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The Dynamic is a very power jewel and healing tool, designed by Akaija & Art, by inspiration from the Spirit World

The coming into existence

CosmosThe frst version of this object was made by me (Wim Roskam) in 2004, for my mother. I then called it Cosmos, which you can see here (left). My father had died shortly before and my mother had a hard time dealing with this as can be expected.

Because I had just begun some courses in silver/goldsmithery I wanted to make something special for her that  would be in harmony with what I expected my father would appreciate as a spcial gift for her. After all, stars and galaxies run in the family. My grandfather was one of the last India-sailors by the Dutch marine way back around 1890 and had spent many nights in the crows nest as a watch out, but watching the countless stars at night then was unavoidable.

After this jewel was finished one day in 2005, my mother consulted a well known Dutch seer, Loes van Loon. She had brought it with her and at a certain moment she showed it to Loes. Loes works together with her guardian angel Hebenes, and togehter they have written several beautiful books about the Spirit World.

Dynamic finished

Loes looked at it for a while, playing with it in her hand, turning it over and over, and suddenly said: “You think this is the front side…” and she pointed with a finger to the side that I indeed had made to be the front side. On that side the center brilliant stone shows a flat surface, unlike the back side that showes the point. She continued: “But in fact this is the front side”, she said, and she pointed to what I had destined to be the back side.

“Oh no, not again” I thought. I had learned that working together with Spirit, being inspired, is a guarantee for being surprised all the time. There’s always a ‘catch’, something out of the ordinary. Of course we wanted to hear more about this and Loes continued saying: “On the backside there’s a blueish pyramid shaped energy field. Not to be seen with the normal eyes, but it’s definately there.”

It was several weeks later that I suddenly understood the meaning of this. When my mother wears this as a pendant, the front side faces front, away from her. Then the pyramid energy field is inside her body, surrounding her heart region. And after the transition of my father, my mother’s heart could use some protection indeed!

Below you see a picture of the backside, with the amethist stone sticking out.

Dynamic backsideBackside of the DynamicThe year I write this, 2010, I tried reproducing this jewel ‘Cosmos’. It took me most of the year as I had to start all over again and again. Too thick, too big, too small, not harmonious, too fragile, etc etc. Finally I succeeded in making a good original basic shape, and had it cast at a casting company. It got new name now: Dynamic. Because it’s dynamic. Every piece will be different. But let’s not walk ahead.

Technical explaination

High and low frequencies or dimensions can exchange energies. On Earth we live in a dimension with a relatively vibration Adjacent, or in fact throughout it can be other dimensions. Take for example the Spirit World. We humans can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

dynamicvortexThe Dynamic pulls, just like the Akaija does, energy from other frequencies into this dimension. It construction generates a focus point of energy in the centre. Please take a look at the scheme. When you follow the energy lines you’ll discover that there are 2 seperate patterns, symbolising two dimensions. Compare this to water in a bath running away through the outlet: it starts whirling, because of the gyroscopic forces that makes our planet (and every object in the universe) rotate.

1. Energies from one vibrational octave is attracted and moves, just like water in your bath, through the red vortex to the centre. During the whirlling the energy accelerates and enters a state in which information can be exchanged with other vibrational octaves.

2. In the centre (the stone) energy is exchanged with the other vortex. The red vortex now changes colour to yellow orange.

3. The yellow orange vortex moves away from the centre and spreads out through the universe, here depicted as the orange–red circle.

4. The same counts for the violetblue energy of the other vibrational octave that is drawn to the centre stone. While exchanging information with the orangered vortex it changes colour and becomes pink rose. Please do understand that these colours don’t represent reality. I used them only for visualising.

5. During the great circle in the univserse energy changes colour, because that’s the nature of energy. It flow’s and undergoes changes all the time. This is the breathing of the cosmos.

6. Note: The Akaija is also a vortex tool, is influences spirals or energies, by inverting the rotational spin. In fact the central stone could be seen as a multiple Akaija.


Please take a look at this page, where you can follow the construction of a Dynamic.

The basic shape of the Dynamic (the outer circle with the vortices) is cast at a casting company in  Pforzheim, Germany. A Dynamic would be very expensive if this had to be constructed from scratch every time.

Dynamic zirconiaThe planetary tracks are made by hand as is the setting of the stone. This allows me to add subtle differences and also adaptation to various sizes and shapes of stones. This is important for the individual working of the Dynamic.

