Akaija Description

AkaijaThe Akaija is a piece of jewellery
Born of Love.
A cosmic design and healing tool created in co-creation with the Divine
The Message of ‘We’
The Akaija was given to Wim Roskam through inspiration, on a painting called ‘Aura Healer’, by his girlfriend Linda, after she died in 2001. It wasn’t until two years later, however, after he had become a silversmith, that he could produce the object in precious metals. In the meantime, he discovered that this object he created had several unexpected properties.

Linda was his partner for 18 years, and when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer they decided to not follow the advise of the surgeons, but to work on her healing using alternative methods. Now, this didn’t quite work out the way they had hoped. It was an exceptionally lonely path they took, with extreme pains and despair for over 14 months.

Aura Healer (painting 2002)

Likely because of this horrifying period, something changed in both Linda and Wim. Shortly before Linda died, she agreed that she would try and inspire Wim – if possible. What he never expected she would do was to incite him to become a silversmith, opening the way to create symbolic jewellery like the Akaija.

During the last months of her life Marianne had become Linda’s most important therapist. She visited Linda and Wim at home as Linda wasn’t able to travel any longer. Some time after Linda’s passing, Marianne became Wim’s new partner.

The name ‘Akaija’ was given at a later stage, being one of many. Linda’s mother, who had asked the Spirit World for a name, heard a voice in her head, calling: AKAIJA.

When the two of them searched the Internet for the meaning of ‘Akaija’, they ended up on the island Aneityum, of the Vanuatu island republic in the Pacific Ocean. On this island, there are six different expressions for ‘we’, depending on the number of people involved in a particular setting. ‘Akaija’ means ‘We’ in the largest sense of the word.

With ‘WE’ is meant: us together, we as a family, a village, and a nation, we as mankind… But we on Earth belong to a much bigger whole, so ‘WE’ also includes the Cosmos or Universe. And it doesn’t stop there: We, the ones who are now living as well as those in the Hereafter, regardless of past, present or future… we belong together.

When you analyse the name ‘Akaija’ in a numerological way, something strange is found: Every character in the alphabet stands for a number: the A stands for 1, B for 2, C for 3, etc. ‘Akaija’ has a rare combination of numbers: A=1, K=11, A=1, IJ (Y) = I+J = 9+10 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1, and A=1. One character splits into two numbers 1, and two characters (I+J) merge into one number 1 – fission and fusion. This way you get: 1 + 11 + 1 + 1 + 1, so six number ones. The 5th dimension (5 characters) upgrades to the 6th dimension (6 numbers). Six represents the planet Venus, and stands for Love. And funny enough … the moment Wim was noting this for the first time, he glanced at the clock on the computer: 11:11. Putting together these data (Akaija = We, and Akaija = 111111) a very clear and not to be misunderstood message emerges: WE, every-1, every individual together, are ONE!!!

Interesting too are the symbols that can be found in the Akaija. Depending on the angle you look at it you can discover several: a circle, a yin-yang symbol, a 5-pointed star (pentagram), and a Heart that is protected by the circle, but due to the Akaija’s special construction also protects the circle. ‘WE’, the Never-Ending-Circle protecting your Heart; and ‘WE’, connecting you to the Endless Love, which is the basis of our existence. ‘WE’ is showing you that You are never al-one, but all-one. Or to put it this way:

We are part of the Universe… the Universe is within each and every one of us,
This is the message that ‘We’ would like to give ‘You’.


The working of the Akaija is also based on scientific evidence. Science alone however is rational and gives no real understanding of what is observed. Rational knowledge should be combined with the energy from the heart. The information provided in this text is therefore based on many hundreds of reactions from men and women (and even animals) wearing the Akaija, the experiences of dozens of therapists, (clairvoyant) mediums, our own observations and discoveries and also on scientific evidence. We give it our utmost attention to remain sincere and conscientious with all information that comes our way – and we will continue to provide you with the best and complete as possible information regarding the Akaija. Please visit www.akaija.com for extensive and up-to-date information.

