Debbie – USA

In 2022, we got a very special review from a woman, Debbie from the USA. In 2016, hundreds of 5G antennas were installed in her residential area near New York City. Some time later, she began to develop symptoms that she could only attribute to the placement of the 5G antennas. Debbie had a very severe reaction. Like Linda, her life was severely impacted, much to the despair of herself and her family. She became a 5G activist ( to prevent 5G from ruining the lives of even more people – an almost impossible undertaking, since billions are at stake.

When we read her story, we decided to write to her and offered her a free Akaija.
I recognized Linda’s story in hers. Expecting that she would have an electron spin inversion, I advised her to neutralize it first after receiving the Akaija. Her response was disappointing: she had no confidence in it because she had had many similar offers of tools that claimed to protect against EMR before and they had not worked. The only thing that could convince her, she wrote, would be lower readings on her radiation meter.

That was in August 2019, but early this year 2022, I received a new message from her asking if our offer was still valid. Also, she ordered an Akaija herself. So we sent her two.
A few weeks later, we received the first of a long series of emails from her. Here is a brief summary of what happened to her.


A summary of her experiences, Summer 2022.

In 2016, many hundreds of antennas began to be added to my town for better wireless service. About 2 years later, I began experiencing symptoms that I strongly felt were related to these antennas. 

I found myself searching for a solution to feel better. I was very skeptical that any pendant might protect me from wireless radiation. I alway say, “If you can’t see a difference on a meter, then it can only provide a false sense of security which does more harm than good”.

Well, I have found an exception to my own rule. Here is the story…

Back in August, 2019, I received an email from a man in the Netherlands. His name is Wim. Because I was involved in some activist work to try and stop the incoming of more of these antennas, he was able to find my e-mail address online. He told me had something he thought could help me. When I found out it was a pendant, I had no interest even though he wanted to send it to me for free. I politely declined.

Fast forward three years, I’m going through my old emails this past winter and deleting them when I came across his again. I reread it and I became curious, so I did an Internet search with his name and found this interview.

Interview about the Akaija in Poland for the Polish Magazine Nieznany Swiat (

After watching, I had tears in my eyes because I felt very moved by the sincerity of these people. I also loved the story, even though I knew it was a good story to sell pendants! Anyway, I reached out to him and asked if he wouldn’t mind sending me one of these Akaijas because I had seen the interview and I now felt more open to trying it. I also bought an additional one, in case it worked, for my daughter.

Two and a half weeks later, they arrived in the mail in perfect little boxes.

Of course, I still really didn’t believe that a piece of jewelry could help me to feel better. I also knew that I really had nothing to lose, because I had been quite a mess for the last few years. The weight of the new “Covid world”, combined with my exposure to wireless radiation was taking a toll on me. I felt stuck in every way, like I was constantly swimming against a current and going nowhere. I was tired often. I felt sad to even wake up in the morning, defeated, depressed. I had anxiety on and off which was horrible. After watching the video of Wim, the creator of the Akaija who struck me as deeply honest and sincere, I found myself giving it a try. Without any faith in it, I began to wear the Akaija. The design was so beautiful that whether or not it would help me in some mysterious way, I enjoyed wearing it.

After about a week, I began to feel different. Of course, at first, I thought it was just a coincidence. Or maybe placebo effect?? 

By the end of a two week period, I knew deeply that something incredible was happening to me.

I became optimistic and I felt more alive than I had in years. In fact, my energy became boundless at times. I was smiling almost all of the time! I noticed an incessant clarity of thought and this ability to approach situations with newfound wisdom. I felt stronger, brighter, and protected.

There is so much more, but the very best part was that I felt free from any worries.  Before, not a day ever went by in which I wouldn’t worry about something. Now, it was like the heaviest weight in the world was lifted off my shoulders. I bought one for everyone in my family, and I woke up feeling happy every day!

Akaija Bold Silver

Now, months later, I am forever grateful for this beautiful healing tool that has changed my life. I still feel so good! And many people I love have had very good reactions too! Not everyone has an intense reaction like I have had, but at the very least, I believe we can use this for some protection. It works by increasing our own energy field so that we are brighter and stronger.

I now feel it is my urgent purpose to bring the Akaija from the Netherlands to the USA. It was created 20 years ago, and there are tens of thousands of these in Germany, Russia, Netherlands, but so few know about them in America. There are even BIG ones throughout the Netherlands. These are made of stainless steel, they are 6 feet tall and protect large areas! It is my vision to eventually have these at some local parks.

So, I have begun distributing Akaijas! I believe they can help so many people who feel like I felt.

On Wim’s website, this page explains how the Akaija came about. Or you can just watch the video above.

My website is and this link will bring you to the “more info” page so you can read about how the Akaija came about and how it works.