Question and Answers

Can I wear my Akaija with other jewels/stone, etc.?

The Akaija opens a pathway to the surrounding energy field. This energy flows like water, clears out blockages, regulates, etc. In our opinion this more like complements other jewels and stones people wear, instead of causing a conflict.
But…  when you wear a lot of different rings, stones, pendants and then add the Akaija, you may discover that you are overdoing it, and you may get tired because of all processes that you’ve started and asked for. That one stone may help you to detoxificate, that other pendant might be magnetic.. That ring with the special stone may bring memories of Atlantis back to you. The bracelet is for your protection. It can be too much for you. So try to listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t be afraid not to wear the Akaija, of one of the other tools, don’t even be afraid of wearing none of them, or all together. Do like a child… we have heard parents tell us that children make no problem of  when to wear the Akaija. They simply say in the morning: “Today I don’t need this.” And the next day: “Today he wants to be with me.”