Ervaringen bij mensen

It’s like magic!

Sunita, India, casting company Riyo Gems, golden Akaija

Kapil tells about his mother Sunita in Jaipur, India:
“My Mother is very happy and active after wearing Akaija. At first she feel some pain and old pain and lazyness, so she stopped wearing it. After two three days she tried it again. This time nothing she feel. After this she again leave it. And three days later she again wear it and then after she is more active and happy and energetic. It is some magic. She and we all can feel the difference. My mother says Thank you to you for your Akaija.”
Now she wears it 24 hours.”

*) vfor the travel report to find a casting company in Inida, visit this page (Wim, this link needs update, as soon as online)