A question people sometimes ask is this one: Why does this work? After all it’s a flat piece and vortices are 3-dimensional. Besides that it’s made of metal and energy is immaterial. It doesn’t move. So… how can this be?
A partly answer to this is that by looking at the Dynamic your imagination is activated. Whether or not you are aware of it, in your mind you visualize the complete picture of what you see. The universal law states: Mind over Matter, meaning: The mind creates.
Everything works like that. When you are always seeing a cup as half empty, then after a while you discover that all things are against you, all goes wrong, nothing is good, etc etc and time upon time your are confirmed that indeed… life is half empty. Poor you!
And you get jealous of happy people who seem to be happy without effort. What’s going on? How can this be?
So change your way of thinking and see your cup as half full. Mind of matter. You create your own life!

Dynamic emeraldThe same cosmic principle is at work here.
Example: Remember your last visit to the dentist, leaning backwards in the chair. The drill starts and you feel the vibrations in your head. You hope the dentist knows what he’s doing, not drilling too deep, causing sudden pain, so you squeeze your hands in anticipation. Meanwhile ether vapours fill your nose and a bright lamp heats your face. Then the dentist makes that typical remark to the assistant: “please prepare a filling for number 4 right below.”
Can you imagine? Do you feel what happens in your belly?

Or let us take a nicer example: Think back of your first date. How did you feel just before, anticipating seeing him or her? What will happen next? Does she love me? Will he kiss me?
Can you feel what happens to you? That is mind-power.

Dynamic is made flat, but it represents special cosmic principles and it has been made with the illusion of 3-dimensions, so your mind can easily create the full picture.

Dynamic sapphireAnother part of the answer has to do with what the Spirit World adds to every Dynamic. Below you can read about this aspect.

Words from Spirit about the Dynamic

September 29, 2010, when I had just finished the very first 2 versions of the Dynamic it happened to be that we ‘accidently’ had a visit with Loes van Loon.

Dynamic rubyLet me introduce Loes a little, because she plays an important role here.
Loes is a well-known Dutch seer who has written several very interesting books about the Spirit World. She works closely together with her soul group of guardian angels, but mostly her guardian angel Hebenes. She’s one of these psychics who don’t miss a thing, who talks fast because visual-, audible, sense, feeling, smell and even transfigurational impressions come to her at full speed. She can put you back on your feet in the most loving way, often with sparkling humor. You simply know that she has a real connection with the Spirit World, as all that she says falls into place without effort and with much much Love. Maybe not everything is what you wish to hear, but after accepting that, you feel that the only thing that happens here is that you are guided back that special path in your life that makes you really happy. But… they always respect your free Will.

It’s difficult to make an appointment with her, as her agenda is full for months in advance. But this time we accompanied someone else and we were allowed to be present. And what we silently hoped for… we got our share of time! So let me repeat what Loes has said about the Dynamic. From now on I refer to Loes, but in fact it is her guaridan angel Hebenes who speaks, and also Linda, my passed love who has inspired me to make the Dynamic. Because I can’t see her and Hebenes myself I don’t know who says what, as it’s Loes’ voice you hear, but that isn’t important now.

Dynamic larimarI have added some sound fragments of the conversation, so you can hear Loes herself. Alas it’s Dutch only, therefore I’ve added the translation of the full text, which you can find at the bottom of this page.
Before starting this translation, please keep in mind that we have consulted Loes about 5 or 6 years ago with the first Dynamic (Cosmos) that was made for my mother. That time she told us that a pyramid shaped energy field was ‘visible’ on the back side of the pendant that, during the wearing of the pendant, surrounded my mothers heart. We have spoken to Loes on more occasions since then, but never again about this pendant.

Dynamic larimarLatest addition

What I didn’t know for years is that my mother had consulted a befriended seer whom she knew very well shortly after she received the Cosmos pendant I had made for her, which later would be called Dynamic. This seer is Marion, and Marion works together with her own guardian angels. The conversation about the pendant my mother showed was short, but interesting…
The beginning of everything.
The fragile ovals are subtle energies generated by the centre.
This is the beginning of all growth (spiritually) represented.
The connections are the contact funnels with the cosmos (so up so below).
The gold (my mother’s version has goldwire vortices) is the kundalini-energy with which you inspire that what has been appointed to you, giving ‘it’ a soul.
The connecting circle is you, you are whole, you are one, you are connected to the cosmos.

Dynamic amethystsThis is what I feel.
Regarding Wim, I clearly feel that this is one of his tasks in life… to teach people, by the means of symbols that what can’t be explained by words alone. Not all will be understood, but step by step humans will go forward… and that’s what it’s all about.