Inversion and energy-vortex

Wim was trying to find an answer to the challenge of how a loop or spiralling circle could be reversed on its path without crossing the path itself, when he felt inspired to create the spiral-shaped inversion-symbol, now known as the Akaija.

Spirals with crossing lines
Spirals with U-turn
Spirals with U-turn
Spiral with Akaija-inversion

Spin-Inversion, or the principle of reversing, is in fact a cosmic principle. Axis-inversion of planets like the Earth is a phenomenon that, according to recent studies, seems is said to have occurred several times throughout the history of the cosmos of our planet. On a very small scale the same happens with electrons, and is called ‘electron-spin-inversion’. Amongst other things, the Akaija was tested to have certain qualities for influencing this process, preventing this phenomenon from occurring, and so appears to be an important tool in healing a diversity of physical ailments.

A spiral-like shape forms the Akaija. Spirals are vortexes, whirlpools of energy. A cyclone is a vortex; the galaxy is a vortex; water that runs through the outlet moves like a vortex. The Akaija appears to be capable of creating an energy-vortex in the body much like chakra’s do.

The Akaija brings the energy of We are One

People on Earth live in the illusion of being separated. We act like egos; we live like independent ‘units’, each on our own. Thousands of years ago however, when people in Western Europe still were ‘in balance’, all knew that they were part of the Earth, part of nature, of the Cosmos, of Creation, part of The One or Great Spirit, God if you like. But the word ‘God’ now has a religious sound and this not about religion. It’s about ‘We’. The fundamental concept in every religion is Love, longing for Love, for the all-surrounding Energy of Creation, which is Love. Nowadays there are still groups of people, call them ‘tribes’ if you like, who are ‘balanced’, who are in harmony with nature or who at least realize they once were in this state of balance, but have lost it at some point in time. Several thousands of years ago, Europe was flooded with other, unbalanced forces. This created fear and caused big traumas, leading to dis-balance in major parts of Europe. People didn’t feel part of Creation anymore, didn’t realize they are One with All that is, so they started acting as individuals, lost respect for each other and for nature. Competition and possession became important instead and this resulted in need for a financial, hierarchical system, replacing equality, connectedness and freedom. Europeans, from their state of dis-balance, depleted natural resources, never being satisfied with what they had, and in turn conquered other countries, cultures and societies, spreading dis-balance everywhere they came.

What the Akaija does is reminding us, re-membering us of the fact that we have never lost connection to All-That-Is, that We are One and always have been. Separateness is just an illusion. We have never lost the connection with God. As a soul, we know this. As humans we can deny this and act as if we don’t care for anything else except for our own ego’s wishes. The Akaija symbolises Oneness, brings this energy into your system. Her working therefore is based on re-activating, re-energizing your Connection with All, with God, with ‘The One’, with Creation itself. It’s this energy that is at work when you wear an Akaija, or even see an Akaija, see its picture. Keep this in mind when you continue reading and you’ll understand the working of the Akaija. All reactions people have because of the Akaija are based on this energy spreading through your system.

Working of the Akaija

The Akaija works like a two-way-hatch for energies; enhancing the re-connection between our own energy-system and the cosmic ‘field’ surrounding us, as well as inviting cosmic energy into our system. Compare this with a small stagnant lake filled with stale water that is suddenly connected to the open sea through a wide channel. The tidal flow enters the lake and all the dirt is washed out in no time. The lake, your energy system, becomes harmonized, cleaned, strengthened, balanced and starts to resonate with the tidal flows. The first effect that you will notice is that old physical and emotional wounds or scars blocking this energy are re-activated and being cleared.

Besides the regulation of energy, a shortage is complemented whenever too much energy flows out. People who are chronically stressed out will notice that the Akaija almost ‘forces’ them to take rest. For a while they may get more tired than usual and may have to catch up on sleep, which is often much needed – and as a result may even feel inclined to put the Akaija away. After a while, however, they will start to feel better than before and more balanced in the way they cope with things. When on the other hand people experience a shortage of energy and often feel tired or even lethargic, they will start to feel reconnected with their power and become more energetic and vibrant than ever – and sometimes notice a decrease in their need of sleep.

