The Akaija was created as an image in 2002. In 2005 Wim made an object based on the image and after that it became a jewel. We were also given the name ‘Akaija’. This marked the start of Akaija & Art. The Akaija symbol is based on the number 5, but we already knew almost immediately that a new symbol would  come one day that would be based on the number 6 …. the Chram..

History of the Chram
Arkaim Akaija omringd door Russen
Solstice with the big Akaija in Arkaim, Russia

In 2014, after publication of an article about the Akaija in the Polish magazine Nieznany Świat, we came into contact with the Russian magazine Oracul and also in this magazine articles about the Akaija were published. Chief editor Olga invited us to come to an old Russian sacred power site, just beyond the Urals: Arkaim (Аркаим). This was during the 2014 Solstice. We had a 2 meter large Akaija with us. You can read the report of this trip here.


Because of a curious coincidence we met a man named Akay (Marianne literally bumped into his group :-)). That name is remarkable, because if you say in Russian: “I am Akay”, then you pronounce it as “Ya Akay” (Я Акай), but Russians also turn it around: “Akay am I”, written as “Акайя” and pronounced “Akaija”.

A conversation with him, his circle of friends and a year later at his home, taught us that he occupies a special position in the Russian province of Altai, known to many by Siberian shamanism, not to mention the popular bestselling books about Anastasia by Vladimir Megre.

Akay (Sergei) got his (shaman) name Akay during a unique meeting of shamans in the heart of the Altai. That happened in the same year 2005 that we got the name Akaija for what we then still called a ‘reversal symbol’.

zeshoek Altai

We invited him to a shamanistic world congress in Munich (sponsored by the Austrian firms Aquarius and Lebe Natur) and there he told about his mission as representative of the original Altai people and shamanism, in which White Faith plays a key role. That is not religion and not even a ‘faith’, but rather a way of life that refers to the Essence of our existence on Earth and our connection with the invisible world, where everything, even mountains and rivers, is inspired or as we say in Dutch language ‘bezield’ (has a soul). In fact you then talk about We are One (= akaija).

The Altai is located in the south of Russia at a crossroads of 4 major countries and of the 4 major world religions. Akay said that the symbol of the Altai is a blue 6-angle hexogon with a yellow circle in the middle and he then asked if it was possible that there would be a symbol similar to the one like the Akaija, but based on the number 6. Apparently now the time had come to start working on this symbol, which had been in the planning for a long time. Now this new jewel is not a successor to the Akaija, but should be considered as another step in the circle of life, where every step is essential. Also, the Chram is not the symbol or logo of the Altai. The Chram stands alone, but obviously there is an important connection to the Altai. At the moment we don’t know yet what Akay thinks of it. As we don’t speak Russian, communication is still difficult.

Akaija-Chram explained in primordial sounds

Medium Lut van der Velde in Belgium receives a lot of information related to the Essenes, in which cosmic primordial sounds and the origin of languages ​​play a role. We have received a lecture from her about the Akaija as cosmic concept. The one who shared his knowledge through Lut called himself Jogrom, and he spoke about the Jogrom archives. He explained why his name was darkened from the original jubilant Jagram to the darker grumbling Jogrom. That had to do, among other things, with observing too long, waiting and not acting, so that ‘the Force’ 🙂 was slowly lost until there was almost nothing left of it. It was not literally so expressed, but we got the impression that we also have responsibility in that process. This lecture gave us the idea to consider the name Akaija-Chram (akai-jagram), as a goal to work towards, to revitalize the primal ‘jagram’ and to be worthy of this responsibility now. We now call this instrument the Chram, because it is a completely different form than the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa, but the link remains. With Akaija-Chram it is about the primordial sounds AA-KA-JA-GA-RA-AAM.

A stands for the universal, first breath.
KA is the world soul, the Great Consciousness that includes the ALL.
IJA/YA is central to Aka-IJa-Chram and is really a saying JA or YES: taking responsibility.
So you can translate the name ‘Akaija’ as: I say YES to the Great Consciousness, the Divine Guidance.
Remember that Akaija means numerically: We All are One.
CH / G or GA is the word, the indication of the creation laws.
RA is the fire.
AAM is the first breath again.

In summary, you could translate it as:

I say Yes to the Power of Great Consciousness and the Light and take responsibility …

… to create new life.

 With thanks to Lut van de Velde, who allowed Jogrom from the Melchizedek line to speak through her.

The Chram and the Kremlins of Russia

The Chram originates from the cube and from the egg, both important shapes in Sacred Geometry. The ball in the Chram is the Moon and the remaining space in the Chram is just big enough for the Earth. The word Chram is based on the Russian language and Akaija-Chram could be written as: Акайя-Храм, where Храм (pronunciation: ‘gra: m’ > Russians and Dutch people use a typical throat-sound for the ‘g’ or ‘ch’) means: temple or holy place. Russian Chrams are now mostly cathedrals, but the original meaning goes much deeper.

Everyone knows about the Kremlin at the Red Square in Moscow. That is where the government of Russia sits. Less known are the Kremlins of e.g. Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Pskov, Rostov, Smolensk, Astrakhan. Religious movements want to leave their mark on the Heart of a society and so it is not surprising that within Kremlins you will now find Russian orthodox churches. There are even four in the Moscow Kremlin! Possibly a Kremlin (кремль, pronounced ‘kreml’) in its original meaning was a Chram. The words are in any case closely linked. A Kremlin is originally the enveloped, sacred place of a community where people come together for ceremonies, rituals, performances, lectures, where being together in Love and contact with Spirit were central. These places are located on power places such as crosses of ley lines. Just like the pyramids of Egypt, China, South America, etc., the original Kremlins of Russia were built as a mirror of the starry sky, so we heard in Arkaim, which is said to be a Kremlin too. A Kremlin is always walled in to indicate the boundary, but that wall is not a fortress wall. That thought may come from people who are used to thinking in terms of Western European forts and castles with knights, moats and drawbridges.

If you talk about the Heart of a society (Heart with a capital letter), then you talk about Love and Love does not need an army for protection, because Love is not a possession and can not be stolen. Love is not a religion either. Within Kremlins, churches may be found, but originally these were temples, which is the name for the residence of the Soul. A Chram thus envelops the heart, the soul of a society or community. So your body is also a temple: your soul remains in your body and as long as you live on Earth that is your temple. For your kindness, copy these Russian characters Храм in your browser or translate the word ‘temple’ to Russian, so that you get Russian characters, and do an image-search. You will be amazed by the multitude of wonderfully beautiful buildings that you have never heard of before. You can also click on this link: show me image on Храм.

Working of the Chram
Chram voor-aanzicht

Again and again we hear from people that the Chram in the beginning is a powerful instrument to wear. He has a tendency to consciously raise awareness and work out unconscious traumas, pains and emotions that people sometimes have been burdening for years. These can be physical processes, but also things like anger, guilt, dissatisfaction, jealousy, grief, etc. The Akaija sometimes did this too but the Chram seems to be specialized in this.

Consider this process as cleaning yourself. If you want to enter a sacred place such as a Kremlin, cathedral, stone circle or similar sacred place, you would be wise to first cleanse your vibration before the visit on-site. Power places, on which ancient cathedrals are built, already provide this, because often there is an energetic cleaning place before a crossing of ley lines. By walking to the center via the ley line or via a labyrinth laid out for that purpose, you come across that spot. So you can be cleansed and only then can you come into resonance with the energy of the power place itself. That is not ‘must’, but a question of free will, with which you show respect. Of course you are free to do something or not. If you do not it is okay, but the resonance with the power station will be correspondingly less.
I used to think of such a cleansing as a kind of energy shower, but now I understand that you can better think of becoming aware of old patterns (pain, emotions, etc.) that have lost their function, but that can still burden you. That is what the Chram actually does. Accepting is part of the cleansing process, overcoming the obstacle in yourself.

The cathedraal van Chartres (F), met een van de mooiste
Chartres floor plan
Floor plan of the Chartres cathedral. Image source:

The Chram stands for creating new life. In preparation for a new creation, it is advisable to clean yourself, so that what you create can get the highest possible vibration. A child that is conceived in Love (with a capital L) will be able to develop his or her full potential more easily than children who did not get it. By that I do not mean to say that other children are less, certainly not. Perhaps they have chosen to develop their Love by the path of the most resistance. |After all, you will also find the oldest trees in the world in the most unlikely places.
With that in mind you may now understand the working of the Chram as a cleaner or, as medium Loes van Loon put it more expressively: slurper.
The working of the Chram can sometimes surprise people because we are not used to such a small object doing such things. Such a reaction does not have to last long, but can be serious. The Chram slurps away those old patterns. Despite the inconvenience that people may experience in the beginning, this is a good sign. But suppose you too are confronted with this, there is no harm in supporting this process with the following …


From Hawaii comes a traditional self-help method with the name: Ho’oponopono. It means: to correct what was wrong. People can be plagued by memories replaying in our subconscious. This prevents us from attuning or resonating to the Divine. You can not actually change other people. We can only do that ourselves. You only have control over yourself. This method helps you to change yourself. Strangely enough, only then you change something in the other person. Other people get room to respond to you differently, because you have changed.
So if there is a feeling that you experience as burdensome, repeat to yourself (not to ‘the other’ who may have played a role) … with that feeling as vivid as possible in you, these four sentences:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Repeat as often as possible.

This works very well when you are in bed and you have trouble falling asleep due to everything that goes through your mind. You will find that you fall asleep faster.

Example: Suppose you were dealing with anger about something that happened to you. That anger did not come naturally, there is a reason for that. Anger in itself is not negative! It is a form of pain, and pain is a sign that something is happening to you that you don’t want. It is a very human reaction. So you do not have to condemn yourself for being angry. But do not deny it either by thinking that you are insensitive to pain. Because then your anger may hide somewhere in you and will not be resolved. Where anger is, there is no room for more pleasant feelings.

If you then start using the Chram it may be so that you suddenly realize in the minutes, hours or days afterwards of being ‘inexplicably’ angry. When you tune-in to that feeling, then you may have to think about what made you so angry some time in the past. So now you are aware of the anger. The Chram helps you to accept and lose it, but you could support the cleansing process by repeating these phrases, allowing you to accept in the first instance that you are angry and that you are sorry. Then you forgive yourself that it there you were angry and what role you have played yourself in that situation. (for a fight there are always 2 or more parties needed), and you thank yourself for doing so. This creates room for Love

Maybe it doesn’t work at once, hence the repetition. And what also helps is this thought: Fake it till you make it! This is how children learn to grow up. You change, and you will notice that other people can respond to you differently. They too can change.

Clean the Cleanser

Like the Akaija, the Chram can be overloaded with “negative” energy. The Chram tries to remove them, but if the influx temporarily becomes too large, the Chram can not process / dissipate everything at once and stores that energy in itself. You can notice this because the protective, energizing effect of the Chram, which may have been strong in the beginning, has decreased. The cleansing effect of the Chram (making conscious of old traumas) is especially what you can experience in the beginning. After that the Chram will support / protect you to stay clean. Read the reactions of what people have experienced with the Chram further on.

Compare the over-loading with a bath, where the tap is wide open and where the stop is out. Water is added and at the same time water goes out, but the influx of water is greater than can be drained away via the drain. Chances are that the Chram in such a case no longer looks beautiful and has become dull, even black. You can even feel that you do want to get rid of the Chram, want to take it off. What happens then is that the surplus negative energy (which was yours 🙂 ) can not go away and is returned to yourself, and that does not feel pleasant.

What helps is cleaning the Chram (just like the Akaija). A polishing cloth with silver polish is fine to start with, but that alone is not enough. The inside of the ‘wires’ must also be cleaned and you do not get along well with a polishing cloth. It is best to use an old lace or cord (no rough rope!). Add some silver or copper polish and carefully pull the cord through each of the Chram’s arches. The ball can and may rotate, but you do not have to use force. Let the polish with the cord do the work and not your arm strength, otherwise you bend the rod to which the ball and the eye are attached. If you then find your Chram looking beautiful and attractive again, then you have done well. A silver bath as people sometimes use is not enough! The Chram is more than a jewel, and needs personal attention.

Normally, with most people who have not experienced exceptional things, this cleaning will not be necessary, but if you reacted strongly to the Chram in the beginning, you can assume that there is a lot of work to be done, so clean it thoroughly at least once a month.

A few experiences with the Chram

(The texts have been summarized)

Ruth: I do not experience it as protection against what comes from outside, such as e.g. electrosmog. However, something develops inside. I wear it in front of my heart chakra and get the feeling of a new space before the heart center in my aura, a space that only belongs to me and where foreign energy has no access. All my life I’ve been extremely sensitive to energies from outside and so I suspect help from the Chram to increase my heart energy field so that my love power and the great compassion can reach the other people fully, but without my heart energy being affected by this new space.

Jolanda (with an example how the Chram helps you to deal with your complaints differently and what effect that can have)

I started with a tough response to wearing the Chram. The first thing I felt was in my womb, and very strong. Then the energy shot through my whole body and at my feet. Strange experience! I also suffer from tremors (shaking). When I was started using the Akaija-Chram, the shaking started in all its intensity, it was terrible. The mistake I made before was to fight against it, but now I accepted it like “okay, let’s shake!” That has taken days, and it was really debilitating. Now it is quieter, and at times not at all. I do not take a pill for it anymore, so I’ve already won a lot and that’s an improvement! By throwing it open I take the pressure away for myself. And humor also helps. When I’m with my daughter, we can laugh at it together, and make jokes about it

Monique (with an example that if you change yourself, the world around you can do the same)

The Chram has made me aware that the situation in companies regarding ‘conscious behaviour’ is at an all time low. BUT … the people around me do not understand that I can show so much patience and always stay calm. (…) I am overwhelmed by how the Chram helped me to overcome this. And listen… ‘I’… an ordinary employee, who ‘exposes’ managers and ‘go to their knees’ to me???????? !!!!! And also in a very neat way, so it’s a mirror effect. (…)

Joyce (with an example that the Chram in some cases really needs to be cleaned)

The first few weeks I really felt SUPER good. I was full of energy and felt I could handle the whole world. Just great. Nobody could harm me! I also went to a medium that immediately noticed that I had a kind of shield around me.

What I did not immediately notice is that this feeling became less and less at a given moment and that I became tired again and also started to sleep badly, short-tempered in my reactions very quick and could become very irritated.

Then I started thinking about ‘what has happened here?’. My conclusion is that the Chram was over loaded, dirty and had to be cleaned. For myself, I now know very well how to handle it. And if he is clean he is really fantastic !!!

Some lectures of professional working mediums about the Chram
Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich

Toni Petrinovich is not a ‘channel’. As she says, she directly receives information from within the God Consciousness, which everyone can do if we open ourselves to it and dare to trust it. You can find her website here:
In 2006, we asked her about her insights about the Akaija (that reading from then be read here), she spoke about the Akaija as an instrument that brings the owner back into the birth blueprint. We did not understand that at first and we wondered what was meant by it.
But over the years her words proved extremely accurate.
Reading over de Chram, door Reverend Doctor Toni Elizabeth, 11 November 2017

This IS the Heart of God.

The remembrance within the human heart of its immersion within the Heart of God is frequently referred to as Cosmic Consciousness or the Mind of God.

What humanity is forgetting is that God, Source, All That Is (whatever you wish to call it) is One. There is no “mind” of God separate from the “heart” of God. All is one and the same.

Once a person begins wearing or even touches the Chram, the Higher Heart chakra opens wide and the anointed realization that some call the “Christos” becomes the focal point of life.

While the Chram itself appears to be “reaching” to the heavens in its shape and form, it is not necessary for this shape to be maintained for the Heart of God to be embraced. So, the Chram becomes a reminder to the wearer or someone who views it that he/she may reach to greater heights, so to speak, through remembering that the Heart of God is also the human heart.

For those wishing to begin receiving divine information from within Cosmic Consciousness, this “object” is the perfect tool. It remains always connected within the Heart/Mind of the Divine in such a way that its frequency aligns with the divine heart of the human using it.

