All Akaija & Art symbols and paintings are inspired by from the Hereafter and all come with healing powers and messages. Sometimes we aren’t aware what the message is, as it can be different for each person.
The most message encorporated in all Akaija & Art creations is: We are One.



Size: 2.3 cm
Weight: ± 3.0 gram
Metal (body): Solid 925 sterling silver (rhodinated).
Metal (ball): Solid 925 silver or 14 carat gold
Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium.

Shape: The Chram’s design is based on the Cube. The ball represents the Moon. The Earth would then fit inside the remaining empty space. The outer shape represents the Egg.

Note: The Chram is a healing-tool, which main goal it is to clean the owner from energies/patterns that are unconsciously troubling him or her. Such energies can be an old pain, a forgotten sadness, old denied anger, jealousy, etc. Such old feelings can make themself ‘visible’ immediately or in a hours/days after beginning to use the Chram and it can come all of a sudden. Then this ‘trauma’ can be cleaned and taken care of. The Chram is a cleaner!

For this reason we suggest not buy a Chram as a nice looking present for people who are not aware of its possible effects.

The Chram can well be used in combination with the Akaija and Akaija-Iloa.

Manual: A printed hard copy along with an Aura Healer card will be included in the parcel.

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Additional information

Weight 51 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 mm
Metal Ball

Silver Ball, Golden Ball


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