Aura Healer on dibond


Aura Healer on dibond in tray frame
We recommend dibond for the most beautiful photos of the highest quality. Dibond plates are light plates made up of 3 layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic, also called polyethylene. This guarantees maximum strength.

The photo is first printed in high resolution on premium Fuji photo paper before it is glued to 3 mm dibond. Glued to the aluminum remains very well protected against material deformation.

Then the whole is mounted in a tray frame. The tray frame is slightly larger than the photo on dibond, which makes the painting seem to float slightly in the tray frame. This gives the whole a special and luxurious effect. You can see this finish in many galleries.


On this painting the Akaija came into existence. The Akaija is the symbol of We are One.
However it took us 3 years before we realized what was given to us by means of inspiration.
In 2005 the first Akaija was created, based upon the tiny iron wire shape that I had made to visualize the symbol that’s in the heart of Aura Healer. Then the symbol got its name: Akaija. The Akaija has proven to be an aura healer like no other. This painting does the same!
The innerpart shows the Triscal in color energies.
The outer ring shows the 7 colors of the rainbow, the equatorial horizon and the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.

Painted by: Wim Roskam, 2002
Original size: 70 x 70 cm
Technique original work: Airbrush, Acrylic paint on board, gold leaf
Delivery time: Ships in 2-4 days. Dibond may take a few days longer.
Photoprint (Fuji DPII Pearl)
Canvas on wooden frame (optional with tray frame)
Dibond in tray frame
Note: We show only the most popular options. More options are possible, like prints on wood, print behind 10 mm thick plexiglass, on lightweight forex, etc. If you have special wishes, then feel to contact us:

Energetic working
The painting Aura Healer works the same as the silver/gold Akaija-symbols do. Standing in front of Aura Healer, the energy goes right into the body. The colours of the painting show what the Akaija does, a whirling vortex, like the core, the Akaija works. The colours symbolize the aura, which, because of restoration of the meridians, is energized. So it heals. Standing in front of it is like wearing the jewel. Though I find ‘jewel’ a limiting word for the Akaija. It’s not a jewel: it’s a healer!
(with thanks to a special seer in the Netherlands, Loes van Loon and her guardian spirits)

The original painting is round and the outer ring is rotatable, which changes the energy of the painting.
Alas this is impossible to reproduce.

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White, Black