Testimonials from people

The Akaija is like an anchor to me

Marco, silver Akaija

After wearing the Akaija for a month I would like to share my experiences so far. By first contact I didn’t feel any special powers, but I liked the design, thinking of it as special, so graceful. Only after the positive experiences of Cleo (his friend, mentioned above) I wanted to have an Akaija myself. I hardly have any physical complaints, but I hoped to get some emotional strength from the Akaija. The first few days I believed to be more self-conscious and assertive. By thinking of the Akaija I felt more self-confident. While getting used to wearing the Akaija this feeling shifted to the background. But through this I have the feeling the Akaija is like an anchor to me, letting me know I too am a special person and that I should take care of this myself. Physically I didn’t notice anything, though since a few days my eyes are very tired. I hope the Akaija doesn’t cause this. Maybe I’m too down-to-earth to feel big effects, but I’m very happy with this beautiful jewel non-the less.

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