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Earth axis tilting, spin-inversion, Sacred Geometry?!

What’s got that to do with the Akaija?

aurahealerThe Akaija came into existence because of some ‘futile’ question I was asking myself…

It was about half a year after the passing away of my beloved friend Linda and I just started painting with my airbrush again, my favorite hobby. Besides that I was already fascinated by spirals and vortexes for a long time. I just completed a painting, titled ‘Aurahealer’ (see picture) and I had this itchy feeling… something’s missing. The problem I was thinking of was that spirals have an inward moving ‘line’ OR an outward moving ‘line’. But for some reason I tought: both movements should be present at the same time. A vortex is in fact a spiral too, but in 3-dimensional state, so the inward moving line is moving up or down at the same time. Now… how could both energy-lines (inward and outward) be present at the same time? When you simple cause a spiraling line to move on from inward to outward, then the lines will cross each other and that didn’t feel right. I was playing with iron wires to visualise this and suddenly I came up with a strange rotating/tumbling movement. I held this tiny figure against the light and made a sketch of it that I used to paint on the painting with gold leafs. That symbol was the ‘primeval’ Akaija, though we did not have a name at that time. We simply called it ‘inversion symbol’.

At that time I wasn’t a goldsmith so it lasted about two years before I was able to (and thought of) making this symbol for real in silver. Meanwhile we had discovered that this painting had a powerful influence on several types of electro-acupuncture.

In short: the Akaija represents a cosmic/geometrical principle.

This principle is: Inversion
For example: inversion of rotation, like inversion of a spiraling movement… but also of the rotation of cosmic bodies, like planets. Picture in your mind the planet Earth, as seen from a distance. Every 24 hours the Earth completes one rotation, called a day. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
When the Earth would tumble over its rotational axis, the North Pole would become the South Pole and vice versa. After that the Sun would rise in the West and set in the East. In fact you call this a spin-inversion of the planet Earth. Such tumbling over happens while the Earth still is rotating around it’s normal axis.
To prevent confusion: this process is not the same as polar shifting, where the magnetic north pole moves southward. This is an rotational axis-inversion.

The Hopi Indians, the Maya’s and Nostradame by the way have predicted that something like this could happen in the near future, and it seems to have happened more than once in Earth’s history. These prophecies mention 3 days of darkness during this event. And that could be right, because…
Let’s say that the North Pole is tumbling over towards the Sun, then part of the nothern hemisphere would be in bright daylight for about 2 to 3 days, and parts of the southern hemisphere would be in darkness for about 2 to 3 days, given that(!)…. the completion of the tumbling process will not take longer than this time-period. Other parts of the world would experience an irregular day-night rythm. It is not necessary for the Earth to come to a full stop and then start turning the other way. Such a process would require immense amounts of energy and would be catastrophic for all life on Earth, because it would take many years to complete. An axis invsersion during the rotating wouldn’t require that much energy, because the rotation speed is not influenced at all. But of course such an event for not pass by unnoticed.

Starting from the point what is well known in physics about electron-spin-inversions (on a very small, atomic scale), namely that such inversions can only be caused by very strong electro-magnetic fields (EMF), one would wonder which force in the Universe would be powerful enough to cause the Earth to tumble over. That’s hard to tell, but maybe this could be caused by the solar wind, that is released by the Sun containing huge amounts of energy. The Sun’s behaviour is rapidly becoming erratic so close to the year 2012. The Sun is close to a new era. The Mayans knew this and their entire calendar is based upon the separately rotating Sun’s magnetic fields, who behave like a biorythmic clock. A second cause could be our enormous increase in the use of electricity (high voltage powerlines) and mobile phoning (countless numbers of GSM/UMTS antennae). Who shall say?

AkaijaNow something strange can be noticed in the inversion of rotating bodies…

From a cosmic viewpoint there’s no up or down. When seeing the Earth from high above the North Pole she turns ClockWise. But seen from high above the South Pole she turns Counter ClockWise. So our Earth holds both movements at the same time. Her movement is relative to the viewpoint of the observer. This too is a cosmic principle namely: duality. It is like yin-ying, good-evil, light-dark,left-right, etc. No judgement should be made in these. It exists… it is. So inversion of the rotation axis is in fact an illusion. And yet… not entirely.

Now how does the Akaija fit in this context?
Looking at the picture of the Akaija you see a horizontal circle. This is the Equator. Seen from above (on the picture) a line separates upward from the circle, goes up, down, up again and fuses with the circle. Remember the characters and numbers of ‘Akaija’. The ‘K’ splits in two 1’s, or 11. The IJ (9 and 10) fuses into one single 1. Isn’t that a coincidence? But this line fuses… in opposite direction!
Now look at the Earth. Think of the Earth as being totally transparent… and on the Equator a very big and very bright lamp is placed. Follow the Earth’s movement and after 24 hours this lamp returns to the same location.
Now think of the Earth’s axis tumbling over, while it still rotates, in let’s say about two days. When you follow the lamp on its path you will discover that it describes a trajectory exactly like the Akaija.

The Akaija already has proven itself among many electro-acupuncturists using a device called the ‘StarLight’. Using this therapy (see a phenomena can be measured and treated that (within this therapy) is called electron-spin-inversion. This phenomena can be found by a rapidly increasing number of people (about 70% of the patients) and it is caused by electro-magnetic radiation. The symptoms are chronic fatigue, not getting up in the morning feeling quite rested, increasing sensitivity for about anything (people, t.v., computers, bright colours, sounds, all kinds of food, sometimes even thoughts from others, etc), adverse reactions to medicine, increasing allergies, etc.). All these reactions are caused by a seriously weakened aura, caused by this spin-inversion. Instead of energizing ones aura, it is weakened, because energy is drawn out from us on the atomic level. The aura is our energy field that protects us from the ‘outer world’. Everything that you sense with our senses, including the third eye or sixth sense, are impressions. When our aura is weakened all these impressions come to us unfiltered. This costs a lot of energy, and besides that we are vulnerable to ‘attacks’ (like entities) and so we get very tired. Under ideal circumstances (like on holiday in a natural environment: mountains, forests, sea) one could recover from this state of illness, because the bad influences of radiation are gone, and we get rest instead of extra work stress. But upon entering our radiation polluted environment we are back to where we came from.
The StarLight and the Akaija appear to help each other in these, because the StarLight can easily neutralise an electron-spin-inversion in living tissue, and the Akaija prevents it from happening again in almost every case. This statement is supported by many StarLight therapists in the Netherlands, and also a few in Germany, Switzerland and Norway.

Who knows… maybe the Akaija adds a tiny stone to keep our Earth straight up. Is that far fetched to think of? Well, maybe, but… one thing is sure: the message of the Akaija is a very loving one… ‘We are One’, and if there’s 1 force in the Universe that is capable of anything, it is the power of Love.

Who knows….