When old and not fully resolved blockages, old trauma’s, pains and emotions are re-activated and re-present themselves, this will give you the opportunity to work out and release these stagnant issues and old patterns, so the energy can start flowing again. Therefore, we advise everyone to wear the Akaija as much as possible during the first weeks, in order to give your body and mind a chance to heal. However, always follow your gut feeling. In most cases it takes no longer than one or two days for most blockages to be worked out, but it depends on their nature. If those old pains were deep and severe, the process may take longer, depending on the degree they have already been released or transformed. This may be unpleasant for a while – but once you are through with it you will feel more free and calmer, with energy to spare. The process will free up energy that before was needed to suppress your old pains and emotions.

Ideally, we advise to undergo the reactions that are presented to you, so they can really be worked out and let go of. But please be gentle on yourself: never overdo it!   Keep listening to your body and your inner voice.

Be aware of the Akaija you are wearing when feeling different than usual, and realize it is apparently a necessary phase, and will only be temporary.

Your Akaija is personal. Therefore we advise you not to lend your Akaija to someone else. He or she may benefit from the energy through the Akaija – but when you get it back, chances are that it doesn’t work like before.

The Akaija normally doesn’t need to be ‘cleaned’ – in some cases, however, like moments of extreme physical or emotional stress, or during hospitalization, or when living or working in extreme electromagnetic polluted surroundings, the Akaija may struggle to handle this on a continuous basis. It then gets overloaded and you may notice this because you sense a feeling of dislike, even atrocity against the Akaija.

What you can do is to remove it and rinse it in water. In the experience of therapists, what also helps to clear it out is to hold it between your hands and for a few seconds blow with force through the Akaija. To clean the Akaija more thoroughly you can use a soft rope and silver polish, if you don’t have this, toothpaste. In case your Akaija gets dark, coloured or even black, this is a signal that your body releases energies, toxins and it’s advised to clean your Akaija more often.

Cleaning the Akaija physically also cleans it energetically.

Rebalancing health

On a physical level, the energy-vortex created by the Akaija is introduced into the energy-system of whoever holds or wears it. As soon as your energy-system starts to resonate with the cosmic ‘field’, and energy spreads throughout the meridians (energy pathways) and your aura, your whole system will be strengthened, enhanced and accelerated.

This energy can be compared to the pulsing blood stream: it feeds all kinds of processes that need this energy. This can for instance relate to the immune system, metabolism, detoxification and regeneration during sleep.

Especially sensitive people may experience all kinds of sensations throughout their body from the moment they touch an Akaija. Many people report to feel warmth, even heat, or cold, or tingling fingers, dizziness, spreading sensations in their arm. Sometimes people notice the skin around the place closest to where the Akaija is worn, becomes locally warmer to the touch. This has also been noted with horses. All these sensations are related to energy.

There are also people who do not feel anything, but over time notice changes.

Old blockages or pains can become re-activated and for a short while mild pain or an unpleasant feeling in whatever part of the body (usually well-known old spots), can be felt. Occasionally, people experience more severe reactions, and if this goes on for more than 2 days you should consider to put the Akaija out of your reach during the night, or start wearing it only a few hours a day, then slowly start wearing it for a longer time each day. Experiment with it, and listen to your body!

Because most people, and especially those of us living in big cities, are exposed to electromagnetic smog, we advise sensitive people to wear the Akaija continuously. It can and will protect you against these influences – inverting negative energy into positive and at the same time charging and discharging itself.


The energy contained in the shape of the Akaija can also be used as a transformational tool. The inversion principle applies to human souls as well: Some people always seem to fight against the stream, luck always seems against them; they’re not happy, attract the wrong people, have all different kinds of physical symptoms, etc. Studying the Akaija, their lifecycle could be compared to the central circle. When following the circle (see picture), two times per revolution there’s a choice: to keep on following the loop in the same way, or to dare and make a choice and follow a different path.

It requires courage to travel into the unknown, but in time you’ll find yourself back on the circle again – back on track, now in the opposite direction; inversion has taken place and you’ll find yourself more “on path”.

