Entretien à Moscou

TV-opname in Moskou

Date: November 2014
Location: Moscow
Status: Uncut
Language: Russian
Subtitles: Nee
Topic: Interview with Olga Monakova (chef-redactrice of Oracul Magazin), Natalia Ananeva (Russian Ministry of Energy), Ian Biederman (interviewer) and Wim Roskam (Akaija & Art)

The major importance of this uncut recording, meant to be broadcasted on TV3 in Russia, is that Natalia was employed in the Russian Ministry of Energy during the Tschjernobyl nuclear disaster. She’s still in contact with many victims of this catastrophy, many of them still being very ill. She contacted us after we have had an article in Oracul magazine in 2014 and asked us for one single Akaija as a donation. We gave her a few dozen, with the remark that we would be happy if we got some reactions/testimonials from those people in return. I always had the idea that, because it can neutralize/prevent electron-spin-inversions, the Akaija can also be helpful for radiation victims, so that other treatments can have more effect. So when there were TV-recordings, we contacted Natalia who was eager to share some stories. Now we don’t speak Russian, but by what we have heard from Russian speaking people watching this, Natalia describes 3 or 4 cases telling about great health progress, f.e. one very ill woman who was not capable to do anything anymore, apart from dying. The mentioned cases also seem to have been monitored by health care specialists. So I hope we can soon get subtitles for this interview.