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I’ve become a different woman. I have energy!

Thalessa, silver Akaija

I had some residual complaints from my burnout, like a lack of energy, no energy or the will to do things, tired and a lack of concentration. I received an explanation about the jewel and a silver Akaija, that I should wear non-stop for 3 weeks to see any results. After 2 days I noticed I had more energy, that made me feel better as a whole. After 1 week I felt much better and had more energy and it was continually expanding. Now after 3 weeks I feel so much better that it is hard to believe that 3 weeks ago I barely could do anything. I’m happy being another person. I have energy to do nice things. And this all because of such a beautiful jewel.
Remark from Wim (the maker of the Akaija): It’s no ‘must’ to wear the Akaija non-stop for 3 weeks. Sometimes however the Akaija starts certain processes like detoxification, that are better finished as fast as possible. But some people react so strongly to the Akaija that we advise: don’t overdo it. Listen to your instinct, try to wear it as much as possible, but be sensible about this. If you experience strong reactions and wonder if you should go on… try wearing it only during the night, or only during the day, or only for a few hours a day.

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