As explained before every Dynamic will get a different energy, and so its working will be unique. Please forgive me, but I won’t be able to tell you exactly the specifics of your Dynamic. I can’t consult Loes for this. But I can assure you that while I make your Dynamic I’m inspired to make it this way or another, so that the right planetary orbits and setting of the stone will be present, for the one who will receive it, no matter if this Dynamic is used on patients, or that it’s weared for personal use only.
Loes remarked casually that a smaller Dynamic will be made (Ahh… interesting for me to know :-). I believe her, but I can’t tell you when that will be. I have tried to make the smaller one first, but 4 times in a row something went terribly wrong and I gave up. Maybe it didn’t go wrong at all, but non-the-less I have melted those pieces already.

Of course we are very curious about your experiences. Please contact us about it.
Reckon with a delivery time of around 2-5 weeks. I need about 1 week, the rhodinating that is done by a specialist takes 1-2 weeks, and then the shipping to you somewhere in the world.

Precious stones – regarded energetically

Dynamic alexandriteThe centrale stone kan be chosen, depending on availability and process-abililty. Basicly we have chosen for an oval sized stone of 10 x 12 millimeter (0.4 x 0.47 inch).

Left on the picture you see a zircona emerald.
Precious stones, especially the natural ones, have their own energies and force fields. About this subject you can find lots of information. What you usually don’t hear is that the working of a particular stone can be totally different depending on the person that wears it. So information, no matter how serious and well researched, can bring you on a wrong track if you are looking for the ‘right’ stone for you.

Example: You really like a red garnet, but then you read a book in which you read that an amethyst belongs to (let’s assume) twins and that it can work against headaches. You realise that you are an astrological twin and you often suffer from headaches, so you decide that the amethyst is the best possible stone for you. You concluded this rationally, having studied the subject.

But when you would have listened to your heart you might have chosen the red garnet. Maybe this red garnet would have given you ease of mind, making you relax under stressy circumstances, taking time for yourself. So you start letting go and change the way you live. And as a side-issue, after several weeks or months you discover that your headaches aren’t so frequent anymore. You see the picture here…?

I assume that this is one reason that the Spirit World asks us not to bother about the stone. Let them decide, through your heart, which stone you like most, forgetting about value and synthetic or natural properties. All colours are possible, and the most expensive stone isn’t automatically the best choice. Maybe the cheapest stone, because of its irregularities has an even better effect than the best AAA-quality daimond or sapphire. Not necessarily so, but… you know what I mean.

So please make the choice with your heart. Listen inside. What do you really like? What gives you a pleasant feeling? Which colour draws your attention? What makes you happy?

Okay… having said all this… now I make it more difficult. Next is some information about artificial, precious and semi-precious stones.

Precious stones – basics

There are natural and artificial stones
On this website we distinguish 4 types of precious stones:
Synthetic, Simulated, Zirconia and Natural.
Then of course there’s glass, but we don’t talk about that here.

Synthetic stones have the same atomic structure as their natural counterparts. However, they are made under laboratory conditions.
Example: a synthetic made sapphire may be called ‘sapphire’, but has been made in a laboratory, using secret formula’s and colouring techniques. Then they are cut to exact sizes. They are absolute 100% pure, without inclusions, and they are well-matched to the natural sapphires. But… there is a huge price difference.

Simulated stones have the exact same colour as the natural stones they simulate, but not the same atomic structure. They are often made of the atomic structure of corundum stones (like rubies and sapphires), but not necessarily so. 

Zyrconia’s (see picture) are often called ‘fake daimonds’. But don’t be fooled by this… They are available in all colours of the rainbow, yet most common are the diamond clear versions, matching or even bypassing the clarity of the most expensive daimonds. They are spectacularly bright, but even then there are differences in clarity, ranging from AAA to AAAAA quality. We always select the highest quality zyrconia’s available.
The standard price of the Dynamic includes such a zirconia stone.

Real, natural precious stones are grown in mother Earth, aging at least hundreds of thousands of years. They usually come with small inclusions. The less inclusions, the purer the stone, the higher the (official) quality and value. A-quality means small, but visible inclusions. AAA-quality means invisible inclusions (for the naked eye).

As said, there’s a big price difference between artificially made stones and natural stones.

Example: a synthetic sapphire of 0.5 inch costs about EUR 30.- (USD 37.-). An A-quality natural sapphire may cost around EUR 2000.-, and a AA-quality about EUR 5000.-. See the picture? And we haven’t even begun discussing the price of daimonds.