Suppression or even denial of emotional trauma’s takes huge amounts of energy and over the years this can be the ‘hidden’ cause of all kinds of diseases. By clearing away these blockages, energy is freed up and you will feel calmer and be more easy-going. The Akaija will help and stimulate you to go through this process you may fear to undergo.

On a psychological level the Akaija can tend to force you to deal with situations differently than you did before, not backing off anymore but finally pushing through. This process may be initiated within minutes, but, especially when emotional blockages are involved, it may last days to weeks before one notices something has changed in the way you feel, react, behave, think, sleep etc. The changes throughout your energy-system will make it more possible for you to deal with life as it is and to be better prepared for matters to come.

On a spiritual level, the Akaija is a reminder that you are able to take a different direction and change your life…
That you do have a choice…
No one can walk this path for you, it’s your own responsibility, but the Akaija can be your aid in realizing the joy of going with the natural flow of the universe, instead of always fighting against it. Once transformation has taken place on a soul level, there’s no way you can or wish to go back to the old situation.
Now, you may want to read the first page once more and see the connections more clearly…

Please don’t ever forget this message:
You are never alone


Cleaning our Akaija

Normally your Akaija doesn’t need to be cleaned. However… when your silver Akaija turns dull – even black – very quickly, then consider this a signal. In rare cases you may even suddenly start disliking your Akaija… That’s an important signal!

During the year 2009 we have learned (from people wearing their Akaija for several years already), that the Akaija sometimes can be over-charged with negative energies. This can be of electromagnetic nature, or personal stress, or toxins from your body, etc. The Akaija tries to dispose of these energies, but when the influx of this exceeds the capacity of the Akaija, it stores these energies in itself, in an ultimate effort to protect you. In rare cases like these you then may get a feeling of dislike towards your own Akaija. When these people are asked to go back in time and re-think about what happened before this feeling-of-dislike occurred they tell that they had experienced difficult times lately, like the death of a loved one, illnesses, stress at work, relation problems, severe electromagnetic pollution, etc. An energetically polluted Akaija will give you a feeling of dislike, disgust.

Cleaning can be done in several ways. Wim, the creator uses a chord or rope. You can tie it to a doorknob, or clutch it beneath your shoe on a chair (an old chair of course :-). Add a few drops silver polish (if at hand, else toothpaste might do a wonderful job), and pull this rope through every bend (one at a time) of your Akaija, until the inside is shiny again. The outside can be cleaned with a handkerchief and silver or copper polish. If you can get a rope through it, then don’t forget the small triangular openings.

Furthermore… lay your Akaija in the full moon light if you feel that’s important. Rinse it abundantly. Ask you guardian angels to help you and hold the Akaija near your heart and visualize the highest Light Energies to clean and re-activate your Akaija by (re) connecting it to your heart. Nothing is a ‘must’, but know this: cleaning your Akaija physically also cleans it energetically.

When you feel happy again with your Akaija, when you want to wear it, when you suddenly think, “Where is my Akaija!” then you will know it’s working, and also that you then really need to keep it with you.

Blowing through your Akaija

When you are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, then the Akaija protects you, and it’s very good at this. In fact… to elaborate about the coming into existence of the Akaija…

Linda inspired Wim to make the Akaija. But Linda herself was struck by lightning while sitting in her car years ago in 1985. She survived this due to the car’s Faraday-cage construction, but from that moment she developed a serious type of chronic fatigue. Neither a regular doctor nor an alternative therapist was able to find a cure, and no one even understood what was wrong with her. We believe this to be one of the reasons why Linda inspired Wim to make the Akaija.

The Akaija prevents a condition in your body, usually caused by electromagnetic fields in combination with an already weakened body. Else, when you are healthy, only a very strong electromagnetic field can cause this. In Linda’s case that was a lightning strike. Some therapists call this ‘electron-spin-inversion’. The result of this is that your energy field (aura) is not energized sufficiently anymore, no longer filtering all signals/impressions/energies that come your way, and after some time you get tired, all day long. This condition maintains itself, because by the weakened aura, new electromagnetic fields have free play in your energy system, or bio-field, as it is sometimes called.

