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Neutralize a… ‘spin-inversion’ ?

The Akaija protects people against electro-magnetic force fields (EMF). That has even been scientifically proven. Though the tests were very smallscale (we didn’t have the means for anything else), the results were impressive. Current scientific insights may not accept what is written below (yet)… but please hear me out and feel yourself if this answer makes sense to you. It was written in response to an email from someone living in the USA mentioning she’s very sensitive to EMF, people not understanding her when she tells that she can even feel energy fields around cell phones, wireless devices, high-voltage power lines, etc etc.

So this is what I replied, as her problem is not on its own. Countless numbers of people are suffering from this, and often are ridiculized by many medical institutions, sceptics, doctors, scientists and other people not listining to their hearts, but only to their ratio. To them I would like to say: please use both! Your Heart and your Ratio.

>>> Yes… that’s the problem often. People don’t see anything wrong about you, you look fine, act normal, so what can be wrong? And when you say you can feel EMF’s they say that you’re mental or at least they might think you are, as everyone uses cell phones and governments say that there’s nothing wrong, that  they are proven to be safe etc etc. I’ve heard an alternative and very experienced therapist sigh one day: EMF-related complaints might well grow to be Health Complaint Number 1 very soon. He reads lots of magazines and has seen many patients with this problem.

As you are sensitive to EMF there’s something you should know and that might (temporarily) help. It’s about reversing the spin-inversion. I don’t know if you have heard about ‘electron-spin-inversion‘ before, so maybe my words are unnecessary. But let me explain…

My love Marianne is a practicioner Biophoton-Therapy, using a special kind of electro-acupuncture. In her therapy treating patients with EMF-related complaints is quite common and her therapy has proven to be very succesful. For sure other therapies can be successful too, but I don’t know them all. For that you might want to visit Giligan Joy’s website about electrical sensitivity (link below this text). Many people in Europe are suffering from this. Because of Marianne coming into my life with her therapy (and the device that she uses), we started experimenting with my artwork (jewellery and paintings) seeing what influence it could have on her measurements with this device. That’s how one day we discovered the working of the Akaija.

Electron-spin-inversion usually occurs due to a combination of two factors: an already weakened energy system in combination with an electro-magnetic-forcefield that’s strong enough to overpower the person’s energyfield (or biofield). By the way… the Akaija was inspired by my deceased love Linda who was struck by lighting way back in 1983 while driving her car, and ever since she had increasing symtoms like chronic fatigue. She was very strong and energetic at that time, but a lightning strike is far too powerful for any person’s energyfield. During her lifetime ever after we’ve never found a remedy against this, not until a few months before her death in 2001, when Marianne for the first time came in our life knowing and telling the cause. Alas Linda was far too ill then to get better from the cancer she had developed, but that’s another story.

An electron-spin-inversion can now easily be neutralized by a short treatment with Marianne’s device. Should you be interested to know about a practioner in your neighborhood, please go to our links page for therapists who value the Akaija for its working.
Apart from neutralizing the spin-inversion, one’s energyfield needs to be strengthened, and because people suffering from it usually have developed chronic fatigue, allergies, over-sensitivities, etc… so their energy fields get weaker over time.
That’s where the Akaija comes in, supporting the energyfield and preventing the electron-spin-inversion from occuring again.

By the way… the Akaija is also used by many therapists during the short treatment against the spin-inversion. They used to take a droplet of blood, put it in the circuit of the therapy device, started a special program called ‘electron-spin-inversion-treatment’ while the patient holds 2 glass electrodes, wait 1,5 minutes, maybe repeat it just to be sure, and the spin-inversion is gone. At least for the moment.
And in the meantime they can start treating the patient’s other complaints.
But as long as a spin-inversion remains present, most of those patients are more or less therapy-resistent: medications and therapies have no or little effect, and in severe cases medications might even work adversely. This I’ve seen with Linda while she had cancer: painkillers caused pain to starts with, and sometimes then worked a little, but only for one or two hours the most. That was hell on Earth for her I can tell. So I’m sure that Linda inspired me to make the Akaija because she knows/knew exactly what so many people like you are now going through.

After the treatment wearing the Akaija is a very good means to prevent the electron-spin-inversion from occuring again.

So after you receive the Akaija (but you can try it out now too of course) it’s advised to try to neutralize the spin-inversion yourself by this simple technique:
1. Stand straight up on your feet.
2. Visualise yourself firmly grounded, connected to the Earth. For example: visualize a lightning rod from your base deep into the Earth.
Don’t spent minutes trying to visulise this, feeling unsure if you’re doing it right. Just think of that lightning rod (or whatever connection you’re thinking of being there, make no problem of it. Make fun while visualizing if you like, whatever :-).
2. Then place your right foot left of your left foot, toes pointing forward.
3. Stretch your arms in front of you, right arm over left arm, so that your handpalms face each other and let them touch each other.
4. Fold your fingers and move your folded hands downwards and bring them up close to your chest.
This is a funny position, and children often make fun with that, but don’t worry about it. You’re crossing your energy pathways this way and that’s what’s needed.
5. Now try to make a little space between your wrists and your chestbone.
6. Visualise good energy there in that space (bright-white energy, love-energy, pure energy, give it a name as long as it’s positive), which is powered by your heart energy field.
7. Then for example visualise a small white feather being moved on your breath between your heart and your wrists. Now breath through this visualised energy point just in front of your heart. Visualise that your heart powers your breath through this space.
7. Do that for 1 or 2 minutes, and repeat it a few times during the day. But don’t overdo it, that’s not necessary.

Chances are that you immediately after feel a little relieved, or a little better, stronger maybe.

What (hopefully) happened is that your gave yourself a boost of energy this way, which was needed to temporarily overrule the (possible) present spin-inversion.

Another way to achieve this might be going on vacation in a EMF-free, stressfree, enjoyable environment, supposedly somewhere in nature, where you feel comfortable, nice, happy, loving and/or be-loved, and so on. That too gives you energy (and much more! :-), but often this is hard for people to do, to pay for, to make time for, etc etc…

But the problem remains… as soon as you get back in the world of EMF, stress, problems, time-pressure, deadlines, all people, cellphones, emails, busy home situations, asking your attentionetc… the spin-inversion comes back as soon as you enter an EMF field that’s strong enough to overpower your own energy field.
But… when your energy levels have risen enough during the time you were free of the spin-inversion, then you’ll be stronger and better suited to withstand stronger EMF than before. That’s where the Akaija comes into play!

While wearing the Akaija… your energy field remains strong, because that’s the working of the Akaija!! So we advise to wear the Akaija in the first weeks as much as possible, especially during day time, so your energy field is allowed to gain strength again. And… get rid of all electronic devices in your sleeping room!!! You should sleep with no electric equipment around you. Put you cellphone at least 2 metres away. In earlier days there was one phone… somewhere downstairs. That was enough, wasn’t it?

I hope you can make use of it. Good luck!! And if you have time and energy… I would love to hear about your experiences with the Akaija.

Love, Wim