There is no way that any use of the Chram may be misplaced or incorrect. Trusting its compliance within the Sacred Heart is a focused sense of confidence for the user and all those with whom he/she may come into contact.

It could easily be used to assist the user to experience every human being as divine, melded within the Holy Heart of the One Source of all life.

Suggestion is made that before the wearer puts it on or holds it in order to receive guided heart instructions of divine awareness, that he or she trace its length with the index finger of either hand to anchor within the mind the constant, infinite, flowing transmission of the One Love that the Chram carries within its structure.

The attributes of the Chram are easily seen and experienced as those most beneficial to the human divine awareness. For those actively living a spiritually-focused life, this “object” will become an awakening of that which will become second nature to him or her. For those not spiritually focused, this is a next step. This gift is the direct line of heart-centered communication with the Divine Heart/Mind that all of humanity yearns for and yet feels it may not ever find. It is NOW HERE!

Medium Lut van der Velde

The full text of the reading by medium Lut van de Velde (Jogrom speaking) can be found here.

Akaija-Chram, by Ruth Schaad, December 2017

Ruth Schaad is known in Switzerland for a book she wrote: ‘The Miracle of Hemberg’. She is extremely sensitive to radiation, EMF, etc. and her village Bächli-Hemberg in Appenzell had more than average problems regarding the harmful side effects of GSM antennas. The Swiss telecom organization Swisscom then contacted Professor Ibrahim Karim from Egypt and, with his knowledge of ancient Egypt architecture and his research through radiesthesia, he was able to harmonize the entire village, so people n ow no longer suffer from radiation there! This has been shown extensively on the Swiss TV. Ruth also used/uses the Akaija and immediately noticed that the Akaija is a great portable addition to what Dr. Karim had done in her village. Her experiences and insights about the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa resonate with our own insights, which is why we also asked her to try out the Chram. Below you can read her report about the Chram.

About the shape: In contrast to the Akaija and Akaija Iloa the Akaija-Chram has no spherical shape, but represents an ellipsoid.
In a sphere, the center has center qualities (qualities of a natural power place, explained by Professor Ibrahim Karim).
For an ellipsoid, e.g. an egg, the aura, the uterus etc … the whole content, the whole body consists of ‘midpoints’, i.e. the whole geometrical body, the whole egg, the aura, the uterus, etc … are in their entirety a place of power and also show its specific subtle qualities.

Trias / Trinity: In the Akaija-Chram the Trias/Trinity can be recognized, twice. Because three ‘loops’ come from above, three from below. When something comes out of the original light, the trinity, triad, trinity, arises. The three parts are inextricably linked with each other, indeed they interreact to each other.

There are countless triads. Here are two examples:

Beispiele Drei-Einheit
Chram with golden Moon

In the Akaija-Chram I also recognize the ORIGINAL-SEED from which body, soul, spirit arises. Of all three proportions, both the light (= conscious) side and the shadow (= unconscious) side are present. Thus, the Akaija-Chram represented man in an archetypal symbol shape as a whole. Through the endless loop – through which they are formed, creates a continuous interaction that requires a balance of all proportions and causes a holistic perception.

Hypothesis: It may beso  that the Akaija-Chram shows to the wearer that all three, or rather all six components, demand equal attention. This is also the ‘mandate of the Aquarian age’ for man.

Chram bottom view

My personal experience wearing the Akaija-Chram
I do not experience it as a protected object from something that comes from outside, such as Electrosmog.
It develops by carrying something inside: It comes to me thereby the image of the world ice, from which first the moon child, then the sun child etc … were born.
It creates a new space. I carry it in front of the heart center and I have the feeling of a new space in front of the heart center in my aura, a space that belongs to me to which no external energy inlet has.
Since I can barely protect myself against energies from the outside world, I suspect that Akaija-Chram helps to enlarge my heart field so that my love power and great compassion will reach the fellow human being in its fullness, but that my heart energy will not be affected by the new space.

Sincerely, Ruth.


The Chram is can be ordered on the webshop on this site.