Question and Answers

How come my silver Akaija turns dull or black ?

We have had quite a lot of questions from people whose Akaija turned to black. The Akaija is made of first proof silver, meaning that it contains 92,5 % silver. This is the standard for silver jewellery. The 7,5% other metals are for sturdiness and strength of the metal, because pure silver is very soft. By the way: in the Akaija no nickle or cadmium is used.
Besides this, since last year every Akaija gets a very thin rhodium-layer. Rhodium also is a precious (and expensive) metal. It’s commonly used on nearly all silver jewellery and gives a shining finish, protecting it better against scratches, and against dulling or blackening of the silver.
A silver polisher of the Royal Queen’s Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, once told that, when snow has been falling in winter, silver turns black very easily, causing him to spend many extra hours cleaning. Funny, but he could know.

But there may be reasons for the Akaija (even with the rhodium finish) turning black. The Akaija is capable of absorbing energies, positive as well as negative energies, somewhat like crystals do.

One cause can be warm and sweaty weather, but there are other causes that you probably don’t expect…

But keep in mind that the information given here is not scientific, but based on our findings, your stories and experiences. Meanwhile more than 2500 Akaija’s are circulating and we’ve got many reactions.

There are certain types of people who seem to be extra sensitive in causing their Akaija to turn dull, or black, or even yellow:
-people under stress, or with ever present trauma’s (like mourning).
-people living or working in electromagnetic polluted environments, caused by f.e. high-voltage power lines, railways, computers, DECT-phones, UMTS/GSM antennas, etc. The Akaija, laying in front of an monitor screen (no LCD) turns dull in just a few days. So you don’t even need to wear it.
-people using a lots (and certain kinds) of medication.
-people addicted to alcohol, sigarettes, etc.
-depressed people (but often these people drink and smoke more. No prejudice about this, but it’s simply a fact in many cases, and very understandable. Everything is connected.
-sensitive people, sometimes with psychic abilities, vulnerable to ‘attacks’, because they don’t know yet how to protect themselves.

The Akaija is trying to protect you against these influences, because it ‘sucks in’ energies, transforms them, and sends them away harmlessly. At the same time your energy system is strengthened, preventing negative energies to get to you.

Normally spoken the dull look can be cleared away with a bit of silver polish on a cotton or woolen thread. Move the thread through Akaija back and forth (maybe you need a ‘third’ hand or foot for this) to clean he inside.
In rare cases even this isn’t enough, because ‘it’ (the colour, the energy) has gone inside the metal. It sounds strange, but I seen one such Akaija myself. A man, drinking and smoking a lot (4-6 beers a day average) for years, showed his Akaija to me. It was yellow! Not a little yellow, but more yellow than a golden Akaija beside it. At home I tried to get rid of it, using a polishing machine and polishing agents for several minutes, but I saw no effect at all! Apparently the yellow ‘stuff’ had soaken the Akaija. This stuff could be nicotine, or could be gal, from the galbladder/liver, because the liver is the organ that tries to keep you clean from any poison in your body, like sigarettes, alcohol, chemo, stress, medications, etc.
We’ve given him a new Akaija that turns yellow too, but much more slowly. We’ve heard this a few more times, but I’ve not seen these Akaija myself.
The golden Akaija doesn’t seem to get dull. We’ve never heard about this.

This typical behaviour of the Akaija is part of his working. He protects you if necessary against ‘negative’ energies. For it is not only a jewel, but a healing device, a cosmic tool to help you.