Welcome at Akaija & Art

This website is about art created by the hands of the artist Wim Roskam from the Netherlands
inspired by his deceased love Linda and his guardian angels
with the help and support of his love Marianne
and many other people without whose support this would not be.


The Akaija is what started it all.

The Akaija is jewel and a healing tool. She’s also a harmonizer of energy fields. It’s design is related to a cosmic design that’s installed around the Earth, anchored in many ancient megalithic sites.
But above else she represents an important message from the unseen world surrounding us all…

News – 2018 – Angkor Wat

Our trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia has been a success. We went there looking for evidence that the Akaija is connected to the Angkor temples. Finally, Angkor Wat is situated on the so-called ‘Tilted Equator of Ancient Sites’, which includes Easter Island, the Great Pyramid, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, etc etc and … the island Aneityum, where ‘akaija’ means: we all.

Our question was: ‘Where in Angkor should we search for clues?’. But our question should have been: “When will we have to search for clues?”

It appears that a near-copy of the Akaija-Iloa can be found all over Cambodian houses during the Cambodian/Khmer New Year in April. And this we learned on the minigolf course by mr. Tee Tam, ex-tour guide from Angkor and an Cambodia-Khmer expert. That was the last place we expected to find this answer :-).

We are One

Marianne en Wim

2019 News: The Akaija’s are re-tested, this time under 5G circumstances. And they were certified (again).


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