Freedom in Bonding (round)

 60,90 317,10


Painted by: Wim Roskam, 2014
Original size: Ø 70 cm
Technique original work: Board, airbrush, MDF, acrylic paint, gold leaf
Delivery time: Ships in 2-5 days.
Base material: Dibond
Tray Frame: Alas, round tray frames are not possible yet.

Size options:
Ø 20 cm to Ø 80 cm.

Photographic material:
Fujifilm DPII lustre

Background color options:

Custom background/gradient: If you want a custom color background to match your wall, then feel free to contact us at When you tell Wim the color your prefer, Wim will make an example-digital photo and send this file to you before giving an order to the printing company.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Background color

White, Violet