Question and Answers

Why don’t I notice anything from the Akaija?

Not everyone will notice the healing powers of the Akaija. For this several arguments should be taken into account.

When not suffering from a headache, yet swallowing an aspirin, you will not notice the working of the aspirin. In other words, when people feel healthy, when their energy system works well, they may not notice the working of the Akaija. But what these people tell us is that they feel attracted to it and appreciate its design. Besides that, it will still give you protection, even if you don’t notice this. In other words: the Akaija keeps your energy system going.

One other reason that the Akaija doesn’t work the way one would like it to work, whilst it’s owner may be very ill, can be that the Akaija is not supposed to work, or only in a specific way. This is a bold statement, that we certainly don’t want to use as an excuse to someone who says that his or her Akaija isn’t working. Maybe we raised certain expectations by all this information.
The thought from which we speak is this one:
We are on Earth to follow lessons, taking part in one big school of life, and certain illnesses can be part of the teaching package. Our guardian angels in the Spirit World are what they’re called: guardians. They protect us; stand guard for us, which also means they take care that we follow the road of life as planned. Our life plan, our lesson-package sometimes holds certain problems, diseases that we are to overcome, or at least to learn from. This has to do with the reason we came into this life, what we want to learn, like conquering fear, accepting what comes your way, learning how to deal with… Our guardian angel takes care that the Akaija is not in conflict with this plan and in such a situation you won’t even notice it. But on the other hand, the Akaija can also be part of this plan, giving you enlightment at the right time, in the right way. And then it will be hard for you to avoid it. That’s how things work.

An often heard statement is that one ‘felt very much attracted to the Akaija’, when he or she saw an Akaija for the very first time. The Akaija made a lasting impression in their mind. If you had this feeling when seeing an Akaija for the first time, you can be sure a soft impulse was given to you by… your guardian angel? The Akaija is not just another jewel… it is made to help us, to enlighten us.
Several times, by different psychics, we have been told that the Akaija is very much appreciated by our guardian angels as a tool to assist and protect us. Therefore the Akaija never comes your way by accident. But… you’re always free to decide what you do with what is presented to you.

This is a complicated matter, dealing with the purpose of our life on Earth, the meaning of illness, even death, and the bigger picture behind all this: growth in consciousness… and Love. I mention this here in only a few sentences and in fact one could write a book about this topic. Which in fact I have done already when telling the story of my love Linda and how the Akaija came into existence. So if you have questions or wish to talk about this don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

Note for the pessimists among us: Don’t conclude that if you don’t notice the working of your Akaija, that this means you suffer a ‘bad’ disease. Or, if your Akaija has been crushed under a table-leg, then this Akaija wasn’t meant for you. Indeed this may sometimes point to the fact that you don’t need the Akaija anymore or that it already has done its job for you, for whatever reason. But… maybe it’s just that you should take better care of it, keeping it with you instead of putting it everywhere. 🙂
In other words… don’t generalise, but keep thinking and feeling.