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Starts caring again for her kittens

Abbie, silver Akaija
Mothercat Abbie
Mothercat Abbie

Abbie is a mothercat living in Emmerich, Germany, with her human ‘owner’ Kirsten, who is very fond of Holy Birmans. Because Abbie had some minor health problems she got an Akaija to wear.

When Abbie had 5 kittens to care for in autumn 2008, the vet told Kirsten that Abbie should not wear the Akaija, because her kittens might get entangled in the chain.

From that moment on Abbie became very depressive, sat down in a corner and acted very distant, even reluctant towards her kittens.
After 2 days Kirsten decided that Abbie should wear her Akaija again and immediately she changed back into the caring mothercat again.
One of Abbies kittens has got a special name: Akaija.

Remark: This story is not on itself… we’ve heard an exact copy of this story at another occasion with a Dutch cat.

Btw… did you know that we have special discount arrangements for pets? Sometimes we have Akaija’s that are not suitable to sell (due to minor imperfections in the finish).

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