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My blood pressure stabalised

Marion, silver Akaija

As promised I will share with you my experiences with the Akaija. I’m very happy with it, its very beautiful. When I held it between my hands for the very first time, I could very much feel the energy radiation. In the beginning I didn’t wear the Akaija constantly, so that I could get used to it gradually. After about one week I started wearing it day and night. Only when it was too much for me I sometimes put it aside.
All in all it makes me feel calmer and easier going. Despite all that I have to face momentarily. New life. New home. New town. More work, etc. My blood pressure has stabilised. Sleeping is still somewhat less, but that too will be fine in a while. For the rest I didn’t notice much the working, at least nothing vehement. Though I think that by wearing the Akaija I can summon the energy to go continue when things get tough and seem to be against me. I also took the Akaija to my nature therapist to let him check it out. He concluded that it indeed gives off energy, however he says that silver in principle only takes energy. Well, that’s it in short.

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