Testimonials from people

No migraine and stomach aches anymore

Monique, silver bold Akaija

I have been wearing the Akaija for 2 weeks now. Every time something bad is going to happen, a tingling passes through my right leg. I also got queasy the first day. The skin on my head was full of eczema. I have had many problems with my ex-husband, for 7 seven years now. All have been resolved. Also this week is my period, but I still haven’t had any migraine, also no stomach pain, that usually occurs 4 days ahead! What else can I use the Akaija for? Do you need a special chain length? I’m a psychic, sensitive through feeling, hearing, seeing, and smelling.
(Wim’s answer: No special length of chain is required. Simply take the length and material that suites you best.)

Note: We now know about 5 women who have had life long severe menstrual complaints during their period, and who have been relieved from these complaints almost completely since wearing the Akaija. Interesting to know is that Linda, who inspired Wim in making the Akaija, also badly suffered from this.