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I can feel again what I felt as a child

Marja & Willemien – Normal and Bold Akaija

I want to let you know how happy we are with the Akaija! I sleep like a log and suddenly I have a lot of (positive) energy. The best thing is that I can suddenly feel again what I felt as a child and a young adult, I remember that as a kind of “lightness”. That has nothing to do with a carefree childhood, because the opposite is true for me. It is an “easy going through the day”, it has to do with frankness, feeling happy, wanting to discover, joy and again “lightness”. Only now do I know how “tough” life is at the moment. Viscous and thick in energy. This went so insidiously that I no longer knew it, now the jump to feeling the light weather, the joy, the energy, the confidence, the sparkle, is so great that we cannot ignore it. We are deeply grateful!