A story of Victory over Suffering

Lucia was made in 2002, as the second painting Wim made after the passing of his love Linda in de December 2001.

Linda’s illness was cervical cancer… with incredible pains against which no medication had any serious effect, regular nor alternative. So 24 hours each day for more than a year sleeping was hardly possible, it was a fight against pain and sleeplessness. In the last months of 2001 there was a change and finally both Linda and Wim started to learn something, namely that ‘fighting against’ is not the way to overcome pain. Acceptance is, though with ‘acceptance’ certainly isn’t meant to passively leaving things the way they are. Much more this is ‘actively accepting the road ahead’. Like saying ‘yes’ to what’s ahead, instead of saying ‘no’ to what you don’t want. Whatever the road will bring… maybe total healing, maybe dying… it is okay. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way. And what about both options at the same time: total healing, even when it means to die in the process?

Ever thought about that? Well… I wrote a book about this: ‘Opting for Freedom of Choice’, subtitled ‘The Lady of the Rings’. This book tells the story of Linda’s (and mine) struggle during her illness, resulting in her passing away in the end, but the book doesn’t end there… in a way it’s the beginning of something so special that her death somehow makes sense. To mention just one: it results in her inspiring Wim in his paintings and precious metal designs that one by one are symbols of love and tools of healing. One of the paintings is the one you see on this page: Lucia – Victory of Suffering.

When you fight with all you’ve got, but still are losing the battle, then there’s still a choice: can you accept the way you’re asked to go? Will you fight it all the way? Or will you give in… trusting that even this road will bring you somewhere on your soul’s journey… where you’re meant to be. Can you accept… can you trust… in this higher wisdom… saying ‘yes’, blindly… to the inner voice of your Heart?

Lucia shows you the Victory over Suffering.

If the pain, here represented as the purple veils, is understood then it dissolves and the Cross, symbolizing Universal Love, emerges.

In the painting you will recognize a Holy Grail as a bowl of abundancy, and barely visible above it a White Rose, symbolizing purity, humility, secrecy and silence and ‘I’m Worthy of You’.

The original was made for a well known psychic in the Netherlands, Loes van Loon. But she would only accept the copy printed on canvas saying: “This painting should go to the people.”

If you are interested then contact us and we will send you a small postcard of Lucia for free. We can also provide you with the digital version of the painting, which you are allowed to reproduce copyright-free. Though we would appreciate a few words telling us that you intend to use it for some purpose.

Lucia can be ordered on our webshop as a card or poster in various sizes. Click here!
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