Question and Answers

Why do people feel calmer wearing the Akaija?

This is hard to tell with certainty, but I have a theory about this…

Our friends in Australia, Jaap and Irma (Jaap designed this website) shared one day with us what they experienced in Australia. Sometimes they visit remote farms in the outback, that aren’t connected to the local electricity grid. Instead these farms use solar power, based on direct current instead of alternating current with an alternating frequency. It came to their mind that on these farms there was such a quiet atmosphere. It ‘felt’ different there, more calm. Jaap and Irma themselves also live pretty secluded, but do have a connection to the power grid. However, sometimes this falters and they lose power. One day there wasn’t electricity during a whole day. By the end of that day they felt strangely good, like they had a long rest, just like on these farms. They considered this very remarkable.

What we think is that the Akaija gives you this same calmness. Everywhere in Europe and everywhere in the so-called civilised world the ether is disturbed by frequencies related to electro-magnetism caused by the ever-present power grid. These vibrations reach over long distances and melt together with each other, building one big blanket, covering vast continents. This is called electro smog.

Since mobile communication has taken such a giant leap, many GSM and UTMS antennas add their own networks, all sending a variety of pulsating frequencies into the ether. Governments declare these networks to be safe for our health, probably because this involves a multi billion-dollar business. Besides that we surround ourselves with increasing numbers of electric devices, among which computers with wireless connections.

So we’re exposed to an abundance of unnatural frequencies and more are added every day. All these frequencies affect our health and we aren’t even aware of them anymore. Only when we go far away from civilisation can we feel the quiet vibrations of nature. However, even from outer space we are bombarded by frequencies of satellite communication. So where can we hide?

Compare this with the water of an indoor swimming pool early in the morning. This water is completely quiet, flat like a mirror. You can clearly determine every fine detail on the bottom. When you slightly stir the water with one finger, from that point concentric circles start spreading all over the pool. Add more fingers around the swimming pool and the surface becomes more and more disturbed. Circles collide into one another and there the ripples are twice as high, so-called hot spots. The whole pool is disturbed and the bottom is now invisible.

When people with an Akaija tell us they feel more calm, we presume that this is related to the fact that the Akaija restores our connection with the cosmos and with Earth’s oscillating field (the Shumann frequency). These are our sources of life energy that are overpowered by the strong electromagnetic disturbances. We loose the connection with ‘above’ (the bottom is invisible) and our body acts out of tune. Scientific research has proven that people living day and night in a cage of Faraday, without a watch to check the hour, not seeing daylight, after a few days develop an out of sync sleeping pattern. This is because they are disconnected from Earth’s basic frequencies. In remote area’s where the blanket of electro smog is hardly present – on mountaintops without antennas, at sea, on the plains, in reservations – the atmosphere is quiet. There you come to rest, there you can meditate and be in silence again, feeling connected.

The Akaija renews your connection with this ‘Field’. Your life energy is renewed and supplemented, your energy system starts flowing again and you are less sensitive to disturbances, like electro smog. The Akaija doesn’t neutralise this radiation, but strengthens your energy field, connecting you once again. It’s not to be expected that we can do much against the influence of so many billions of dollars related to telecommunication. And the electric power grid will still be necessary for a while. But it would be interesting to sketch a future in which we again feel closely connected to the cosmos, to our life sources. Then we as a civilisation will really take a step forward, instead of being expelled even more from paradise.

The Akaija helps you. It’s a jewel from the Light world.