Question and Answers

I get so tired of my Akaija. Is it good for me then?

Several people told us they got extremely tired from the moment they received an Akaija. A very friendly, hard working lady who couldn’t afford staying off work ill, told me on the phone that she could hardly stay awake during the first week she had an Akaija. She could only do two things: working and sleeping, her eyes kept closing even during daytime. After that week she was fed up with it and put the Akaija aside.

Fascinating is that people mentioning this type of reactions all seem to be very hard-working, are under a lot of stress and are not eager to take time for themselves.

This effect of the Akaija is called regulation. The Akaija opens, clears and regenerates the energy-pathways. Compare this to the blood circulation. People with narrow energy-pathways don’t have much energy. They will notice that wearing an Akaija gives them more energy. When, on the other hand, people push their body to the limits and continue to do so, not listening to signals telling them to slow down, doing what their body asks them to do, they force their energy paths to open and thus can go on by pure will power. This behaviour is ruining ones health and over time causes permanent changes in the energy pathways. The Akaija restores these changes, re-routing if necessary the pathways. For starters these people will notice that they need a lot of sleep.

If you don’t want this, then we can only tell you: “Don’t wear an Akaija”.

By the way: a few weeks after the phone conversation with the woman mentioned above she has been out of the running for more than a month. Things had just got too much for her…