Marianne Agterdenbos was born on 8 October 1951. She and Wim are the loving force behind Akaija & Art. Marianne trained at CALO (an academy for physical education, like sports) in Arnhem and became a physical education teacher, expecting to be a teacher for many years. But sometimes life has something else in store…

After being a teacher for two years, she had an accident with her moped one evening after visiting one of her students at home. She had to brake at a crossroads and at that moment both brake cables broke (at the same time) and she collided with a car. She “accidentally” landed on the road in front of a doctor’s house. A bus had to brake with all its might and came to a halt 3 metres in front of her.

Fortunately, the accident was not very serious – she had not even broken anything – but her two cruciate ligaments of the right knee were torn. At that time in the 1970s, the prospects for successful knee surgery were very slim. The knee ligaments did not heal optimally. As a result, she could no longer demonstrate many gymnastic exercises.


She got married and had three children: Femke, Peter and Lianne, and (not surprisingly) her hands were full. Then she went to work for an insurance company in Apeldoorn, Centraal Beheer.

In the nineties she experienced a difficult time in her life when she developed a severe form of Candida, which was not treatable for the time being. She tried everything to get out of this difficult situation, became a Reiki Master and completed a training course.

She also began to sing in the shower. Not songs, but sounds, overtones and her own word creations. She let it happen and then sometimes it seemed as if she was exorcising spirits like the Siberian or Indian shamans do. And who knows, maybe that was her in a previous incarnation too.

Gradually she became interested in regenerative, sugar-free nutrition and related therapies. In 2000 she decided to start a new training with a biophoton device, a specific kind of bio-electro-acupuncture or bioresonance therapy. Her device had a wonderful name: Health Angel. It was not easy to master, but during the years of training, she and Nico IJff, a colleague friend of hers, spent a lot of time perfecting the measurement technique. Later, she bought a follow-up device: the StarLight.

One day in autumn 2001 she received a call from an experienced therapist who had bought the same device as her and whom she had met on one of the training days, Hans Hoogeveen from Putten (Central part of the Netherlands). He had recently been called by Wim, whose wife Linda was very ill, he said. He himself had no time to treat her at home and asked if she wanted to treat Linda. The miracle was, this woman lived only a few hundred metres away from her.

Her inner question was: am I ready for this?
It was a daring step to treat a woman with severe cancer. She had good knowledge of the human body through her traomomg as a sports teacher. But she hesitated… Where should I start? What responsibility will I have? Can I take on this treatment? I have just started! How do I have to …?

But Wim and Linda had chosen an unusual way, had left the hospital completely out of the equation and Hans said he would be on hand to advise her and provide extra medication if necessary. She felt safe with this promise and decided to treat Linda.

What many therapists had not achieved, she did. Through her loving, non-judgemental attitude she won Linda’s trust. Through everything Linda and Wim had experienced during their illness, they learned that unconditional love for people is the most important source of healing. Marianne was blessed with this.

Until 2020, Marianne worked as an independent therapist at a complementary medicine centre in Apeldoorn. Today she works on her own account with biophoton therapy and NAET, an effective technique for eliminating allergies that was developed from acupuncture.

Marianne and Wim have lived together for many years with the loving approval of Linda, see also Linda’s CV.

The logo for her practice ‘Marisun’ was created by Wim without knowing her personal shamanic background at the time. It shows the name ‘Marisun’ in special symbols. This is the first painting that Wim made after Linda’s death in 2001, which proves her empathy.


The rainbow in the energy spiral shows the light frequencies used in biophoton therapy. The constellation contained in it is Aquila, eagle. For the Native American medicine man, the eagle’s feathers contain the greatest power of the Holy Father or the Great Spirit, the connection with the Divine.

And so she feels… like an old shaman in a new time, using modern equipment, but with the same goal as the medicine man… to alleviate suffering, to help people find their path to healing. Not by looking only at the illness, but at the whole person: Body, mind and soul. Where does the illness come from? What is the root cause?

The intimate shamanic chanting that she started in the nineties has become a wonderful form of sound healing for herself and others that reaches every cell of the body (quote from a patient). When she receives clients who are open to it and can engage with it, she sometimes sings for them in this special, healing way. It seems as if her voice is being taken over by an ancient shaman. During a workshop weekend by Jonette Crowley (author of the book “The Eagle & the Condor”) in 2009, she suddenly realised during a special meditation where her singing comes from. During the meditation Marianne had been in contact with a group of ancient beings from all cultures and times on planet Earth, who call themselves the Soul Singers of Nature. And they said that Marianne is one of them …. a soul singer indeed… for humans. What a gift! Afterwards she was very emotional and felt that she had found herself. This feeling gave her a lot of self-confidence, the self-esteem she had been looking for all her life.

What is very special is that she can measure the result of her singing immediately. The Biophoton device and the NAET method show her the effect immediately, like a medication. But more importantly, she hears more and more approval from people like: “Your treatment works, I feel much better now.” or “What you have achieved with your singing has helped me so much that I cannot describe it. I am myself again!”

Visit, her website (Dutch language).