Blue Star

Deceived by a voice

This painting started in 2003 as an assignment from a clairvoyant man, who hadn’t realised until recently what gifts he had. Unexperienced clairvoyants are an easy and wanted prey for evil forces and so was he. He encountered some very nasty experiences with a voice telling him he would become a very important man, but only if he did obey this voice and follow any instruction precisely. This resulted in some horrible experiences, but in the end he woke up, realising that the road he followed was truely a dark road (see ‘Two Roads‘) leading to nowhere but trouble.

Guardian angel

Suddenly he realised that his true loving guardian angel had never left him and now finally was able to reach him. His life changed and his gifts as a clairvoyant opened and now could use them to help other people, which he’s doing ever since.
One day his guardian angel suggested him to contact me, saying that I only needed his name to be written down on a piece paper as a reminder and that one day in the months ahead I would make a painting for him.
Well, it was 2003 and to be honest I had just begun realising that my own guardian angel(s) inspire me in my painting and I hoped I could live up to this expectation. But a few months later I indeed made a painting. Below you see the result.

Blue Star

The heart is opened

Something strange happened during the proces of painting. I had completed much of the background vertical veils when suddenly I made a wrong move with a filled cup of paint. I use an airbrush for painting and on top of the airbrush there’s a small amount of ink in a reservoir. A big drop of this ink fell on the painting destroying hours of work in a split  second. Quickly I took the paint away, but the damage was done and I faced hours of repairing. I hate it when this happens and I always need to pull myself together again after such a stupid action. But then I thought: “Why not make use of it?”

And so I transformed the ugly spatter into a bright big star. That change of course initiated a series of alterations resulting in the painting as you can see now.

In short… this painting tells a story of a terrible event being transformed into an Lesson of Love. I experienced this mildly when I spilled the ink and made the decision to use it for a change of course, not staying angry at myself spoiling my own day.
The same counts for the real thing in life. The heart you see is struck by a star, tearing it open, but now that the heart is open it is ready to show all the colours that are in it.

When the man came round for his painting he sat down on the cough (with his back to the painting) telling what he had experienced recently, and he described that the night he came to realise his mistake, he had seen really strange thing twice in just a couple of minutes (maybe only visible for clairvoyants’ eyes): a swift moving blue star outside the window, describing exactly the same orbit as the blue star you see in this painting…

Blue Star is available as postcard or as poster in various sizes on the webshop.