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The Akaija confronted me with myself

Annette: (silver Akaija)

So many questions came and I started looking for answers using NLP.
The worst was that I almost blamed the Akaija for my ever faster returning periods of dizziness, making me wonder if I would collapse. I didn’t grasp the fact that I was confronted with my biggest fear: to die. Shortly before my daughter Devie was born, I thought I’d rather go ‘home’ and to my parents.
And when I nearly thought of going… I discovered I wanted to be here! To live, learn, grow, share my knowledge with others, paying of my karma.
So I started hyperventilating and that I still didn’t recognize this as something that I repeated every now and then during my whole life. And no doctor thought about this. But well, the Akaija certainly caused things to change… especially my values… and things keep changing.
I went inward, to my centre, and I started rebuilding. Who I am, what I want, what I feel and how I can learn to grow, and to share this with others.

Note from Wim: Annette has lost her parents at a young age and now ownes a website, together with her sister (www.zonderouders.nl), to give openness to this issue, making it possible for others to tell their story. As a matter of fact… the Akaija was born out of such a process.

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