Testimonials from people

No stomach, head and backaches anymore

Marion,  silver Akaija

I opened the beautiful box, took it out… but felt nothing.
I put it on and after about 3 quarters of an hour the same eczema appeared around my eye that I have tried to get rid for more than a year already through using creams and ointments. It appeared vehemently, but didn’t itch or irritate. About one week later it disappeared completely. Since wearing the Akaija I feel calmer, and whatever others say or think (or gossip), it doesn’t effect me. This is something I have hoped for my whole life. That’s what the Akaija does for me. I wear it always. And my feminine experience: no stomach pains, head or back pains anymore during my period, for the first time in my life. So… thank you very much.

Remark: Marion is not the only woman with significant health improvements because of wearing an Akaija. About 7 women reported similar effects. But the strange thing is… we can’t say that, if you have such complaints, the Akaija will do the same for you. It’s really personal, and its effects will differ from person to person. What we do say is that the Akaija is a harmonizer, balancing your energy system.

And officially spoken: if you have similar complaints we advice you to visit your medical doctor.


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