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We need a huge Akaija in front of the White House!

Michelle, USA, silver Akaija

Michelle Ann Cox Lomas is a professional astrologer and psychic, who owns a website dedicated to astrology, www.astroenlightenment.com. A few days after receiving her Akaija’s she emailed several reports about her findings. Here’s a summary of her texts…

Since putting the Akaija on a beautiful sterling silver chain and wearing it for about 3 days and nights now – I’ve noticed that I feel much more balanced. I am constantly multi-tasking with so much that I am doing, so much that I have on my to-do list, and so many other ideas that pop up into my mind and heart – and on most days I accomplish a great deal but I also feel overwhelmed. Since wearing the Akaija…I feel totally CALM. I can still do what I need to do but I am able to express myself with even more ‘calm’ creative freedom. I’ve found that what usually overwhelms me…doesn’t now.In your information package you wrote about how the energy flows ‘with’ us and not against us. Yes, this is absolutely true! I can verify that! I feel totally connected in love, peace, and total joy!When I need energy…it is there. When I need to ‘choose’ to be calm…I am being guided to do that. I’ve been sleeping better and accomplishing more– I feel safe with Life and the Universal Energies and all is well!It’s amazing…totally amazing!

Can you imagine how wonderfully balanced our world would be IF everyone was wearing one? Then everyone would finally want to cooperate with each other, have compassion for each other, feel better about themselves, and understand what WE really means! I get it…I totally, totally get it.

Can you imagine too (if money wasn’t an issue) if you could create a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE silver statue of an Akaija. Here in the USA they really would benefit by having one on the White House Lawn! But since you can’t really do that…WE can visualize one being there and anywhere where we know they need peace and balance in our world. This is a wonderful meditation that, at least, you and I and your special spiritual friends who understand can do together. 🙂

I LOVE MY AKAIJA…I feel calm, balanced, positively motivated, and able to meditate better and hear my Higher Guides better too. My dreams have been very positive and vivid. It’s truly amazing. I don’t know how to explain it other than it’s spiritually MAGNIFIQUE.
I find that when around negative people, their attitudes, situations etc. I can be compassionate and intuitive without feeling like I am ‘absorbing’ their energy like a sponge. This has always been hard for me to do. If I
had a difficult client who’s life is always filled with so much chaos (which is his/her karma and not mine…all I can do is help them to see the bigger picture and give positive advice and insight) but often I was left feeling drained of my own positive energy. Now I feel like I have enough positive energy for even the most difficult client WITHOUT having my own positive energy taken away from me. This is a true blessing indeed!***

About 3/4s of a year later Michelle has a special update about her Akaija’s:
A Real Miracle in play since my son started wearing the Akaija…

I want to tell you that both my son and my daughter have been getting many compliments on the Akaija’s that they are both
wearing. I’ve personally noticed how their energy has become more confident, creative and vibrant since wearing them. You’ll also find it interesting to note that my son (he’s 29 years old) has had a severe back problem for many years and his Doctor had him on a weekly shot called Embroil (I don’t think I spelled that right) which helps with the pain but also has some side effects that have always worried me (such as severely lowering the immune system in a negative way).

WELL…here’s the GOOD NEWS…A Real Miracle in play since he started wearing the Akaija…

He went back to his Doctor to see if he could stop the weekly shots and if there is another alternative for him because he doesn’t want to be on these shots for the rest of his life and he’s worried about his immune system and the damage that this stuff can do to his liver.

His Doctor took new x-rays…and low and behold… the degenerative disc issue has begun to heal itself in miraculous ways!
His Doctor said:
“Yes, you can stop the shots now…you don’t need them anymore…God must really be on your side because this is a miracle! I’ve never seen a degenerative disc issue like yours ever begin to heal itself!”

He’s been feeling so much better! His faith is stronger, his confidence is stronger and he even got a new promotion to a management position at work (he works in marketing in Oregon).

I attribute all of his healing success to both the healing/protective energy of the Akaija AND to the fact that when Christine visited me at Christmas time and I gave her ‘my’ Akaija…I then began to wear the bigger Akaija myself until the time when Nick came to visit me in June.
I took it right off of myself and put it on him and he’s been wearing it ever since.

Amazing! Miraculous!

I just had to let you know! 🙂

He’s been back to his good old self taking long walks, climbing the hills of Oregon, and he even did some water-skiing without any pain AT ALL!

With both your gifts and Marianne’s loving healing energies – the work that you both do IS MAKING A MIRACULOUS DIFFERENCE! xoxoxo

Later addition

His back problem came from a DNA – heritage – type of situation (his Dad has it, his Grandfather on his Dad’s side has it) and yet…Nick is healing so completely. So, there is something even more miraculous going on!! Maybe it’s not for us to totally understand, just a marvelous sign, from Nick’s story and others you have talked to, that miracles DO HAPPEN and we should just be grateful (and ohhh how grateful we are) accept the situation and pass on the GOOD NEWS! God sure does work in mysterious and miraculous ways! Amen, Amen, Amen! Namaste’!

Remark from Wim: She’s talking about a huge Akaija and her remark started something that about a year helped us to decide to build one. It isn’t in front of the White House (that’s a future plan :-), but in the backyard of the Kremlin, in Siberia. The full report of these hectic few days in some remote site in Siberia can read/downloaded here: Summer’s solstice with a big Akaija in Arkaim.