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Akaija – gold

Size: 1.9 cm (horizontally measured over the crossings).

Metal: Solid yellow or white gold

Carat / Weight:
333 (8 carat), ± 2.4 gram
585 (14 carat), ± 3.0 gram
750 (18 carat), ± 3.3 gram

Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium.

Scientific certification: The Akaija (normal, bold and Iloa) in gold and silver and also the 55 cm stainless steel Akaija have been tested with cardiac equipment on the heart frequency variability, under 4G and 5G conditions. We therefore can state that the Akaija provides a certain amount of protection against electro magnetic radiation.

Electron spin inversion: The Akaija has proven to be a very effective means to neutralise a so-called electron spin inversion, which can be considered a collapse of the aura or energy field that surrounds and protects all living beings. People with an electron spin inversion are unusually sensitive to external stimuli (sound, light, smell, radiation, etc.). Because of the weakening effect on your energy field, an electron spin inversion can be very hard to get rid of. Many people have had this for years.

Commonly reported complaints are chronic fatigue, over-sensitivity and a lasting feeling of having no energy at all.

Treatment: With the Akaija an electron spin inversion can easily be neutralised within minutes by holding a (preferably unused or cleaned) Akaija in your left hand and a glass of water in your right hand. The information and energy of the Akaija will be imprinted on the water. Now drink the water. Please keep in mind that from this moment on, your energy field will need time to regain strength. The longer you have had it, the longer this process will need.

Wearing the Akaija intensifies your aura colours; makes your energy field stronger and thus it will help to prevent another electron spin inversion.

Manual: A printed hard copy along with an Aura Healer card will be included in the parcel.

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