The Akaija can protect you very well against this, but if you already have an electron-spin-inversion, you might need a special treatment to first correct the spin-inversion. Email us (atelier@akaija.com) for a skilled therapist who can do this, and who lives closest to you, no matter where you live in the world.

The Akaija protects you against re-occurring spin-inversions, but when in rare (!) cases the flow of electromagnetic radiation temporarily is way too much, the Akaija stores this energy in itself, just like above. In other words… then the Akaija takes over the electron-spin-inversion that else would have caught you without the Akaija. So the Akaija works very much the same like a lightning rod does.

You notice this because you feel strangely tired, and putting away the Akaija makes you feel better. In such cases blowing through your Akaija normally is all that it takes to clean your Akaija from this spin-inversion.

What you do is this: between your 2 stretched hands you hold the Akaija. Then fiercely blow through the Akaija with all force you have. Do this 1 or 2 times and your ready. You can even do this while the Akaija is on the chain.

But to neutralize the more serious and long-time effects of energetic pollution in your Akaija, you will need to clean the Akaija more thoroughly, by following the guidelines as mentioned above.

Easy neutralisation of spin-inversion

In October 2014 Wim and Marianne connected to the Austrian dr. phil. Doris Ehrenberger from the institute Lebe Natur. She and her company will now distribute Akaija’s throughout Europe, mainly in German speaking countries. Dr. Ehrenberger is a specialist regarding ‘Natursubstanzen’ (nature substances) and is very educated regarding the German ‘Neue Homöopathie nach Erich Körbler’ (new homeopathy regarding to Körbler). This method is based on knowledge of indigenous tribes all over the world (like Indians and Aboriginals) who paint and sometimes carve their bodies with geometrical designs and symbols, knowing that this is key-information to support them e.g. in the health or for things they want to start doing. With this knowledge in her mind she silently asked Linda (Wim’s deceased love who inspired Wim to create the Akaija) to help her find an easy solution to neutralise a spin-inversion. The next morning she woke up with the answer, and we tested it right away on several people we expected to have a spin-inversion… with success.

In your right hand you take a glass of water and in your left hand an Akaija. The information of the Akaija (which in fact is an inversion symbol) now gets imprinted on the water. Do this for 3 minutes and then drink the water. The spin-inversion is now gone. We tested it and it worked! If you feel like having an electron-spin-inversion (with complaints as mentioned above), then do this once a day, for as long as you feel vulnerable, then stop. You’ll know when you, for whatever reason, suddenly have a spin-inversion again. Then you can repeat this once and you’ll feel better within the hour. But important to prevent it from happening: wear the Akaija.

Before doing this, we advice to first clean your Akaija using the above mentioned methods. When you’ve just received the Akaija as new, this won’t be necessary.

Scientific certification of the working of the Akaija

The IGEF, the International Association for Electro smog Research (http://www.elektrosmog.com) has investigated the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa for their protective abilities against electromagnetic radiation (EMF). This research is pure science. Method of testing is related to the heart frequency variability, because the heart gives different readings under various conditions. The same method is used in every hospital on Earth. The heart of people under stress-less conditions shows different graphs and readings compared to a heart of someone using e.g. a cell phone. The Akaija appears to provide what scientifically is stated as a ‘significant improvement of readings’.

But in common terms it is much more fun to remark that the researcher emailed me halfway during the tests saying he had needed more tests than usual, because he couldn’t believe his eyes. Some of the tests were really remarkable.
And as a spin-off we now also know that the Akaija is a great tool to keep your heart performing well under various conditions.
Akaija & Art – Wim Roskam & Marianne Agterdenbos

Reading 1

Reading by psychic Loes van Loon

 Below you can take note of a reading, given to us by a very well-known Dutch clairvoyant woman, Loes van Loon, given to us in 2014, while we were preparing an article for the Russian magazine Oracle. Her words describe exactly what we have experienced over the recent years with the Akaija. Her guardian angel is Hebenes, but Loes often lovingly refers to him as ‘Heeb’

“It gives an energy shape, I see that meridians are touched, repaired. It stimulates weak parts of the body. What is asleep is awakened, put to work. I see that if an organ doesn’t function in the body, it is ‘encapsulated’ by this energy, so it’s separated from the rest, preventing it from infecting the rest. Like another colour manifested around it. Because of meridians that were showing malfunctions, but now starting to flow, more balance comes in the body and so energy and workability of the body is restored. This results in more balance.

