Ervaringen bij mensen

I was addicted to the strongest pain-killers

Peter, silver and golden Akaija’s

My wife and my two sons all wear one, and with great results I must say.
I’m a healing master and treat many patients every week, and I would advise the Akaija to all my patients, because I think it is a supplementing and permanent strengthening after a chakra/aura healing.

I’m quite sensitive for negative energies and often feel a bit depressed by this. Thanks to the Akaija this has dissapeared completely, not suddenly, but slowly. I also made much improvement with my fysical pains. I had 3 surgeries in my back due to accidents, all-in-all 20 fractures and I was addicted to the heaviest pain killers.

Now I’m almost a year without medication and I am, considering my situation, in top condition. The healings I give are more powerful, people sense this very well after the treatments. To me this is still amazing!

My wife suffers life long painfull complaints during her period (really bad).
Thanks to the Akaija she’s now hardly bothered by this anymore, super!
She isn’t very spiritually minded, but her objections have changed now.
My sons don’t have learning problems anymore and are full of self-confidence. The youngest studies Latin and had results around 83%, super! His motivation to study is changed slowly, because I let them do what they like, shaping their own lifes. I don’t push them in a certain direction.
The oldest is the best of his class in electricity and is deeply motivated.

I could go on mentioning changes in positive sense (my intuition has approved a lot).

So you understand that we are enthousiasctic about the Akaija. Let’s just say that we are very grateful.
My wish is that all wearing an Akaija, may experience the same effects like we have.

Regards, Peter