because I could keep a class quiet for 45 minutes  during the story-telling. But in the hours afterwards they released their contained energy…

Shortly after this education I met Linda. She too was a teacher, and a remarkable one at that. She had been selected by the students to be their best teacher ever on a school with more than 100 teachers. I couldn’t help not loving to be a teacher, and so I started programming the very first computers. Have you ever heard about the ZX Spectrum?… one of the very first home computers? That one started it for me.
But my real passion then was painting.

I wanted to be able to paint those unearthly realistic landscapes like you see on covers of science fiction and fantasy magazins. But how did the artist create that in pre-computer days without leaving pencil and brush strokes?

Linda knew the answer: airbrush.

So I bought an airbrush, with which you spray paint using air. Within a year I mastered this technique well enough to contact publishers of birthday and greeting cards. Most of them weren’t interested, but one small company agreed to give it a try and from then on I had a (small) income.

Unlike their usual habit the publisher agreed with a few series of new age and spiritual cards with dolphins, Egyptian motivs and cosmic backgrounds. Of course I made other paintings too, but to be honest… though people liked what I made, they weren’t really enthusiastic about it.

Linda’s illness and passing caused me to ‘transform’ somehow. Maybe I needed this experience, because it changed my life, and also myself. Before this, people liked what I made, but I hardly sold anything. Now I can hardly expose my paintings, because they were always sold :-).

Apart from this there’s something else… it seems as if the paintings hold more ‘power’. I know that I’m inspired by Linda and by my guardian angel Amhirez. Together with him, so he said, I have made hieroglyphs and illustrations on walls somewhere in Egypt thousands of years ago. ‘They’ add that extra dimension to the paintings through my hands: Love.

And my other grandfather seems to be around too, mainly to point at his watch (not really of course, he doesn’t need that) as if to say: it was 5 o’clock hours ago… shouldn’t you stop?

Some time after Linda’s passing Marianne and I started living together. Our aim now is it to help people, and even the Earth, to bring something in the world that harmonises and balances energies, protecting us against weakening forces. To re-connect… each other… and us to the Light world that is our soul’s home.

Currently the Akaija is the most important example that does this. But there are many other designs waiting to be materialised. 🙂