Akaija Earrings


The Akaija is an inspiration from the Hereafter with healing powers. Its shape, as well as the name ‘Akaija’ reflect an important message to mankind: We are One.



Size: 2x 1.6 cm by 3,5 cm (length)

Total weight:
925 silver: ± 2.2 gram
8 carat yellow gold: ± 2.4 gram
14 carat yellow gold: ± 2.9 gram
18 carat yellow gold: ± 3.5 gram

Allergy information: contains no nickel or cadmium.

Wearing the Akaija intensifies your aura colours; makes your energy field stronger and thus it will help to prevent another electron spin inversion.
We suggest to  always use both earring-Akaijas at the same time for the protective effect, as these Akaijas have less mass. So better use them both together.

Remark about ear hooks: The ear hooks vary in design and carat. The 8-carat Akaijas come with a 14 carat ear hooks. The 18 carat ear hooks have a slighly different design compared to the 14 carat ear hooks and the silver hooks have their own shape.

Manual: A printed hard copy Akaija-booklet description with an Aura Healer card will be included in the parcel.

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Additional information

Weight 51 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 mm
Metal alloy

Silver 925, White Gold, Yellow Gold


silver (925), 8 carat (333), 14 carat (585), 18 carat (750)




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