Many testimonials support this, so mention them in the article, Heeb says. The Akaija brings healing. I see the energy moving in like a vortex, to the locations that are malfunctioning. It looks like a chord of Christmas lighting. Where the lights are out, broken, I see them being turned on, the lights).

So it really heals the meridians. I also feel like starting to breath differently, opener, deeper, better. (Note from Wim: Loes has had lung issues in the past). It works stress reducing. In short: a physician, around your neck.

Beautiful to see… like an 8 rotating very fast, making a whirl, and rotates like a tornado around the weak parts of the meridians. Wonderful! The Spirit World has helped to make it. It gives a laser beam effect. But it works like I just described like the 8, and because it builds up so quick, and rotates so quick, it becomes like a chord that then shows like a laser beam. But it is a vortex that brings healing. Heeb now shows me a human, with a weakly coloured aura, dull coloured. Then the Akaija comes into play and I see the colours strengthening, waking up, and getting brighter.

This turns into This

This turns into This

This turns into This

This turns into This


In short… the Akaija really does have healing Powers!

Well, dear ones… gladly done. And of course you may talk about ‘the Boys’ (that’s how she calls her guardian angels). After all… they oriented you towards big sales. Without them you would have been thinking much smaller. So that story belongs to the coming into existence of the Akaija, how you came out with it… that’s okay.

The painting Aura Healer works the same. Standing in front of it, the energy goes right into the body. But wearing around your neck is better, after all one can’t stand in front of a painting forever.

Yet I also wish to describe that too. Both should be mention in the magazine article… The colours of the painting show what the Akaija does, a whirling vortex, like the core, the Akaija works. The colours symbolize the aura, which, because of restoration of the meridians, is touched. So it heals. Standing in front of it is like wearing the jewel. Though I find ‘jewel’ a limiting word for the Akaija. It’s not a jewel: it’s a healer!



Based upon Loes’ words Wim made these illustrations

The Akaija awakens your colors
Reading 2

Ruth Schaad about the Akaija and the Akaija-Iloa

The town Bächli (Hemberg) in Switzerland is nationally well known for the measures that were taken regarding the electrosmog-issues that the inhabitants were dealing with since the coming of GSM.
The woman Ruth Schaad lives in this town and has become an expert in these matters, because she’s extremely sensitive. Recently she learned about the Akaija and decided to start working with it. She now values the Akaija and the Akaija-Iloa as tools to help her and other people who consult her or follow her classes.
When she described to us her thoughts and impressions about the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa we asked her to write this down, because it totally resonated with our own thoughts. But we weren’t yet able to express this in the right words. So with thanks to Ruth you can now read some special information (translated from German).

Explanations and dealing with the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa


The Akaija is a special, self-contained, 3-dimensional spiral shape. It represents the archetypal replica of everlasting life-flow (without beginning – without end). Wearing it in the energy field of the body the Akaija pendant causes the solution of energy blockades at different dimensions.
It is a cosmic diagram, a tool, for people in the present time, to purify themselves by the dissolving of energy blockades in the vital, emotional and mental field and the radiation field of man. As a result people become receptive for the ever-growing cosmic light and the associated increasing vibration (frequencies) of this time frame.


Clean the Akaija briefly under running water, dry it with a clean cotton cloth and lay it daily for a few minutes in the centre of the Aura Healer card. This card is provided with each Akaija and is freely downloadable from the download page of www.akaija.com.
Let the Akaija (the energy it represents) become a part of you. Welcome the Akaija with loving thoughts in your heart and speak a word of thanks to the Source of All. Do the same when you take if off.
Because of your heart Love, the Akaija becomes a part of you, as Heart consciousness is the key to Life. By the principle of resonance the Akaija will keep you heart centred more in the ‘loving flow’.


Below you can see a video showing the Akaija-Iloa forming.

