Question and Answers

Can my ill daughter borrow my Akaija?

Of course it’s your own decision, but if you ask our advise we will say ‘no, better not’.

Your Akaija is personal. Wenn you have been wearing your Akaija for a while and you temporarily give it to someone else, chances are that it will still work well, but when you get it back after days or weeks or even months, you will probably notice that it doesn’t work anymore like it did before. It doesn’t suit you anymore. We now have heard this from several people who did it and summarized their remarks are like: “It doesn’t feel like mine anymore”, “It feels like dead weight around my neck”, “It doesn’t work anymore”, …

Why this is the case is hard to tell at the moment. Probably it has something to do with our guardian angels and guides. They take care of you, and make sure that you are presented with something that helps you, because they know that it’s for your well being. If you then give it away…

But also realise this: when you have something that you cherish… and you see someone in need, and decide that you want to help them… that’s an act of Love. That’s never wrong. So that might the reason that for the one in need this Akaija will do it work well.

By the way… don’t be afraid that your Akaija will not work anymore when you give it in hands of someone else just to show it to them so they can see and maybe even feel its working. This will not affect the Akaija. As far as we know almost everyone does that.