The amethyst used in the original Cosmos depicted elsewhere on this page is of a good quality and pretty big in diameter, pricing about EUR 200.- (USD 250.-).

Is you wish to select third party stones for the Dynamic, we are happy to provide you with the address in the USA where we often order good quality stones: www.gemhut.com. You may buy the stone there, send it to us and ask us to place this stone in the Dynamic.
But… please keep in mind that the minimum size of this stone should be 8 mm (0.32”) and the maximum size 1,4 mm (0.55”). Also don’t forget about shipping cost, day-rates, transaction costs and currency rates. And not to forget that I might have extra work when you order a special shaped stone, resulting in more time needed to set it. So if you’re not sure, please check with me.

When we order that special stone for you by Gemhut, we always add some extra value to the price, just in case of unforseen circumstances (customs, for one thing :-). We don’t wish to make money on this part.

Dynamic amethystAt this moment you can order these version of ‘Dynamic’ on www.akaijashop.com:

The price consists of 2 parts:
-metal part (rhodinated silver) à EUR 350,- (including the clear zirconia stone)
-other stones add to the standard price.

Other versions, for example natural stones: always in consultation.

Quality marks for precious stones

A-quality means ‘with the bare eye visible inclusions’. AAA-quality means ‘flawless’.
Often natural precious stones are enhanced to make them brighter or change the colour. The goal usually is to make a cheap stone look more expensive. Usually this isn’t mentioned and you need to be a specialist to see these changes. But it’s obvious that there is a price difference between natural and artificial stones. After all, people invest their money in these stones.

Example: a synthetically made sapphire size 10 to 12 mm costs about € 30,-.

An A-quality natural sapphire will cost around € 2000,-. And AA-quality sapphire is worth around € 5000,-. AAA-quality sapphires in that size are pretty rare with equally rare price tags.

Dynamic with AlexandriteThe natural amethyst stone depicted elsewhere on this page measures 12x15mm and is of a good quality. The prices thereof was around € 200,-. Smaller and less dark amethysts will be cheaper, but its not always possible to order them. Apart from that the day-rate of certain stones may vary from time to time, not like gold and silver, but better to be prepared.

You will understand that we don’t keep these natural stones in stock. They will be ordered one at at time.

The address where we sometimes order this kind of natural precious stones is no secret: www.gemhut.com (in the USA). We have good experiences with them. Should you wish to search their webshop and order a stone for the Dynamic yourself, then keep in mind that the stone you select should be oval 10 x 12 mm. Also reckon with shipment cost, day-rates, currency conversions, VAT and customs charges. And if you select a different sized or shaped stone this means extra work for me to make a tight setting for that stone. In other words… if you are not sure, please contact us first before you order anything.

If we order that special stone for you, we always add a little to the price just to keep on the safe side considering unforseen circumstances.

Transcript of recording with Loes.
Loes: Beautiful man. Beautiful!. What kind of stone is it?
Wim: This is a zirconia, and that is an amethyst. (2 versions of the Dynamic are present)
Loes: It’s just like a pyramid what is does. I see a pyramid. Absolute pyramid-shaped. (Wim says that he tried making a smaller one at first, but that he didn’t succeed over and over again) But I see a smaller one coming soon. It’s absolute a pyramid that does it.
Wim: The question is about other stones, because this is a genuine amethyst…Loes: It’s not the stone. It’s in… the rest. The stone adds a different colour to the inside of the pyramid, nothing more. Same effect: the pyramid does the work and not the inside colour. Same effect. Same effect. Absolute same effect.Wim: Then what’s the effect?Loes: It gives energy, this one (she holds the amethyst version in her hands)… standing inside the pyramid. It’s like… I’m mirrored. I see myself. I feel myself. Awareness. Making conscious. It makes things… call it sharper, clearer. I’m mirrored in this one.Wim: Can you use it as a therapist, during a treatment session, or is it meant for wearing only?Loes: Well, no one want to live in a pyramid forever… is said to me. So that’s fine as a temporal aspect. Don’t waste time searching for the right coloured stone, like: this stone has that colour force. That has nothing to do with it. Even without a stone it would work the same. The stone only adds colour, but that’s all there is to it.
(She now takes the Zirconia version in her hands.)
This one spins. This spins.
Different. They are different! Different working.
Chakra closed… causes chakra to open, this one. This changes the whirl (‘whirl’ is how she sees the whirling energy of a chakra). This one spins. I see a whirl that is closed… then someone doesn’t feel quite fit… then I see that when you put this on it, I see it going outwards. (She gestures that a chakra that is inward and closed, now opens outward.)
Wim: So they will all be different then?Loes: Absolute. It changes your….Marianne: Chakra’s?
Loes:  Their working! Not the chakras themselves. It spins! What they’re showing me is such a… call it a tornado, with the point here and the wide part there… (she gestures showing an opposite working chakra) that isn’t the way it should. Then people are stuck. Then I see when you put this (the Dynamic) on, then I see it… then I see it turned over, rotating the other way round, going outward again. Then it works again for some time. That’s what it does. That’s what it does. Absolute what it does.
I also get to see one with a red stone…
Wim: Ruby, artificial ruby?
Loes: Do you have one like that?
Wim: We have the rubies….
Loes: So you plan to make one?
Wim: Yes.
Loes: Jes, I see one with a red stone.
(She again takes the amethyst version). With this one I get the feeling to sit down. Take your seat, do rest a while. Be just who you are.
This (the Zirconia version) makes your chakra rotate differently.
This one doesn’t (again the Amethyst version).
Then there must be a working in the stone, isn’t it, Heeb? (she often calls her guardian angel Hebenes ‘Heeb’). Because I get to see only a different colour inside the pyramid. Maybe I’m wrong then, speaking too fast.

