Question and Answers

Upside down pentagram ?

pentagram illustrationsIndeed you can find this symbol in the Akaija, as well as the ‘normal’ symbol: the pentagram with one point facing up and two down. In fact… on the box and on nearly all our advertisements we use a symbol that looks a bit like the pentagram with 2 points facing up. Strange thing however was… when I pictured the Akaija with one point facing up (which is the way the Akaija is made to be as a pendant) then it felt wrong. But… the picture of the Akaija with one point up is the way you wear it, but with the one point facing down is the way it’s been used in photographs. But what’s going on with this particular symbol… the pentagram… some people link it to questionable groups etc.

There’s a reason for this (to make clear that the Akaija is a universal symbol, holding both pentagrams, not only one).
Symbols and numbers aren’t guilty of what they are. It’s humans who judge. The number 13 is said to be a number of bad luck, but in reality it is a number that represents transformation, leaving behing the ‘old’ because you have grown beyond it. Therefore in the Hebrew language it is a number of maturity. It just depends on what you want to see in it.
Another example: take a look at the Holy Cross that’s always used in Christian Religion. Originally it is a symbol of Love, the self-sacrificing of Jezus for the good of mankind. But because of all crusade’s, the burning of witches, the inquisitions, the christianization of Indians, Aboriginals, etc, often with a Cross in the lead, saying they act in the name of God… this holy Cross also has gotten somewhat of a nasty taste. This cross now is being used by several churches all over the world, but they do not ‘own’ this cross. Jezus wasn’t Catholic, Methodist or Anglican minded, or whatever religion you may think of. By his non-judgement, his unconditional Love he has made the cross on which he died a symbol of Universal Love.

The pentagram also has such a history. Originally it is an essential symbol in the Sacred Geometry, consisting of only lines that represent the Phi-ratio, and this Golden Mean Ratio is a fundamental principle in Cosmic Creation. Read the books of f.e. Drunvalo Melchizedek, or Bob Frissel (“Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly as how things are”).

Besides that, the pentagram is in fact a 3-dimensional symbol, and when you then take a closer look, you will discover that when you tilt the 3-dimensional ‘upside-down’ pentagram just a little towards you, a symbol is revealed that is nothing less than a Heart, protected by the circle of ‘We’.

That symbol has been given to me by Linda, but in fact to us all, saying: Your Heart is Protected! The Akaija has both symbols, both pentragrams in it, depending on how you look at it. Now if that isn’t a symbol of Universal Love…

Strange when of you think about it, isn’t it? Because certain forces ‘took’ this powerful symbol, used it for their own support, it got a questionable name. That way the healing powers within it are now concealed. Christian people, at least in the Netherlands and Germany, are very much afraid of it, saying it is evil. But is the symbol itself an evil thing?

When you look at the images on the left, you will see that both the single Akaija and the double Akaija-Iloa represent the pentagram.
So… maybe now is time to show it, and make clear what it’s all about: Universal Love. We are One. And isn’t it so that ‘We’ stands for ‘everyone’… the holy man, but also the evil man, the saint, but also the murderer, the child, the victim, the bird above your head, the tree in your garden, your father who is not longer among us, the Aboriginal, the Indian, the Tutsi, the Hutu, the Iraqui, the Afghan, the American… but… also you… with all your good and your bad qualities.

It just depends on what you want to see.