Question and Answers

How to pronounce ‘Akaija’ ?

For those who don’t know the story behind the word ‘akaija’… After talking about a name for the ‘inversion symbol’ that I had created, the mother of my deceased love Linda heard a sudden loud voice in her head saying ‘akaija’. This was in 2005. Checking the internet we discovered that this word is used on a tiny island called Aneityum in the Pacific Ocean, where this word means ‘we all’.

Depending on the country people pronounce ‘akaija’ like it is written. In polish it may sound like  ‘aka-i-ya’. In english it may sound like ‘akei-cha’. In my Dutch language we usually pronounce it as ‘aka-ya’.
But it would be best to go back to the roots, to Aneityum. So I’ve attached a short amateur video of Neriam Tamathui, one of the holy men and story tellers of this island, in conversation with us. He pronounces ‘akaija’ like ‘aka-dja’ (‘dja’ like in Djengis Kahn :-))

Meanwhile I’m more and more convinced that the name (and the symbol) are totally connected and that the word ‘akaija’ is related to the word Akasha (the cosmic database so to say), but also to the name Gaia. Because language is originally based on basic sounds, basic energies that are materialized in sounds. We all know the Aum-sound for certain meditations. So there’s Aa… Ak or Ka… Sha… etc. It is my believe that in essence there are 3 basic sounds in ‘Akaija’:
1. aaa as the basic sound, like aaauum.
2. kaa, which I consider an abrupt, splitting sound.
3. yaa or djaa or giaa, which I consider to be a fusing sound.
The symbol Akaija shows a ring, from which a spiral comes forth, going its own way, encircling the ring, to come back to and fuse with the ring. This is like our life on Earth: We come from the Spirit realm, live our life on Earth, and return to the Spirit realm. So aaa is the ring, ka is the splitting moment, and dja is the fusing moment. So we come from We, make our journey as I, and return to We, not getting lost, but being ‘We’. Consider the ring to be a vortex or spiral. There’s no end, we never reach the mathematical centre, which would stop movement. It’s infinite, every rotation the spiral returns on a higher frequency.
The Akaija-Iloa consists of 5 complete rings, or spirals, crossing each other and merging into each other, so one can effortlessly choose to step over into a different spiral. Maybe the 5 spirals are the 5 elements, earth, wood, metal, water and fire or eather, like in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
But as I said… this is just a thought/answer to an old question I have asked myself. For the moment this answer still resonates, but maybe in the future I might give a different answer.