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My life is gaining momentum

Pascale & cats, silver Akaija and Wim’s Boek The Lady of the Rings
Pascale's katten
Pascale’s cats

Pascale is a Child & Youth therapist with her own practice called Prascana. She trains children to believe in their own power and helps them to develop a positive self image.
I would like to share this…
Since 2 weeks now I wear an Akaija pendant and it seems like my life is gaining momentum. My practice suddenly is filled with clients. Also many special things and chances are presented to me. I’m curious what more will come my way.

At the moment I’m reading you exciting book ‘The Lady of the Rings’ and I saw photographs of your cats (who play a role in the book) Liselle and Charonna on the website. The funny thing is that I have too quite the same cats. One is a Maine Coon who behaves like a king (just like Liselle). We call him King Milo. And the black cat, whose mother died at young age, was raised with the bottle (just like Charonna). This cat too is afraid of white jackets and strange people.

And… just like your cats did, they fight with each other. You can guess who is the boss. I just like to share this and added a picture.

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