(She’s silent for a moment and then continues). It’s not in the colouring of the stone. Okay. A different light.
Haha… now he shows me the Amsterdam Red Zone!
(with all the red lights behind windows)
Okay, funny guy.
This one makes me quiet, rest, settle down. I don’t need to stress.
Wow…. that’s the one I should wear! Yeah… that’s a good one. Always. Ideal!

I also become alert, focussed. Like… well that’s relevant and this… don’t pay attention to it. This makes aware, sharpens my vision, my fewpoint, shows priorities. What’s important, and what isn’t? It breaks-through my… call it routine behaviour. That’s what is does.
Pay attention to your knee! My knee starts hurting. Or is it you? (she nods to Marianne)

Marianne: Yes.
Loes: Yeah, watch your knee. But… you won’t listen. (laughter)
I wish to change things when I’ve been inside this, this pyramid. I wish to remodel things. I want to see logic, usefulness. And I don’t want to… all that is nonsense, useless… Great! This gives… a clear view of vision.

Wim: …focus on what’s sensible?
Loes: Absolute. The rest goes away. That’s what is does. That’s what it does…
Wim: But is that… difference between the two caused by how I make them, or has it to do with the stone inside?
Loes: It has nothing to do with the stone. It’s the shape.

Marianne: Look here, this one you’ve made differently… the planetary orbits.
Loes: Yeah, it’s in the shape. And it’s also because of what the Spirit World decides how it has to work…. er… this side is further apart than that side (she points to certain differences between the 2 Dynamics). Even the outside circle is important. What you wanted to be… let’s say…round … It isn’t round… it’s in the shape. And it’s because of what the Spirits determine what it should work like. You may have tried to make the circle perfectly round, but you didn’t succeed. No, that wasn’t meant to be. (laughter)
PS: I (Wim) have tried indeed for hours and hours to get the circle round, and got frustrated in the process, not understanding what was happening.

Marianne (points at the centre stone): that one too is crooked!

Loes: That too was meant to be. That was meant to be.
Circular fields give energy shapes and as a shape… er… that has a function, a reason. That’s the advantage of handmade. So where people see small imperfections, then those are the perfections of the whole, says Heeb.

Wim: That’s what I felt. But this working… that’s good to know. But I always try!
Loes: Yeah…. it’s nice that you try, but if ‘they’ don’t agree, that it won’t work whatever you do (laughter). You can try, do your best, but it doesn’t impress them. You won’t win. You shouldn’t even dare trying.

Note from Wim: Indeed I have spent many hours trying… I carefully considered the option that it was ‘meant to be’, but didn’t dare accepting this for truth, because of my education that everything you make as a goldsmith should be… ‘perfect’. Loes didn’t know a thing about my struggle, I hadn’t told her.

It’s allright this way.

Chakra’s. Spinning. He shows me a whirl, spinning like this… and then it starts spinning the other way like this. I can steer with it. I can direct chakras with this. Nice. Beautiful.
But I definately see a smaller one coming. I see people wearing it. Smaller.

Wim: I’ve tried several times to make a smaller one too, but I didn’t succeed yet.
Loes: But I absolutely see it smaller too, about this size (she points out about 2/3 size)