Question and Answers

May I reproduce the Akaija?

Listen to your heart and be righteous in all that you do, also with this.

Earth laws can’t protect the Akaija against…

Cosmic laws function differently and ignore that what people call: yours/mine, ownership, possession, the law, the best, contracts,  agreements, black/white, advocates, etc. Contracts can be fooled with, and if someone wants to get around it, he or she will always find some way to bypass it. The Indians of North America have experienced what contracts can cause. Thousands were made, and signed, and thousands were violated by the ones who made them.

To be in harmony with cosmic laws you will need to start resonating with them, live by them and that means to ‘live from your heart’.

We can’t tell you here and now what you are allowed to do and what not. Because our answer can be different given the circumstances. What do you wish to accomplish? What are you aiming at? Why do you want this or that? How do you continue once you have started?
And even then we don’t have control over what you do after this. We will appreciate very much that you contact us with your questions and thoughts.

Our society stands on the eve of a new era. Maybe not as soon as 2012, but certainly within a short period of time, because the Earth is exhausted, caused by human greed. But that too is part of our way on Earth. Our inner knowledge tells us that old society standards, laws and concepts will not work in the future and that we, to be able to keep living together on this planet, need to evelop a new society living from the heart. Possession will be interpreted differently then and mutual respect will be the basis of all actions.

The Akaija is protected in this manner. We will not state that we do ‘it’ the right way all the time. We too have to learn from our mistakes, corrects errors, etc. Slowly along the road we start to understand which tasks has been laid upon us.

Then does this then mean you don’t get allowance to… whatever you plan to do?
Listen to your heart…

Our intention always is to be pure in all our actions. If we don’t do so, I expect that soon we will be on our own in these matters, being alone… and that’s not the road we want to follow.

After all… the Akaija stands for ‘we are one’?