The Akaija-Iloa was created from a right- and a left-rotating Akaija. It is the union of positive (radiating) and negative (receiving) energy. It is the replica of the everlasting act of creation, the ‘love-act’ from the Universe: right and left spiralling rotation is the primal principle of manifestation. Once this energy movement gets a goal, a function, she will manifest and enters the physical world.
The Akaija-Iloa – the merging from left and right spiralling rotation – creates a kind of 3-dimensional node. Every node stores energies. Therefore the Akaija-Iloa can store information. So you have a responsibility, which information the Akaija-Iloa will manifest in your energy field.


To ‘program’ your Akaija-Iloa you need some time and tranquillity.
Light a candle; clean yourself in a meditation from disturbing thoughts and feelings. Thank your higher Self, your inner Guidance for wisdom and loving inspiration. Connect and stay very centred in your heart consciousness while you transfer 1-5 attributes (properties) to the Akaija-Iloa.
Whatever you need for your development, transfer it to the centre of the Akaija-Iloa. For example: inner peace, recognition, understanding, harmony, power of love, self-confidence, confidence in Life, etc.

Select 1-5 properties that your inner heart voice tells you and express your thanks for this.
Speak them aloud. Because thoughts are the pre-forming, the blueprint; the spoken word is the manifestation. „I thank the divine Attribute, i.e. the power of Love, that you, my Akaija-Iloa accepts and stores and transfers to me“.
Speak in your own personal way while programming the Akaija-Iloa and do the same for every attribute that you wish to store in your Akaija-Iloa.
Clean your Akaija-Iloa in the same way as described by the normal Akaija.
Let you Akaija-Iloa become ‘alive’:
Every morning say thanks and speak the same words again, and do this also in the evening.
This way these energies are more and more incorporated as a living being in your Heart.
Important: don’t change the attributes and take responsibility for the energies that manifest and take them seriously.
Ruth Schaad, Bächli (Switzerland), 22.8.2013

Summary of experiences with the Akaija

A note in advance… over due course of the nearly 10 years we are now working with the Akaija (since 2005), we have noticed that an Akaija can’t be compared to common medications, e.g. a painkiller that’s prescribed against an headache. You take one or two pills and in most cases one or two hours later your headache is practically gone. Indeed such pills do what they are expected to do, but it’s symptom-based medicine. It provides no cure, because it does not heal the cause of your headache, which can be caused by overdoing yourself, not sleeping enough, not solving that issue with your boss, etc.

The Akaija doesn’t work like this. So don’t think, while reading the summarized testimonials below: “I have this! So when I wear an Akaija, it will do the same for me.”

Everyone is different, so every complaint may be caused differently. While reading you’ll get a general idea of the working of the Akaija. It will show you that an Akaija will try to bring you in-balance, she will (for example) try to let you feel what happens when you continue overdoing yourself, therefore she may face you with the feeling of un-ease because you’re not doing it already, urging you to make that change. And when you do so it will help you to make that change as easy as possible. But it will be your responsibility to make change in your life. You don’t have to. You can put the Akaija away, and sometimes it’s even good to do so temporarily. By making you aware of what’s going on, sometimes that change already takes place before you realise it.

