Sacred Heart – Gold


This is the latest addition to the Akaija & Art tool (April 2021).

At the moment we know little about the healing qualities, apart from the fact that it ‘fills’ the chakra’s. More details will follow. It has come in a time of great sorrow on this planet and we get reactions from several people that this is what the world needs right now, to support healing, to assist in transformation to a new era, guided by the Heart, by Love and Unity. This was my intention when I started working on it (well before the Corona-crisis started), knowing that Linda (in Spirit) a.o. would inspire me to make it so. The process took much longer than expected though, with many setbacks, but the final result makes us vary happy.

We hope it will help you to feel happy too, overcoming fear (should there be any) and filling your chakra’s with healing energy.

This Summer we hope to also sell silver versions.

Delivery time: about 4 weeks.




Small size: 3.3 cm (height) x 1.8 cm
Medium & Large size in silver are available, but for now (March 2022) still in limited quantity, please email us to be put on a waiting list
Metal: Solid yellow gold
Carat / Weight:
333 (8 carat), ± 3.0 gram
585 (14 carat), ± 3.3 gram
750 (18 carat), ± 4.4 gram


Small size: not available
Medium size
: 4.1 cm (height) x 2.1 cm
Large size: 4.4 cm (height) x 2.3 cm
Metal: Solid sterling silver (rhodinated)
Weight, Stone, Price
Medium size: 925, 5.6 gram, red garnet stone, Price: EUR 89.- (incl. VAT)
Large size: 925, 7.4 gram, violet amethyst stone, Price: EUR 95.- (incl. VAT)
Remark: End of February/Beginning of March 2022 the first delivery of 25 Sacred Hearts is expected.
For starters there will be no choice in stone. The medium size will come with an amethyst stone and the large size will come with a red garnet stone.
You want to order a silver Sacred Heart? Please send us an email ( You will then be add to the list and as soon as the Sacred Hearts are available we will send you a link with payment instructions, starting from the top of the list.

Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium.

Disclaimer: We use digital 3D-created photographs to show all possible variations. Those have a transparent/white background. Real life photographs show the environment (e.g. table). In general: 8 carat gold has a somewhat ligher yellow colour that 14 carat. 18 carat has the warmest yellow tone.

Experimental: Below you should see a 3D image of Sacred Heart, giving you an idea of the it’s shape. Use your mouse to manipulate. The digital stone is a little bit too transperent.

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 20 mm

Amethyst, Peridote, Garnet, Lab Saphire

Solid Gold

8 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat