The spiritual original of this painting is with Linda. The earthly painted version is now with Eliza White Buffalo, a woman with a project for the world: Two Roads.

Rose – Beyond the Ice and the Fire
To let you know that you’re not forgotten

My art is made through inspiration from the Spirit World, but I’m no psychic: I can neither see the ones who inspire me, nor speak to them. Usually I get a impulse like to love to make something new, or a ‘feeling’ a new concept, and while working I slowly see the project develop, sometimes taking a totally different course then I first thought it would be. That’s how the Akaija started. And that’s how Faith began. But Faith was just the start of a much much bigger project, which I soon was to find out.

This painting started different. I believe it was Spring 2010, when we were consulting Loes van Loon, a well known psychic in the Netherlands who has written several outstanding books about the Spirit World and who’s agenda is always fully booked. Her messages are so accurate and so loving and direct that it’s unwise to ignore them. And of course Linda, my deceased love, is always present, happy to speak to me and to my other love Marianne, who’s still alive. Yes, I’m a lucky duck!

At one moment during the conversation Loes told me that Linda had a special request for me. “Normally,” Loes said, “you get an impulse from the Spirit World to start something new. But this is different,” she said.  “Linda now asks me… to ask you… if you will make a painting for her.”

Well, of course! With pleasure I thought, and that was what I answered.

Rose (schets Loes)Loes explained that this painting would be about a rose. A very special rose, because it had to be made in a special way… as if this rose would be given from the Spirit World to those watching the painting. It’s a gift from the Hereafter for all those souls who are desperate, lonely, feeling as if they are forgotten by the world, reminding them that they are never forgotten by the loved ones in Spirit. Loes even made a rough sketch. She added that Linda had called for help from other spirits to guide me through the process of painting.

Written below the sketch are written a few words in Dutch, “ik geef je verheldering’, meaning so much as: I will make things clear to you, I’ll give you clarification.

Of course I was happy with this ‘assignment’ from Linda. But I wondered… why did she have to ask me through Loes? Why not the usual way? If it was meant to be, then I would make this painting anyway. So why all the fuss? But then, Loes had said countless things before, stunningly accurate and incredibly precise… So if ‘they’ now act in this strange way, then they certainly have a reason to do so.

Some time after that I wanted to paint, but I found it difficult to work on this one, afraid to do ‘it’ wrong. What Linda had accomplished this time, by telling me beforehand about its goal, adding that she had even asked guidance from a famous painter in Spirit, was me… getting very nervous. :-).

Below you see a few stages of the painting-process.Rose 2

Rose 1

Rose 3

I started in Spring 2010, occasionally continueing the painting, but when in autumn 2010 I still wasn’t happy about the proceedings I started wondering if I had done it all wrong. And I didn’t feel like going on. A couple of months later, in February 2011, we met a woman on internet: Eliza White Buffalo, a psychic and an author, with a special message to the world that she was telling through her story… She sent us her book: Two Roads.

Two Roads coverBorn with amazing paranormal abilities, Rose survives her terrible life with the help of her spirit guide, Black Elk. Using his world renowned vision of spiritual truth, Black Elk teaches Rose who she really is and the divine purpose of her life, Transforming it into one of unbelievable joy… Lissy was born in a hen shed, torn from her 13 year old mother Rose, and secretly adopted. Having traced her birth mother’s identity, she uncovers a heart wrenching secret which propels her forwards on her journey of self discovery…Featuring past life regression, astral travel and spirit communication, The Two Roads is an incredible dark to light story of survival that teaches us all how to transform our lives through our shamanic nature.

Eliza White Buffalo is a psychic channel for a famous Lakota holy man, Nicholas Black Elk. Black Elk has been teaching Eliza, all her life, how to be happy and live in truth. Now, through the Two Roads Trilogy, they are bringing that teaching into the world.

Everybody is good, says Black Elk… evil only exists in our darkest imagination.

To say the least… I was very much impressed by her book, so I’ve written a review on Amazon:

“Though English isn’t my native language I’ve read this book from start till end in just a few days. I’m was deeply impressed by Rose, and by the incredible and beautiful story that is presented in this book.
As I’m an author myself I know by experience the reluctance of publishers to publish spiritual novels like this one. They rather publish educational books instead, with pictures, schemes, results from research and testimonials to support it all.
But Eliza, together with Nicholas Black Elk, proof with this book that this kind of information can’t be teached by presenting a documentary text, summarizing facts and concepts. Because how do you teach… Love? To make a reader really understand the true meaning of such transformation processes, it’s needed to immerse him or her in it, so the moments of desperation and joy are shared with Rose. Only then one slowly starts understanding what’s really going here on a deep soul level.
Rose’s experiences are unique by the intensity of them, but in a way we all undergo such processes, and so often we then cry out to the Heavens above why this is happening to us! Eliza and Nicholas Black Elk give you an answer, not by simply telling you the answer, but by letting you experience it yourself. That way you’ll never forget it, because it becomes part of you. In my eyes that’s what makes this book so very special, combining education with a thrilling story.
Eliza… thank you so much for living your life, and sharing it with us!!”

When Marianne started reading the book she needed only a few pages before saying: “I know who the painting it meant for!”
“Well?” I asked, wondering what she had discovered, that I obviously had overlooked.
“What name uses Eliza in her book?” Marianne asked.

O my God…! Indeed!! It’s Rose!…
And the painting was already called ‘Rose’.
Suddenly I understood at least one part of what Linda wanted to tell me. The painting Rose is her gift to all the people in the world who are in despair and who feel very alone, because of whatever reason. And Rose in particular would understand this. Linda might even have a special connection to Eliza, we both assumed.


As a subtitle I added “Beyond the Ice and the Fire”, a few words from Loreena McKennit’s song ‘Dante’s Prayer’, a song that has been extremely supportive to me in the years after Linda died.

Then the mountain rose before me
By the deep well of desire
From the fountain of forgiveness
Beyond the ice and fire

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

In August 2011 Marianne and I went to Nothern Ireland, to meet Eliza and her family, to give her this painting. She didn’t know about it and when we gave it she was… well… more than amazed. :-). It’s always nice to make new friends, but this friendship started in a very strange, but beautiful way. But we weren’t prepared for the much deeper meaning of us being connected this way, because while we were there, Eliza started talking about her mission, telling about the Two Roads…

Note… In September 2015, after about 4 years, we had another chance to talk to Loes, the psychic in the Netherlands. She said that Linda, wherever she ‘lives’ in Spirit, has this painting in her ‘home’ now. That sounds a bit earth-like, but I don’t know how to say it differently.

So the original painting was made for Linda and she has the reproduction (or is that the true original!?) in her… home in Spirit.
The earthly version, the one that I painted, is with Eliza.

Reproductions of Rose can be ordered from our webshop (canvasses and photoprints).