  • Mother cat in stressful situation starts taking care of her kittens again (we heard this 2x now).
  • The Akaija makes it possible for me to better connect with the suffering of others.
  • I feel stronger (we hear this quite often).
  • I couldn’t sleep for several nights for starters (quite common).
  • I feel much better, more calm (by far most common experience).
  • The Akaija faces me with my fear of dying (hyperventilation). Now suddenly I realise I want to be here!
  • The Akaija gives me a feeling of well-being and being in-balance.
  • Less mood swings.
  • With the Akaija I’m continuously ‘wowing’. Again I feel the love that I can give and receive.
  • Old German sheep dogs healed from incontinency problems (heard this 2x).
  • I sleep like a rock and I have more energy.
  • My horse is much friendlier to strange people (horses react very sensitive).
  • People react nicer to me.
  • Less bothered by cold hands and feet (we hear this more often)
  • Notwithstanding the chaotic situation in my new job, I keep very calm.
  • I felt vibrations through my entire chest area, tingling, flow of energy, and the centre of this moved with wherever I held the Akaija. Next day the Akaija simple ‘shut me off’ and so I have slept 3-4 hours. That’s something I never could do. My electron-spin-inversion is now completely gone.
  • The Akaija makes me feel very tired (this we hear more often. Asking questions always revealed that these people were overworked, with chances of burnout).
  • My extreme monthly female complaints disappeared from the moment I wear the Akaija. (This sounds quite spectacular, but we have heard this at least 7x!)
  • Notwithstanding super-sleep sessions since the Akaija, during the time I usually stay up (nights) I have lots of energy.
  • The first days the effects of old psychic trauma being worked out overruled the pleasant effects. This unexpected strong working took met completely by surprise (investigator of Association for Electro smog Research, IGEF).
  • The Akaija brought me closer to myself.
  • The Akaija protects me against to many stimuli from outside (common reaction).
  • My sensitivity for electro-static shock is practically gone (more than once).
  • I never take it of again. My entire life I have had cold hands and feet, and now they’re normal.
  • No chronic fatigue anymore (quite often).
  • My son is no longer aggressive towards class mates.
  • Warmth and tingling sensations through my lower arm (often).
  • Notwithstanding my over-sensitivity, I now feel much more grounded, like a deep rest in my system.
  • She gives me lots of power to see things like I wish them to be.
  • Lifelong insensitive spot on my back became much smaller.
  • Blood pressure stabilized a lot.
  • First old complaint re-surfaced again, one by one. Then all was gone (happens often).
  • My children are more self-assured, more creative and joyful since wearing the Akaija.
  • My son with severe back pain got weakly embrel-shots against the pain, with serious side effects. Since wearing the Akaija something has changed and the degenerated intervertebrals started to regenerate. X-rays confirm this. The specialist said the shots now could be stopped. He can again climb mountains, and even water-skiing is possible now. This is a miracle!
  • I sooner know what’s good for me. The Akaija stimulates and supports me in a very powerful way in my spiritual growth and development.
  • My life got into rapids.
  • The Akaija seems to help to detox from e.g. medications, smoking or liquor, and in doing so it got copper coloured, even bright yellow, not only on the surface, but even the insides (after sanding away a few tenths of a millimetre).
  • Some autistic children react very different to the Akaija. Some react very positive and show e.g. more interest in their surroundings, starting to communicate. Others don’t react at all, or quite the opposite: they destroy their Akaija (strange), as if they don’t want this energy. One made it clear he wanted to work something out.
  • Depressive people (e.g. PDD-NOS) can react very emotionally on the Akaija and become more interested in what’s around them.
  • I was addicted to the strongest painkillers and I’m now fully free of them, thanks to the Akaija.
  • I had a bad blood circulation, and suddenly this is gone. My blood started pulsating, I literary felt its movement through my veins.
  • My old mother is now more active and has more energy. It’s like magic! (This reaction comes from the casting company RiyoGems in India, where the silver Akaija’s are being cast and polished.)
  • I can stand on one leg again. I couldn’t do this since, 3 years ago, I broke my ankle. And that’s only one of the things I noticed.
  • I have more energy for nice things.
  • From the day I got the Akaija a turn-around started in my life. I take much better care for myself now.
  • The schoolmarm told me that my very sensitive and fearful son (8 years) has become much more open, less shy and less fearful (This we here quite often, as especially sensitive children adore their Akaija! New-age children, who always are very sensitive, seem to understand without explanation what the Akaija is all about.)
  • I couldn’t sweat all my life, making me feel very stuffy and troubling me a lot. Since the Akaija all my shirts are soaking wet!
  • I have not slept for one single second for 3 days and 3 nights, which totally surprised me, without understanding at first what was happening to me. Then I realised I was – all-day long – polishing the very first 50 Akaija-castings from the casting company. This was in 2006 my own reaction (Wim, the maker).

Suggested sources for further research

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Revelation of the Pyramids, Jacques Grimault & Patrice Pooyard, documentary (Tipped Equator Connection), www.revelationofthepyramids.com. If you’re lucky you can see it for free on Youtube)
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