Mission and Vision

This page describes how Akaija & Art is guided by the heart. This results in a different approach of running a business in a new evolving world in which old values like money, competition, warfare are replaced they real values: happiness, love, freedom, honesty, oneness.

Akaija & Art mission statement, basic concepts, vision, protection

Life work and life vision

Central in this text is the Universal Concept of the Akaija, meaning that its shape as well as its message ‘We are One’, including all other art made by and named as ‘Akaija & Art’.

The Akaija, as well as all other symbols and paintings made by Akaija & Art, came into existence through inspiration by, and with help from, the unseen world that is known by different names like Heaven, Hereafter, Divine Light World, Other Side, Angels Realm, Spirit World and many other names. In the text below we will refer to it as the Spirit World. By using this name we refer to purity, honesty, Love, openness, freedom, living from the heart, etc, which we regard as the basic fundaments on which the Akaija-project is built.

We have made it our life’s work to bring the Universal Concept of the Akaija into the world, with the thought that the Akaija-energy and its message ‘We are One’ should be made available to everyone. We are aware that in these matters we are in co-operation with the Spirit World, without denying our own responsibility. We are always to be held responsible for our actions and can and will never suggest that we act on behalf of the Spirit World.

We consider this as a task given to us by the Spirit World knowing that ‘They’ consider us well equipped for this task. We, on our turn trust that we are guided and guarded in every detail to bring the Akaija, its message and all that comes with this, into the world.

To accomplish this, co-operartion with other people is advisable and even necessary. In the future we will increasingly be involved in new developments regarding the Akaija and we will need time and space to do so, while other people will work on the many other tasks regarding this project.


Part of this project is to protect the Akaija, the message, its meaning and working.

Protecting the Akaija will be done by approaching all businesses intuitively from the heart. It’s our task to safeguard that the Intention always finds it origin in the heart. Because of wrong intentions (like making money just for the sake of money, which is the common way businesses are run in the presentday society, or other such intentions) we risk losing the support of the Spirit World, which may result in loss of the working of the Akaija, which would undermine, if not destroy our life’s work. This we can’t allow at any cost, which is the reason that the Akaija needs to be guarded/protected.


Setting up and signing contracts is, in our opinion, unnecessary because all comes from the heart.

If, for obvious reasons, transparant contracts need to be set up, we can agree to this, but also in that case we consider such a contract, just like every other agreement regarding the Akaija, a heart-based contract with the Universe. From the people involved we expect they will understand that all agreements basically are personal agreements with the Universe. This means that, among others, all administration has to be transparant and honest, to us, to our co-workers, and also to rule-enforcers of the involved countries.

Not only will new developments continue to take place, but also we will increasingly contact people from all over the world to help us realize and support the Akaija-project. From all these people we expect that their their actions/intentions come from their heart and that they support the Universal Concept of the Akaija.

We don’t give any concrete promises during meetings. Instead we will take note of all suggestions and proposals, take them home with us so we can tune in to see if the proposed suggestions can be effectuated. If necessary we will consult other people who can advise us to make the right decisions.

This means that we will always be in charge regarding all steps to be made by others, meaning that no action should be undertaken without us allowing it. This is necessary to keep an overview. This may result in taking smaller steps and that some things will not go as fast as some might find desirable.

Marketing the Akaija

Because the goal is to make the Akaija-energy worldwide accessible, the generating of money is of secondary importance, but at the same time necessary to keep going. This creates a dualistic situation asking from everyone, us involved, to be keen and to ‘be on guard’ at every moment, to keep the intention by which decisions are made pure.

As soon as ‘making profit’, ‘personal affairs’ or other influences become the main force behind decision-making, be they conscious or unconscious, the Universal Concept of the Akaija may be infected and put into danger and this should be prevented at all cost.

This means that no one should take important actions when we have not given our allowance to do so. This is of utmost importance because everything needs to be PURE; the timing, the way things are done, the intention of those involved, etc etc. Under certain circumstances this may result in partial or even total withdrawal of certain steps/decisions.

However we know that we are all humans and that anyone can make mistakes. We consider such mistakes to be moments of education and, given the fact that we handle them well, such mistakes may even contribute to the project instead of undermining it.

Co-operation with others (distributors, retailers, magazines, therapists, etc)

At all times are we are the ones in charge when important steps need to be taken. This is necessary because we know which processes are taking place in the background (new developments, agreements, etc). Therefore we have to be able to tune in, and time to do so, to see which people can and will be able to support the Akaija-project from their heart.

From everyone who is involved in the Akaija-project we expect:
– that they will (try to) work from their heart and that they totally agree with the Universal Concept of the Akaija.
– to have patience and willingness to take smaller steps then sometimes seems appropriate
– open communication and willingness to cooperate
– to be responsible for their own actions
– that they try to understand to learn the typical energy of the Akaija and that they will continue to do so

Just as we expect this from others this may also be expected from us.

This text is not final and can change in due course of time. It is our attempt to say in words what is originating from our Heart. Because words never can replace the original impulse from the heart, we expect from everyone for whom this text is intended, that they will at least try to understand what’s written ‘between’ the lines and act accordingly.

Wim Roskam & Marianne Agterdenbos

 This text is partly inspired by the book ‘The Society in 2015’, by Christoph Fasching.